Break Me In (The Devil's Host MC, #2)

Break Me In (The Devil's Host MC, #2)

by Shari Slade

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“Do you get what you deserve?”

Under his hands or on the back of his bike—the freedom I feel with Noah is an illusion.

“No, baby. You get what you take and you keep what you can hold.”

He ties me to him with fear and obligation and lust. Binds us tighter with his twisted sense of honor. I just hope his chains are strong enough to keep me safe.

* * *

BREAK ME IN is Part 2 of 4. The wildly erotic journey starts with RIDE ME HARD. These are short, hot reads, sure to leave you panting for more.

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BN ID: 2940151742290
Publisher: Shari Slade
Publication date: 06/22/2015
Series: Devil's Host MC , #2
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 139,832
File size: 239 KB

About the Author

Shari Slade is a snarky optimist. A would-be academic with big dreams and very little means. When she isn’t toiling away in the non-profit sector, she’s writing gritty stories about identity and people who make terrible choices in the name of love (or lust). Somehow, it all works out in the end. If she had a patronus it would be a platypus.

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Break Me In (The Devil's Host MC, #2) 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This series so short but definetly not sweet it's so smokin hot I thought my nook was gonna catch on fire. I highly recommend this series to everyone.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Would give a 4 star review if I didn't feel a bit cheated. $.99 for 3 of the 4 stories, unreal.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Lisa-Lou More than 1 year ago
Break Me In by Shari Slade is the second book in her new five-part serial, Devil's Host MC. The story continues... Leaving her life behind, Star hops on the back of Noah's bike and heads into the unknown with nothing to her name but her coffee can of meager savings. She has no clue what will happen next but when Noah touches her, it just doesn't seem to matter. Noah is unsure what it is about this girl he has claimed, but he craves her in a way he never has any woman ever before. When he is forced to do the unimaginable to fulfill his oath as Enforcer for the Devil's Host MC is Star willing to pay the price?
jeniNY More than 1 year ago
Great serial, dark, erotic, sexy. Noah and Star are a hot mess but their instant attraction to each other is undeniable. This installment Star learns the seeder side of Noah's world. It might be more danger than she can handle. When Noah is forced to hurt Star in a way she couldn't have imagined I wondered it they would be able to move forward from it. It seems to have brought them closer together and now they are thrown into the middle of a war with a rival MC that could get them both killed. This author is new to me I think her writing is really good and this serial has a terrific fast pace to it but still manages to hold my interest and build the main characters story. Moving on to book three this is a five part serial. Received an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.
KFischer More than 1 year ago
In part two of the series, Star sees the dark side of Noah's life as an Enforcer for the Devil's Host MC. She is brought to the MC clubhouse by Noah and meets Dev. Noah's loyalty to the club is tested by Dev. What happens next is jaw dropping. The cliffhanger ending will have you wanting more. Star is tougher than she appears & Noah is more than a big, bad biker. This is an intense, sizzling short story and I can't wait until the next installment!! (rec'd an arc for review)
jojoNE More than 1 year ago
The stakes are getting higher and the danger growing ever closer to Star after bad boy biker Noah takes her in payment for another's betrayal. Things aren't that clear-cut though as Star's been looking for an escape from a life becoming more oppressive and Noah's isn't as bad as he first appears. While this installment is a bit darker than the previous we get to see deeper into Star and Noah's souls and to the better lives they're desperate for but doubt they'll ever have. For now they'll take what they can in a story full of game-changers. Star is a sweet girl caught up in dark and dangerous things beyond her control. She longs for excitement and for someone to care for her and sees those possibilities in Noah. Being with him though means embracing some of the darker things in life which leave her questioning her heart, soul, and beliefs of good and bad. Through it all though I admired her strength and her ability to survive everything happening to her now and in her childhood. Noah's a very strong-willed man who believes in what his MC once was but is slowly discovering how twisted it's become. He's still extremely loyal to his MC but meeting Star leaves his loyalties divided and committing an act that will change everyone's future. Amongst all the darkness surrounding him in this installment I treasured the quiet times that gave us a glimpse at the man behind the patch. He's a man with wants and dreams that he knows he can never have