Breaking the Storm

Breaking the Storm

by Sedona Venez


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ISBN-13: 9780984499373
Publisher: One Wish Publishing
Publication date: 08/06/2013
Pages: 264
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.55(d)

About the Author

Sedona Venez writes steamy and edgy New Adult and Adult paranormal and contemporary romance novels. Her love of music, tattoos and sexy musicians inspires her novels.

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Breaking the Storm 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
csingh More than 1 year ago
Stormy is one of <i>those Credences</i> .  She knows not to fall in love with a human  because that'll lead her to losing her life and the life of her lover but Knox Gunner might be the one to make her break all of her rules.  She has to break things off with him...right after she has him once.  Things don't go as planned and when they meet again years later the attraction between them is still there and this time Knox isn't going to let her leave him no matter what is going on in the Other world.  Will it be enough to keep them together and alive? I've got to say this book really took me by surprise.  I haven't really enjoyed any of the New Adult(NA) paranormal novels but this was one that gripped me from the beginning.  It's not very long, a little under 200 pages but it packs a lot into that amount.  I have so many questions and I'm eagerly awaiting the release of the next book just to found out what else will be revealed.   Sedona Venez has just shot onto of my author's to watch list.  Seriously check this book out.  She has another series going and I will definitely be reading that.  
BuckeyeAngel More than 1 year ago
Stormy credence is a hybrid, she is Fae, Wolf and Witch. She has cousin named Lightning. The two of them are the last of their kind. Stormy meets Knox and they are very attracted to each . other but Stormy’s family comes with a curse whenever a Credence falls in love their lover dies.Stormy pushes Knox away as she doesn’t want him to die. I like the story and my heart goes out to Stormy who cares too much to be with Knox. Yet even though Stormy pushes Knox away eventually he comes back determined not to leave Stormy this time. I liked that. The characters were good. I liked all the ins and outs Stormy went through as well as Knox. I recommend I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.
cherigCG More than 1 year ago
I am not a real fan of Rocker, DBSM or Fae stories. This book has changed my mind. Stormy and Knox have a rocky (no pun intended) relationship. The heat is there with no doubt however they both have enough trust and family issues to create an almost impossible relationship. Stormy's issues date back generations. She and her cousin, Light, are besties and have business--mom's from cougar hell-- as well as family and friendship ties. While trying to prove themselves professionally Stormy shuts herself off emotionally. Knox is fighting for fame in his music, his real family he says. However, there are so many detractors working to keep them apart and they do succeed for a time. The story gets even more complicated 5 years after their breakup and have they changed. No longer the free and easy college girl with her sex loving Light buddy, she has much responsibility and to prove herself. It is that responsibility that brings her back to Knox. In order to fulfill her contract she has to step in for her missing "PR Consultant" who was to provide the request for the most powerful Alpha in NYC. He wants someone special, a shewolf shifter, for a good friend. He has an iron clad contract with Stormy & Light to provide what ever he wants when he wants. She has a shifter father. This is when the fun really begins. The characters are complex, strong, witty, steamy hot. The BDSM is mild, but with strong alpha tendencies. The story line is a mix of Others (any supernatural) mixing love, lust, and an ancient curse against all the women of her bloodline. The Credence Curse. There is no shortage of hunky guys and sexy women. With that mix you've got to expect treachery. This full length book keep me reading from start to finish in one sitting. I have a new author to follow. I was gifted this book and will be getting the next one with Light's story. She was a lovable sassy character I can't wait to read about.
LauraRoberts8 More than 1 year ago
Ok&hellip;&hellip;.So when I first started reading the prologue to Breaking The Storm, I was like&hellip;&hellip;.Woah&hellip;&hellip;.Paranormal romance. Oh no! For some reason paranormal romance was the only genre of romance I steered clear from. I dont know why, I guess books with witches, wolves and vampires weren&rsquo;t my thing. This here, is a prime example of why you should give everything a try! I couldn&rsquo;t put it down, read it in a day. Now I want the next book, When Lightening Strikes already. It will definitely be added to my &lsquo;books to buy&rsquo; list! The book starts off with a prologue centuries ago. Where one Fae-witch is trying to proclaim her innocence. She is faced with wolf shifters and the other council, who do not like the Credence family. Its not looking good! The main story then skips back ahead the centuries, (don&rsquo;t worry it all links