Breaking the Fall

Breaking the Fall

by Michael Cadnum
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Breaking the Fall 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
How would you feel if one of your friends wanted you to do something that was dangerous that could cost you big time. Would you want to be cool and fold under pressure or would you be able to turn it down? Would you play this dangerous game? In this book, Breaking the Fall, the author Michael Cadnum makes you think about those questions and possibilities of peer pressure. As a young teenager, Stanley is faced with the responsibility of doing the right thing and making a smart choice. Stanley is the main character of the story and he easily folds under peer pressure, mostly caused by his risk-taking friend Jared. He always wants to do everything that Jared does. Jared is one of those people that can get you to do almost anything by manipulating you. At school Stanley has a crush on a girl named Sky. He has liked Sky for a long time but is to embarrassed to talk to her. Stanley¿s mom is always gone on business trips working and doesn¿t get to spend a lot of time with Stanley. In this book Jared and Stanley participate in a game of breaking and entering. Stanley doesn¿t know if he is doing the right thing and wants to have a good life were trouble is no were around. But the adrenaline rush is too much for a young teen like Stanley and he doesn¿t want to loose that. The first house that is broken into is an ordinary house on the street with green shutters. The two friends are almost caught in the act and barely make it out, some of the first signs of dislike for Stanley. Jared continues to pressure his friend into doing risky things and almost pushes it to the extreme as you will read in the book. As a young teen living in an ordinary town, Stanley is faced with the fact of peer pressure and keeping his chance-taking friend Jared, but doesn¿t want to risk too much. He wonders if he is doing the right thing or not but the feeling is too good to stop. Should Stanley keep doing what his friend wants him to or take the chance of loosing his friendship with Jared?As the book goes on, the author makes you feel the excitement and thoughts that are going through Stanley¿s head. Every time something happens in the story that is chancy you get the adrenaline rush that the author is describing. This book is wonderful for those who love reading books with excitement and thrill. I strongly suggest that anyone reads this book because it is thrilling, riveting, and excitement filled with drama. It makes a good choice for a teen facing the concepts of peer pressure. You won¿t regret reading it I promise.