so he'll hold tight to the one bright spot in his life right now...Star. Readers learn a bit about his family, especially his wayward sister whose disappearance leaves us screaming in frustration for a cliffhanger with huge ramifications. This story had a faster pace than the previous with a lot more sexual intensity. Noah and Star crackle with electricity whenever they're together with his claim on her more than apparent. The head of the MC, Dev, is a truly vile villain whose nefarious plans leave the club in the middle of a battle for revenge with the body count just starting to add up. Noah's friend Stone leaves a lasting impression with his rough attitude and flashes of true caring and support for his friend and Star and I hope to see more of him. All-in-all this was an exhilarating thrill ride full of twists and turns and intense sensuality that kept me on the edge of my seat. I'm now left counting down the days until the next book in this dark, gritty, and sexy serial.
Racycarr More than 1 year ago
WOW, how intense. This is a dark erotic story. The author has done and amazing job capturing the characters and what it must be like to be part of an outlaw biker gang. The spoke and unspoken laws. The loyalty that goes into the brotherhood. Star’s cousin Harry was in some deep trouble with the Devil’s Host. Dev wanted information and he did not care how he got it or who he had to hurt. Nothing would stand in his way. He was out for blood. Noah was an Enforcer for the Devil’s Host. When Noah had come to collect Harry, Harry had fled leaving Star to deal with the aftermath of the situation. Noah had to already protected Star once. The problem with Star was not running from danger. No she hopped on the back of its bike wanting a taste of the wild side. No matter how dangers it was and no matter how much her brain was telling her it was not a good idea. Noah had already claimed her. She was his now and nothing hurts what his, not even her. But what happens when they stand in the middle of danger? What happens if he is faced with her getting hurt? Can he stand by and allow it, even if it means saving their lives or will he die trying to save her? I love this series and was screaming as I read the last sentence, “No don’t end it there”. So need book 3 now.. Oh the agony of the wait…
Maria-Rose More than 1 year ago
This second part of the 5 part serial starts right where part 1 left off, with Noah and Star heading out on his bike for parts unknown (at least to Star). It's not to be meant to be read as a standalone, though you could fairly easily jump into the story with this chapter. Star comes across in this chapter as still rather naive and trusting, not really understanding that Noah has a job to do, one that will impact her greatly. At the same time however, Noah is obviously a conflicted character. He is an enforcer for a motorcycle club, and he has duties and obligations to the heads of the club that can't be broken. Yet he obviously has tender feelings for Star amidst the violence that makes up his world, and he shows this to her with gentle touches even if his words are designed to appease those around him. All the ugliness that goes along with Noah's job is something that Star isn't prepared for. But she's made her choice to go with him, and she has to trust that the end result will keep her safe. And the attraction between them just won't be denied. He presses a kiss to the corner of my lips that lights a fire inside me, inside both of us. His hungry mouth claims mine, gentle at first but then fierce, until it's all wet heat and teeth. His tongue slides against mine and his fingers dig into my ass while I'm cradled in his arms, and it's like I can finally breathe again. I'm not just a problem to be dealt with or collateral to be protected. I'm his. I'm wanted. This chapter is a mixed bag of hot sex, and ugly violence. It's a real view into the harsh reality of a biker club with its own society rules of what is and what isn't acceptable behavior. Noah must make choices that will impact Star physically and emotionally. Yet through it all, he manages to show her that he cares about her. I don't know where it's headed to next, but it's obvious that Noah isn't about to let Star go. 5 stars.
spoiledangelbaby2001 More than 1 year ago
**I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review** **May contain spoilers**  I enjoyed this installment just as much as the first one. Once again Shari nails it out of the park and has me anxiously awaiting the next installment. In Break Me In we continue to learn/read more about Star and her biker, Noah. Shari takes us to the club where Noah "works" out of and introduces Dev. In this second installment, we learn that Noah really isn't as tough as you would think or are lead to believe in the first installment. You see a much softer side to Noah and that he really isn't all bad. Shari does a great job showing us that people aren't always what they seem and sometimes you need to take the time to look deeper, don't judge a book by its cover. Shari continues to develop the characters even more. I can't wait for the third installment to see where Star and Noah's adventure leads!