up) where we meet Stormy Credence and Knox Gunner. Storm is a Fae-witch whose family is cursed. After falling in love and revealing their true selves, their loved ones die. Storm knows she has to keep things casual with the men in her life to prevent falling for them. Until Knox Gunner that is! Knox has a troubled past, that he is slowly overcoming and is now an up and coming rockstar. He wants Storm but they both have their own secrets and with other people not wanting them to be together, it finally comes between them. Skip forward another five years. Storm and Knox end up crossing paths. Storm knows Knox is the one man who could break down her walls. Knox wants Storm kneeling before him, submitting to him, as his. Knox is now dealing with being a famous rockstar, whilst Storm is now busy running the family business with her cousin, Light. Together Storm and Light are trying to figure out who it is trying to destroy the family business along with their families legacy. There is a huge twist, which obviously, I&rsquo;m not going to give away. You will have to read the book for yourselves to find out what is in store for Knox and Storm. What is their fate to be? At first, as this is a genre of book I haven&rsquo;t read before, I was a little confused. What&rsquo;s a wolf shifter and a fae-witch? However I picked it up pretty quickly. How Sedona mixed the paranormal world with the human world was smoothly done. The sex scenes were well written, not over the top. They were quite hot to be honest, but maybe there could of been a bit more dom/sub interaction. A bit more BDSM in there maybe or Knox being a bit more firmer, having a bigger role as a dom.  Storm seemed a little naive to me also, how she didnt realise Knox&rsquo; secret, she kind of missed some signs that should of made her stop and think. I did find the story exciting though, It kept me intrigued as to what was going to happen next, hence reading it in a day. Overall I did really enjoy reading this book, its definitely made me think about trying more paranormal romance books, so I thank you Sedona Venez! :-)
Allthingsbook-ReviewRL More than 1 year ago
4 Stars A great read with Fae, witches and warlocks, shifters, crazy ex's, and a curse. This book has great character interaction and a reasonably good plot. Although there are a few issues that I had with the story, it was well thought out and well wrote. The best part of this book is the rapid fire twists and turns that keep you hooked. Now, the issues that I had with the book are: For as long as this &quot;Credence Curse&quot; has been around, why do you only hear of one other person trying to find the cause and end the curse? Knox calling Stormy his &quot;slut&quot;, just didn't sit well with me. When Stormy sees Knox shift for the first time, she should have had more of a reaction. (Disclaimer- I received this book in exchange for an honest review from XpressoBookTours through Netgalley.)
KristyHeinicke More than 1 year ago
Just finished reading 'Breaking the Storm' book 1 in Sedona's &quot;Credence Curse&quot; series, all I can say is that I'm glad there is going to be more of this series, because when the book ended I had so many unaswered questions. There is no relationship cliffhanger, but a storyline cliffhanger, so bring on book 2. But overall I found it really interesting &amp; unique for the shifter/paranormal world inside. The Credence Curse means that Stormy &amp; her family can't fall in love with human's for fear of having them die hours after confessing there love. So when Stormy finds herself falling for wanna be rocker Knox, she runs away. 5 years later they run into one-another &amp; the attraction is still there from 5 years ago &amp; the longer they're together the stronger it develops. Sedona has written a story that's intriguing &amp; although it's a part of a series that's in the process of being written, it held my interest &amp; I want to read the rest of the series when it comes out. It was fast paced, full of action, steamy, factaul, with witty conversations.... I really enjoyed learning the different Others laws &amp; species, &amp; you can tell alot of thought went through figuring out all the details. I need more of the Credence family, I want to learn more about the different laws for the different species, I also want to know about this war we get a hint about at the end....
Jasmyn9 More than 1 year ago
This book was just a little too harsh for my taste.  It started out very well, but that ended up being just one chapter to introduce us to the curse and an ancestor.  Both Knox and Storm refused to trust each other - and I never really understood the reasons why.  We get a glimpse of them near the end, but it wasn't soon enough.  It someone had just thought to open their mouth (preferable Knox) then things wouldn't have had a chance to turn into a story, but by starting things this way, it really tainted the story for me as well. All the characters were a little too hard as well.  They weren't just tough and resilient, they were hard in a way that made it difficult to get to know them and to fall for them as the leading characters.  Even the side characters were overly tough - there wasn't any gentleness to balance it all out. The concept behind the story and the history of the Credence family was well thought out and I enjoyed learning about it.  I have a copy of book two, so I'm hoping that I can enjoy the character more in the next one.
