Breaking Out - A Journey of Discovery

Breaking Out - A Journey of Discovery

by Constance Cummings

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Alex and Shannon married for over seven years are very successful in their respective fields; Alex is a computer programmer and Shannon an interior designer. Their life together to the outside world seems almost idyllic. However, Alex secretly harbors questions about his sexual identity and preferences, questions he has suppressed for many years
Shannon accidently discovers her husband's secret while using his computer. His internet browsing history includes transgender, cross dressing, she-males and plastic surgery sites. At first she is shocked and confused. How could her husband have hidden his desires for so long from her?

Her dissatisfaction with her husband, especially in bed, has been a sore point with her for quite some time. A plan forms in her head, a plan that would give them both what they need and desire. However, she must be careful and not over play her hand. She wants the blame for everything to fall on his shoulders so she could play the innocent victim
Alex confesses his secret desires with the coaxing of Shannon and starts to accept his true orientation. With the help of Dr. Bouvier, he submits to his longings, embarks down the road to become a woman, and begins to change Alex into Alexis. Along his journey, he has many sexual encounters that validate in his mind his new life as a woman.

Shannon also has many sexual hook-ups, catapulting her in a direction she never thought she would travel. Estranged from her husband, her insatiable lust and desire leads her into exploring sex with Madison, a vivacious young woman, finding pleasure she never experienced before.

With Madison at her side, Shannon realizes the satisfaction she craves may be nearer than she realizes. Alexis lives his dream knowing soon he will be complete.

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BN ID: 2940150037069
Publisher: Pierced Cherry Publications
Publication date: 06/27/2016
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 959,731
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About the Author

Constance Cummings, an international writer of fiction, stimulating erotica, and historical erotic fiction was born, raised, and educated in New York. Art and literature were the basis of her educational foundation.
As an artist, she prefers traditional oils for her paintings of landscapes and still life subjects. Her works in pencil and ink have been widely acclaimed.
A prolific writer, Constance has enjoyed writing for most of her life, and has recently discovered erotica as a recognized and growing art form. The genre offers new and exciting avenues of human expression.
“It allows my mind to wander down many diverse paths, explore the base elements that make us uniquely human, and unlock the secrets of human sexuality that drive us all from within. It fuels my creative energies to their highest levels,” she quoted recently.
Now living in the Southwestern United States, she enjoys the freedom of the wide-open spaces, magnificent sunsets, and the rugged natural beauty of the land. She draws inspiration from the wonders of nature, the creativity of man, and our insatiable desire to express ourselves.
“We all have the urge to be creative. Creativity started before we were fully human as evidenced by early cave paintings. Today, each of us express ourselves freely in our individual style, our homes, through our daily work, and our leisure pursuits,” she added.
Living with her partner and mentor, Constance finds joy and happiness in a simple yet rewarding lifestyle. She walks her two golden retrievers in the early morning or near sunset to take in the awe-inspiring, breathtaking, and vibrant views.
She is eternally grateful for her family and dearest friends. Their generous encouragement, support, and honest critical reviews have sustained her energy and motivated her to even greater heights of success and happiness.

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