Breaking Free

Breaking Free

by Adrienne Giordano


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ISBN-13: 9781948075039
Publisher: Steele Ridge, LLC
Publication date: 04/25/2017
Series: Steele Ridge , #4
Pages: 312
Sales rank: 1,110,173
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Adrienne Giordano is a USA Today bestselling author of over twenty romantic suspense and mystery novels. She is a Jersey girl at heart, but now lives in the Midwest with her workaholic husband, sports-obsessed son and Buddy the Wheaten Terrorist (Terrier). She is a cofounder of Romance University blog and Lady Jane’s Salon-Naperville, a reading series dedicated to romantic fiction. For more information on Adrienne’s books, please visit Adrienne can also be found on Facebook at, Twitter at and Goodreads at

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Breaking Free 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 19 reviews.
Crickerz More than 1 year ago
Micki is the black sheep of the Steele family, she moved to Las Vegas ten years ago and doesn't visit much. Micki is a first class hacker. But she has grown tired of hacking for her boss and has decided to leave that life behind her. Micki returns home to Steele Ridge with the intention of just visiting for a couple of days, but things happen and she meets Gage Barber retired special forces. Gage is sharp and seems to catch on that Micki is in trouble before anyone else does. Even with his injuries Gage is no push over as Micki and her boss and her former co-worker find out. Can Micki finally return home and find love with her "Captain America" Can she really start fresh? You have to read it to find out. Love the twists and turns in the plot, love the continued story line of the Steele Family. This series has become one of my favorite. If you love action, romance and a story that pulls you right in so much so that you do not want to put it down, this one is for you.
Rockport_rocker More than 1 year ago
Breaking Free is a perfect companion to the rest of the awesome Steele Ridge series. This series stands out as a bit grittier than the typical family collection; life isn't easy for everyone but the Steele family fights stand up for one another and for others who they believe are in the right. Gage Barber fits right in; he is trying to keep information hidden but he will stand 100% for any of the Steeles until he meets Micki, then he falls hard. Micki has been keeping a secret from her family for ten years; now she has come home but only for a final goodbye. Gage feels that he has to do everything he can to keep her there because he is so connected to the family and because there is something special about this woman who is so obviously in pain. Strong, loving and outstanding characters and a gripping plot with great twists highlight Breaking Free.
beckymmoe More than 1 year ago
I am loving this series! Ms. Giordano had me at "Captain America"--I did have to keep pausing to picture Chris Evans while I read about Gabe, but it was totally worth it. ;) Micki's (the first Steele sister to get her own HEA--but not the last, surely? *cough* Evie *cough* Subtle. Hint) story was a real page turner. Needing to know how in the world Micki managed to get involved in the job she did and how she'd get herself extricated from that nightmare without her or anyone she loved getting hurt had me on the edge of my seat. (Schoolwork? What schoolwork? ;)) Gabe (did I mention Captain America? Yes? ;)) is a fantastic hero--he sees Micki in a way her brothers don't--can't, really--and OMG are these two ever amazing together. I loved his voice here just as much as I did Micki's, and really look forward to seeing more of him in the other series books. Though this is the fifth book in the series, Micki's been gone for the others, and so this one would work fine as a standalone. Fair warning, though--you see exactly enough of all four of her brothers here to ensure that you absolutely need to read their stories too! Rating: 4 1/2 stars / A- I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
IrishEyes430 More than 1 year ago
In this book, we meet Jonah’s twin sister, Micki. She’s been away from the family for many years, only coming home for an occasional visit. She makes her escape from Vegas, determined to get away from her job, which is hacking for a fixer. It seems that getting away is not as easy as one might think. Enter family friend Gage who is determined to break her away safely. The story is fast paced, yet leaves room for romance. Another great read from one of my favorite authors. I couldn’t put it down!
grandmareads102 More than 1 year ago
Micki Steele made a decision ten years ago that took her away from her family and sent her to Las Vegas and Phil Flynn. He's a fixer who cleans up the messes of the rich and famous with bribes and intimidation. Micki doesn't want to be part of this life anymore but she's trapped. He won't let her go. He's blackmailing her. Unexpectedly she's given a chance to escape and she runs home. Will she finially take her life back? Micki is a multilayered character. It took me a while to understand her and her reasons. I didn't like what she did but I applauded why she did it. I finally understood that she was a victim. The Steeles are a force to be reckoned with. They were behind her every step of the way as was Captain America, Gage Barber. What a hero! I fell for his patience, his support and his courage. He understands Micki and he's her rock and sounding board. The attraction between them is fierce. I liked seeing them together and how Micki helped Gage with his recovery from his brain injury. Their flirty dialogue and her endearing nicknames for Gage were enjoyable as was their romantic relationship. This story kept me on the edge of my seat. I wasn't sure how Micki would finally break free from her corrupt boss. I knew that he wouldn't give up. What a wild ride. I enjoy coming back to Steele Ridge and this compelling family. They always surprise me. Adrienne Giordano doesn't disappoint with Breaking Free. I received a copy of this book which I voluntarily read. My comments are my honest opinion.