TinaB0917 More than 1 year ago
I give this one 3.5 stars. This book started out awesome! I loved the prologue! I could have read a book just about Tiber and Solista, though I know how that would end. I really enjoyed Knox and Storm. At times I thought that they were not expressing their emotions/feelings to each other and a whole lot of assumptions were made.  Storm has so much pressure on her from her mother and aunt to succeed that she doesn't have much of a social life. For the most part, she is okay with it because of the Credence curse, but her cousin, Light, thinks that she needs to find love.  Knox changed a lot from when he and Storm went their separate ways a few years before. When he sees her again, he has no intention of letting her go this time.  There is a lot going on in this story besides the main characters. The world that they live in may be in danger and that wouldn't do any of them any good. There were times that I was confused as to what was going on and who was who. Overall, it was a great story.  I am really looking forward to the secondary characters story
Drea_Reads More than 1 year ago
Rough start, then it's awesome! I received this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Stormy Credence comes from a long line of cursed fae witches. The curse? Any humans they fall in love with die. So when Stormy falls for sinful rocker Knox Gunner, she runs before danger strikes. Years later Stormy and her cousin struggle with the family business&mdash;Credence O, an escort service for Others. A series of unfortunate events sends Stormy slamming smack dab into Knox&rsquo;s broad chest. And this time she can&rsquo;t run. The beginning of this was rough and very slow. There&rsquo;s a prologue written in the first person, but the narrating character isn&rsquo;t Stormy. Though the time period is at least a hundred years earlier, the word choice reads as contemporary. Chapter one begins with yet a different narrator in the first person. This switch was very confusing for me. And we don&rsquo;t find out for quite a while what the prologue had to do with anything. Frankly, cutting it would have improved the story. The true tale begins when Stormy was in college and then jumps several years ahead. The pace picks up when Stormy and Knox are run into each other again and sparks fly. Despite the start, I really liked this story. The tension is great&hellip;once it finally starts. The love scenes are scorching. Knox is a hero to drool over. And even though I guessed everything that happened well before it was revealed, I still enjoyed the read. So if you&rsquo;ve got a little patience, and like a good amount of plot with your erotic romance, I&rsquo;d jump into this book. I know I&rsquo;ll be grabbing the second book when it&rsquo;s released. I give it 4 stars.
NaughtyBookSnitch More than 1 year ago
There are some things I like and some things I didn't like. I really liked the storyline and I was hooked from the beginning. The sex scenes are really good and I think the characters are well developed.  The book started off pretty good and then got a little repetitive. It felt like the beginning of the story took a really long time to get through. Then it started to really pick up at about 30%. Then when Storm and Knox cross paths 5 years later is where it started to trail off for me. Knox turned into an arrogant jerk when he became a famous rock star. He's really into D/s relationships, which is fine... but it felt like that part of the story was thrown in as an afterthought. I feel like the D/s relationship was awkward through the entire book and could have been left out and I would have liked the story more. It almost feels like... Since BDSM is popular right now, let's throw some D/s in this book to see if we can sell some more books. That's probably not the motive here, but that part of the book wasn't believable. Actually, Knox and Storms entire relationship wasn't believable to me. The fantasy and paranormal aspect was more believable and interesting to read about. I just want a book with an Alpha male whos Dominant without being a Dom.  Storm's character was a little annoying to me. She is this hybrid Fae-Wolf-Witch and was raised knowing this and learning about the Others... but she cant sense another 'Other'? Not believable. Knox Gunner was great in the beginning but he lost me when he would refer to Storm as his Slut and turned into a jerk for a while. Also, I absolutely do NOT like his name. I think its clich&eacute; and silly.  Over all, it was an ok read. If you can get over the weirdly placed BDSM, the story and sex are pretty good. I give the paranormal part of the story 4 stars, the sex 4 stars and overall execution of the book 3 stars. I will say that the I really like the book cover! I give that 4 stars. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoy paranormal romance a great deal. This story had everything I love about the genre. Erotica, mystery and an eternal bond that can't be broken. Although its a fast read you get complete character development, a strong plot and a whole new world to lose yourself in. I can not wait for book 2 in the series.