Breaking Info Vol.3 Love Enchantments

Breaking Info Vol.3 Love Enchantments

by R Shird

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ISBN-13: 9781304699695
Publication date: 12/09/2013
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
You have any questions.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
(Continued) <br> <br> THE ICEWINGS; <br> <br> IceWings are white with twelve horns, spiky scales, and a long horned tail. <br> IceWings will shoot nervous gusts of frost when around a crush, this means "i really like you." <br> IceWings can shoot frost and make walls of ice. They cannot stand being above a tempature of 60 degrees ferenheight. <br> They are ennemies with the SandWings, TigerWings, LionWings, SkyWings, FireWings, and the SunWings. <br> They are allied with the MoonWings. <br> IceWing eggs are white, you can fully see the dragonet inside. <br> <br> THE SANDWINGS; <br> <br> SandWings are sandy yellow with scorpian tail tips. They have yellow eyes. <br> When a SandWing has a crush on someone, they burrow under the sand more often. This is saying "hi. I like you." <br> SandWings can breath fire and sting you with their tail, the cure is rare cactus juice that the queen has the last of this cactus type in her possesion. <br> They are ennemies with the IceWings and MoonWings. <br> The SandWings are allied with the FireWings, SkyWings, and SunWings. <br> SandWing eggs are yellow, you cannot see the dragonet inside. <br> <br> THE ANGRYWINGS; <br> <br> AngryWings are red and have a lower-jaw that comes in-front of their upper-jaw. They have eyes that are fixed in an eternal glare. <br> AngryWings growl at whoever is their crush. This is how they say "hey baby." <br> AngryWings can breath fire, but they have giant spiked tails, giant teeth, giant talons, and spiked scales. <br> AngryWings are ennemies with everybody. <br> AngryWing eggs are red, and you cannot see the dragonet inside. <br> <br> THE TREEWINGS; <br> <br> TreeWings are brown with green splotches. <br> They crouch low when near a crush, this is how they say "i love you, but i am a lower class." <br> TreeWings can make plants grow, and they can control plants. <br> The TreeWings are peaceful. <br> TreeWings are allied with the RainWings and the CreatureWings. <br> TreeWing eggs are half brown, half green, and you cannot see the dragonet inside. <br> <br> THE GEMWINGS; <br> <br> GemWings come in green, red, or blue. They are naturally beautiful and have sparkly scales. <br> GemWings will sneeze sparkles when around a mate, this means "i love you." <br> GemWings will sneeze out sparkles, these sparkles will grind down organic matter. GemWings have very hard scales, and the sparkles do them no damage. <br> GemWings have ennemied with the MudWings and ThunderWings. <br> The GemWings allied th the GlowWings. <br> GemWing eggs are white and sparkle, you cannot see the dragonet inside. <br> <br> THE GLOWWINGS; <br> <br> The GlowWings are white and glow brightly. They are very beaautiful, but abnormally small. They have three tails <br> When a GlowWing is near a crush or mate, they will thump their tails in a random order. This is how they say "i like you." <br> The GlowWings can shoot crystalite out of their tails. Crystalite is a white glowing liquid that turns solid once it touches anything solid. Being hit by this in the eyes can make you blind, nose or mouth will kill you eventually. <br> The GlowWings are ennemies with the MudWings and ThunderWings. <br> The GemWings are their allies. <br> GlowWing eggs are small and golden, they glow. <br> <br> <br> (more at next res!)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Touching Noses- "I like you!"<br> Lick on the cheek- "i really like you."<br> Lick on the ear- Comfort<br> Lick on the forehead- "I love you" or "Will you be my mate?"<br> Brushing tail on back/flank- Comfort or Calming<br> Lick on belly- "I want kits."<br> Touching nose to cheek- comfort or "I'm happy for you"/ "I'm glad you're here." For mates.<br> Nuzzle- Confort or "You're Hilarious!" For mates.<br> Lick own chest fur- Embarrased<br> Lick on the shoulder- Respect<br> Lick on the tail- "Will you be my mate?"<br> Lick on the paw- "You're my friend!"<br> Lick below the chin- "Stay with me forever!"<br> Lick on the nose- "Wanna play?"<br> Rubs tail anywhere- Flirty, comforting, curious<br> Rub against you- "iI like you."/ "I love you." / "Don't worry."<p> |*Kath*|
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Its like dividing by 0!!!!!!!!! Its impossible