KimberlyDawn55 More than 1 year ago
Another great installment in this series. Micki wants free of life in Vegas, but does she dare? The risks are high. But love has a way of pulling you in a different direction. This story kept me on the edge of my seat, and I loved it. Highly recommend this book!
carol223CS More than 1 year ago
Adrienne Giordano's Breaking Free We are visiting Steele Ridge, North Carolina where Mikayla Steele is coming home after ten years away. She is running from her coerced hacking job situation and her boss, the fixer. She was under near constant watch with threats against her family if she left. Until one day, no one was watching. Micki returns home for one last visit until she has to disappear. But sinister forces follow her home. Working at the Steele Ridge Training Facility is Gage Barber, a former Green Beret. There is undeniable chemistry between Gage and Micki when they meet but will he be able to keep her safe. Fast paced, well written story with twists and turns keeping you reading straight from the first to last page in one sitting. Suspense, tension and danger with lots of thrills and chills plus some romance make for a well blended read. I voluntarily read this eBook. Thanks to the author for the opportunity. My opinion is my own.
WinnieL More than 1 year ago
Breaking Free is book 5 of the Steele Ridge series but it can be read as a standalone. I totally loved both Micki and Gage. They are both really strong characters with big hearts. Micki has gone through a lot and is finally home. But her troubles are not yet behind her and she finds it difficult to trust anyone. Gage has his own issues but way from the start, he is there for Micki. I love their interaction and their chemistry. I found myself rooting for them throughout the entire book. I have only read 1 other book from the Steele Ridge series and am definitely gonna read the rest of them. * I received an eBook copy from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own.
Nicolerko More than 1 year ago
4.5 Stars This one gripped me right form the beginning and didn't let me go until the end. I just loved Micki and Gage. They just really gelled for me. Micki is the black sheep of the family, but they don't realize the sacrifices she's made for her family. Micki is so brave for what she had done, but now it's taking a toll on her. Gage has a neutral eye when it comes to Micki's situation, but his protective instincts kick in when it comes to her. That's one of the things I loved about Gage is his protectiveness. Gage also has a little vulnerability as well, but it just makes him all the more likable. The action in this one kept me on the edge of my seat. I couldn't put this book down because I had to know what was going to happen next. This was an excellent installment to the series.
LynnB888 More than 1 year ago
The long lost sibling returns as we visit Steel Ridge, NC again! If you've been following along in the series, you know that there was obviously something going on with the sister that was never around and rarely mentioned. Now we're learning the secrets as Micki returns home with danger following right on her heals! She's independent and sassy, and a force to be reckoned with! I loved that no matter what she has been through, and how tough she is, she's still a soft, gentle soul when it comes to Gage. Mikayla Steele left the comforts of her family home ten years ago to go work for a shady guy in Las Vegas. She's rarely seen or heard from, and it's like she just turned her back on the lot of them. When she shows up back in town unexpectedly, it's time for some answers as her boss follows her home to get her and the secrets she knows back under his control. Former Green Beret Gage Barber loves the Steele family like his own, so when he can tell Micki is keeping secrets from the moment he meets her, he tries to get to the bottom of it. When decade long secrets come to the surface, will he be able to figure out a way to keep her safe ... and out of prison? And as feeling grow between the two of them, will Micki be able to hold strong and not be bullied into returning to Vegas even though she sees the damage it could do to Gage ... and her family?
green____ More than 1 year ago
Secrets, Trust, and the Truth Welcome back to Steele Ridge!!! This time we get to see Micki's story unfold! See why she left all those years ago and what happens when she decides to return home to her family! What an outstanding tale! Loved the storyline... Full of suspense and romance! I had to read this book in one sitting! I just loved seeing how things played out for Micki and Gage! What a great family! Left me with a big smile on my face at the end! I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.
Peachey04 More than 1 year ago
Great story full of suspense and secrets! The characters are remarkably strong and determined but also have vulnerability. The story line is a great addition to this series and adds another piece to the Steele Ridge family. Really enjoyed this book! Read and reviewed this book, all opinions expressed are my own.
ReadingOverTV More than 1 year ago
Micki is on the run from an manipulative boss. A boss who has kept her isolated from family and dictated her every move since she was eighteen. A man who values money but has no moral values himself. 5th on the series but stands on its own. A thriller with multiple layers that include internet hacking, traumatic brain injury, family loyalty and romance. I really liked this book. It was fast engaging and with so much going on, no dull spots. A+. Excerpt: “Still with his arm around her shoulders, he squeezed her a wee bit closer. Really, he should take his mitts off of Reid’s sister. He’d been in this town long enough to know that tongues would be wagging. As soon as word got back to the Steeles, they’d close ranks and expect answers on his intentions. Which, at the moment, were far from pure. Micki—the girl who didn’t smile a lot—hit him with the trademark all-flash-and-glory Steele smile. That smile morphed her into a combination of Miss Joan, Jonah, and Reid. All in one. He saw bits of each of them in her—Jonah’s eyes, Reid’s carved face, Miss Joan’s nose. When Micki smiled all of it came together in one fantastic package that made the extremely male parts of him roar.” Excerpt From: Giordano, Adrienne. “Breaking Free ARC.” Steele Ridge, LLC.
