Breaking Through

Breaking Through

by Ron Ash


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Today we must stand strong in Truth and prepare ourselves for Promise. There are many hurdles which must be jumped, rivers which must be crossed and challenges which must be met. It is by the power of our choices that we either choose to stand strong in the Word and fight or fall back and emulate the lure of worldly ways. In love we trust and move forward, but by fear we retreat and forfeit what is intended.

Our purpose is one of continuous ascension; a never ending process of creation. We stand at the precipice of all that there is, ready to be all that we are created to be. God has given us all that we need to accomplish what must be done. The time and the place have been preordained and our path has been set in stone. Rest assured; we never walk alone.

The Truth has been sown in our hearts. Our souls contain all the answers, yet Ego will tempt us and endeavor to veer us off course. As we wander away we will experience depression, anxiety, and a continuous state of loss.

So we have fallen into sin. Now how do we find our way out? Can we stop the process before it begins or will God have to step in? Will we recognize His hand guiding us on track? Here are the tools God may use to get us back.

Certainty of our error is attained prior to insight.

Insight related to our error emerge foregoing adversity.

Adversity ensues after ignoring the insights related to error.

Through awareness comes salvation. By means of understanding comes deliverance. Out of hardship comes privilege.

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About the Author

Ron is an inspiring spiritual inspirational author. In addition, he's a teacher in nondenominational and secular organizations. He is ordained by Spirit as a comfort to humanity. Ron is a gifted clairvoyant, empathic as well as a telepath and as such has the wonderful ability to identify the root of many issues, access problems and formulate an effective approach and resolution.

A celebrated inspirational profit, leader and one of the nation's leading experts on happiness, success, and the principles of ask, believe and receive, Ron has inspired thousands of people around the world, sharing his simple methods for personal spiritual growth and enlightenment. Apostle and founder of Disciples of Love Ministries, he delivers fantastic messages and seminars on being the best that we are created to be to corporations, professionals, non-profits and religious organizations.

He has been an incredible force for positive change and continually donates his time to help troubled teens realize their potential. As a highly endorsed authority on success and happiness, Ron is often approached by media for his insights and advice.

Ron earned his BA from Rhode Island College and holds an advanced certificate as a pastoral counselor. He recently received an honorary doctorate of divinity in recognition for his life altering inspiring writings and unparalleled works in the community.

His most viewed titles, The Apostle's Recipe for Happiness, Being and The Secret of Divine Intervention, have met with incredible success and continue to be favorites worldwide.

Through his books and his presentations, Ron's messages have touched the hearts and redirected the spirits of lost souls throughout the world. He is dedicated to fulfilling his life's purpose of helping people be all that they are created to be.

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