Breaking and Entering: Getting Caught in the Act: From Auditions to Agents to a Career

Breaking and Entering: Getting Caught in the Act: From Auditions to Agents to a Career

by Philip Carlson


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ISBN-13: 9781623160784
Publisher: Opus Books
Publication date: 10/24/2016
Pages: 368
Sales rank: 663,147
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 1.10(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction 10

A Leap Of Faith: Philip Seymour Hoffman

Breaking And Entering 20

Think Again

Waiting On Tables

Improving The Odds

When An Agent Meets An Actor

A Little Story About Being Special: Matt Damon

How It Starts 32

Did Meryl Do This To You? Or Javier?

Who's In Charge Of Your Destiny?

When Should You Start To Study?

I Want Total Acting Immersion

It's Gonna Cost You

Workshop One: Monologues 49

How Can We Use You?


Imaginary Circumstances

Quarterbacking The First Workshop


Your Daily Monologue Routine

The Prototype 70

Cast Me!

You Are So Many Things - How Can You Pick Just One?

Define Your Spine

Workshop Two: Prototypes 78

The Schools 82

Diplomas Are Not Keys To The Kingdom

Know Your Guru

The Showcase

Summing Up

Naming Names

From The Schools To The Business 96

Acting In Classical Theatre - A Word

Acting In The Real World

Summing Up

Workshop Three: Perfect Monologues 106

Life After The Showcase 111

How Did Showcases Become Such A Big Deal?

Moving On

Where Do You Fit?

Don't Be Clueless

Dress For The Part

Street Smarts

Catching Your Drift

Which Coast?

The Creepy Guys In The Black Suits


No Coast?

Summing Up

Got A Degree, Now What? 138

Nobody Wanted To Meet Me - What Do I Do?

Step 1: Know Thyself

Step 2: Attract An Agent

The Headshot

Workshop Four: The Window Into Your Soul: The 8X10 148

So Let's Talk About Your Pictures And Resumes

A Great Headshot

Choosing A Photographer

Your Picture Needs To Look Like You - Now - Today

Enter: The Agent (And The Casting Director) 156

The Advent Of The Agency


You Bet There's A List

Loyalty? Are You Serious?

How Agencies Really Work

"No Turned Up Noses"

Workshop Five: Walk A Mile In My Shoes 184

Large Agencies 196

"You Know I'm Going To Be A Big Star"

"I Would So Nail That Audition"

What The Hell Is Buzz?

A Real Juicy Role

Very Compelling Agents

"Honey, You Are One Of Thousands!"

When Rules Do Not Apply

Bottom Line: Not Compelling

Does The Role Speak To You?



Summing Up

Mid-Size Agencies 220

No Young Actor, Who Is Not A Star, Should Lose A Deal Over Money - Period

Pilot Season

The Reel

Pilot And Take Off Are Not The Same

Make Them Love You

Look Good

The War Of Art

Summing Up

Small Agencies 232

Clout. My Agent Doesn't Have Any

Other Agents Will Always Want You Because You Are Fabulous

Does Small Mean Small-Minded?

Negotiating 101

Not Famous…Yet


No One Works Harder Than You - For You

Practical Ambition

Can We Stop With The Bad News, Please?

Workshop Six: Agent Interviews 252

Take A Meeting

I Assume You Can Act

The Casting Director Meeting

The Audition Begins The Second You Walk In The Door

Surprise Me

Managers 271

Who Could Use A Manager?

What Exactly Does A Manager Do?

What Can A Manager Do For Someone Starting Out?

Going Places

Actor Loyalty Matters

Coastal Disturbances

After You Tie The Knot

People Who Can Help

Good Managers Work Hard…And Like It

Forces Of Nature

Auditions - The Real Skinny & Prototypes 292

An Audition Is A Chance To Act

The Audition Begins The Second You Walk In The Door


In The Room


Casting Directors

Are There Any Secrets?

Workshop Seven: Cold Readings 301

Omg Please Don't Ask Me To Do A Cold Reading

Quarterbacking The Seventh Workshop

Producers, Directors And Actual Work 310

The Reality Check

Real-Life Examples

Who Do You Think You Are?

Artistic Directors - The Regionals

Television - Where The Money Is (These Days)

Going To Network

Step By Step

Actually Being On Television

When You Get There… Stay There

Good To Know 328


Social Media - Keep It Simple

Awards - Get Over It, Sweetheart


Sentimental Value Doesn't Make Any Cents

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Workshop Eight: Next Stop - Your Career 347


I Wish You Smooth Sailing

Internet Resources for Actors 356

Essential Film Performances For Actors 360

Acknowledgments 365

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