CathyGeha More than 1 year ago
Breaking Free by Adrienne Giordano Steele Ridge #5 Micki Steele is ready to break away from the hacking job she has held for ten years. She wants to be free to live her life on the right side of the law. What she has done the past ten years was done for love – love of her twin brother and her family – but it is weighing her down. Her first thought was a quick visit to see her mom and then head on out but with her four brothers, sister, mother and Gage Barber see through her plot and encourage her to take the steps needed to break free from her boss for good. This is not easy and requires honesty, trust and the courage to implement the plan. With a supportive family, potential freedom and a hot guy to spend time with providing romance that could lead to forever the stage is set for…a boss that doesn’t want to let go and is willing to do anything to get his way. It was wonderful heading back to Steele Ridge to catch up with the family and how they are doing. This series is written by three splendid authors that I hope are gearing up to tell the stories of Micki, Jonah and Evie. My guess is that there might be more books in the future but only time will tell. Thank you to the author for the ARC – This is my honest review. 4.5 Stars
Loupy More than 1 year ago
This has been just a phenomenal series. The 4 authors who have each written a book in the series (however this is Ms. Giordano’s 2nd in the series), have built a great storyline off of each other. The books have suspense, humor and romance; all the elements of a great story - in my humble opinion. Breaking Free is no exception. This story is about the Steele brother’s wayward sister, Micki. She has returned home from Vegas on the run from her crooked boss. She wants nothing more that to be with her loving family and have someone of her own but with the danger she’s in, she can’t afford to let anyone in and possibly cause them harm. Especially the oh so sexy persistent Gage Barber who has major issues of his own. Will Micki and Gage find a way to get their lives back on track and be together or does the past keep them both from having a loving relationship that they both crave. 2 Thumbs up for a Terrific series and a wonderful book 5. If you haven’t read about the Steele brothers (the first 4 books) and their sister Micki, I HIGHLY recommend them, You can’t go wrong by one-clicking all 5.
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
Fantastic story. A wonderfully done romantic suspense that kept me flipping pages to find out what would happen next. When the long lost Steele sister, Micki, returns home and the secret of why she left comes to light, the Steele family once again bands together to protect one of their own. Add in former Green Beret and family friend Gage Barber and the inexplicable pull he has to Micki into the mix and things get crazy! Fast! Don't miss this one! I highly recommend it.
Linda__ More than 1 year ago
LOVED this book! This has it all - a ruthless criminal, sexy former green berets, a loving family, and a compelling victim struggling to become a heroine. Micki has been coerced to work as a hacker for an unethical and dangerous "fixer." No matter how much she wants to get away, the near constant "supervision" and threats against her family keep her there. One day Micki unexpectedly finds herself alone in the office without either of her minders present. She seizes the opportunity and runs away with plans to disappear forever. Prior to disappearing, she travels to see her family one last time, but finds it difficult to leave. Then the fixer finds her before her and declares war. I loved this book and found myself turning pages just as quickly as possible. I loved the characters and found myself invested in their tale. Fans of the genre will love this book. While it is part of a series, this is a stand alone novel.
RachaelBrown More than 1 year ago
Micki and Gage have a playful relationship and there are several funny moments between the two of them. I love that she nicknamed Gage "Captain America". They are my favorite couple of the series so far. Breaking Free is packed full of long-kept secrets and suspense. When danger follows Micki home to Steele Ridge, the Steele siblings and Gage prepare for battle. I love this series! I am eagerly awaiting Jonah's story. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy.
hopofo More than 1 year ago
Adrienne Giordano nails it once again with Breaking Free. She effortlessly combines the right amount of suspense with romance. After catching a brief glimpse of Micki in Living Fast, we finally get to know her and why she stayed away from the Steele family for the past ten years. As a hacker for a Las Vegas fixer, Micki hasn’t always stayed on the right side of the law. What she knows could put her boss in jail for many years. Micki must make some difficult choices that could have life altering consequences if she wants to stay in Steele Ridge with her family. Gage Barber a former Green Beret has come to Steele Ridge to heal from an injury while helping to get the Training Center operational. He is in no position to play hero however, his attraction to Micki leaves him no choice but to step in and help when her boss shows up and tries to force Micki to come back to work. Micki has to learn to trust that Gage and her family will keep her safe and help her to finally break free from her boss’s hold.