Breaking WHY: Hacking and Rebuilding Strategic Emotions for Authentic Success

Breaking WHY: Hacking and Rebuilding Strategic Emotions for Authentic Success

by Frankie Russo


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In this edgy follow-up to Frankie Russo's The Art of Why, readers are asked to redefine their meaning of personal success in order to tap into a deeper and more meaningful definition of their purpose. Breaking WHY interrogates what our true WHY really is, and in the process, Russo adapts his earlier work and disrupts the rules he set for himself in order to more fully achieve authentic success. Sometimes, we have to shatter something in order to rebuild it.

This book breaks down the steps needed to achieve a more substantive version of ourselves, in both our personal lives and in the realm of business and entrepreneurship. By exploring the role that emotions can play in both hindering and empowering us, Russo ultimately argues that pursuing a singular, self-driven "I" is the ultimate misinterpretation of success. A champion of authenticity and a proponent of harnessing "strategic emotions," Russo aims to debunk the common conception that emotions are anathema to having a successful life. Using the tools and hacks in Breaking WHY, people from all walks of life will come to realize that it can be just as important to break the rules as it is to make and follow them.

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ISBN-13: 9781645438236
Publisher: Amplify Publishing
Publication date: 02/01/2022
Pages: 168
Product dimensions: 5.60(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Frankie Russo, through his Russo Capital firm, has developed a portfolio of companies across multiple industries, including technology, advertising, marketing, automotive, music, agriculture, publishing, and finance. The beneficiaries of his investments have offices in the United States and India and serve 128 US markets. Russo and his team have led two of his companies to become some of America's fastest-growing, privately owned organizations for eight years in a row. The Art of WHY (2016), Russo's first book, was on Amazon's best seller list in the self-help category, and has been readapted and expanded into the rules-defying Breaking WHY. Frankie's highest calling is his family, and he happily lives with his wife and six children in Louisiana.

Table of Contents

Preface i

Introduction v

My Story xv

Step 1 Break Your Why 1

Step 2 Make (Or Break) A Plan 13

Step 3 Believe and Commit 27

Step 4 Build-And Rebuild-Your Team 39

Step 5 Restart 55

Step 6 Relearn Patience and Persistence 65

Step 7 Accept or Adapt 79

Step 8 Hack Your Failures: Turn Mistakes into Opportunities 93

Step 9 Celebrate Milestones-And Make New Ones 105

Step 10 Reconstruct Yourself And Give Back 113

Afterword What to Expect After Step 10 125

Acknowledgments 129

About the Author 131

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