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Led by a retired gangsta (Jerrod) the Toe Taggin' Posse Music Group (magik,4hunnid,madd lou, wild bill, and train) takes over Baltimore's rap scene with ease. Their rival, Slaughtermore Records, doesn't take the dethroning on the chin, and quickly answers back, but not with verses or 16 bars. Bullets are their ammo. The Toe Taggin' Posse is left with no choice but to delay their retaliation, because of the watchful eyes of the IITSU police; Baltimore's version of the hip hop police. Questionable things arise amongst the rap crew when the label's A&R (Tommy Guns) signs the group's first female act (Queen Azarah).

Not everyone is smitten with the R&B songstress' pretty face and flawless body. One member of the crew feels in his soul, that is more to the soulfoul singer than she's letting on, so she begins to dig. The group and affiliate's (Nyse, L-Trigga, and Dy) main hustle (selling dope) is in jeopardy when someone decides to empty their brains to the IITSU police. With all the evidence pointing to the new recruit, will the dangerous rap group do what needs to be done, or will the informant cripple the entire Toe Taggin' Posse inside and out; in front of one prosecutor, one judge, and twelve jurors?

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