Breaking The Romans Code

Breaking The Romans Code

by Michael Wood
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Breaking The Romans Code by Michael Wood

In Breaking the Romans Code, cryptographer Michael Wood uses the Dead Sea Scrolls to solve a two thousand year old puzzle.

The Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in eleven different caves. All scrolls were immediately published except for the contents of one cave - cave number four. The scrolls found in cave four were guarded under a strict secrecy rule for decades after their discovery.

The cave four scrolls were finally published in 1991 by force, not willingly. The public was told that these scrolls took so long to publish because they were extra fragile and therefore it took thirty years to translate them. However scholars had finished making concordances of the cave four scrolls by 1960 and they had to translate the scrolls to make the concordances. So the official story was a ruse. The concordances document that the scrolls were translated by 1960 yet remained unpublished for thirty years afterwards.

Cryptographer Michael Wood was curious what earth shattering secrets the cave four scrolls must contain for them to have been suppressed for so long. And he recently solved the Grandaddy of the cave four puzzles - the Romans Code.

The apostle Paul's letter to the Romans is the cornerstone of modern Christianity. Correct understanding of this biblical book hinges on knowing the precise constitution of "the Works of the Law" mentioned in the letter. One of the cave four scrolls was entitled "Some Works of the Law." This was the first time the phrase "Works of the Law" was seen outside Paul's letters, and Michael Wood had a hunch that this scroll held the key to finally deciphering it.

In Breaking the Romans Code, cryptographer Michael Wood documents the stunning solution to the deciphered "Works of the Law." In doing so, Breaking the Romans Code empirically documents that Orthodox Christianity has misunderstood this pivotal book for more than 1,500 years.

The Romans Code has finally been broken.

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GarySDCA More than 1 year ago
Informative, well written book. For those you are into serious Biblical studies, this is a must read.