Breakthrough: How to Harness the Aha! Moments That Spark Success

Breakthrough: How to Harness the Aha! Moments That Spark Success

by Scott Duffy, David Meltzer

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Discover Your Next Breakthrough Idea
Every company starts with one idea—that one passion that keeps you up at night, gets you up every morning, and drives you to create something bigger than yourself.
Turning an idea into a thriving business requires more than just passion. You'll need to think big, take risks, and be able to step back and recognize game-changing ideas that may already be in front of you. Those are your aha! moments.
Business growth expert and serial entrepreneur Scott Duffy shares his journey and the aha! moments that led to launching and selling new businesses to innovators like Richard Branson's Virgin Group. Duffy also shares the stories of entrepreneurs who have turned their ideas into multi-million-dollar businesses, like Shaun White, Tony Robbins, Daymond John, and Gary Vaynerchuck, to help you:
  • Be a nimble leader who makes quick buy smart decisions
  • Unlock hidden gems in your business with the power of finding your "Why?"
  • Apply growth strategies designed to scale your business in today's economy
  • Build a positive company culture by bringing in the right people
  • Determine which next step is right for your business after launch
  • Create sustainability with efficient, effective processes
  • Learn from your mistakes and turn failures into fortunes

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ISBN-13: 9781613083826
Publisher: Entrepreneur Press
Publication date: 07/24/2018
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Scott Duffy is a TV/Online host, keynote speaker, and business growth expert. He began his career working for best-selling author and speaker, Tony Robbins, and went on to work for several big media brands like CBS Sportsline, NBC Internet, and Next, he founded Smart Charter, an online booking tool for private aviation, which was acquired by Richard Branson's Virgin Group. Duffy has been listed as a "Top Keynote Speaker" by Entrepreneur and Forbes. He has spoken at the NYSE and provided commentary in numerous media outlets including CNBC, FOX News, and CBS Radio. He is the Co-Host of "Business&Burgers" and author of Launch!
Scott Duffy is a TV/Online host, keynote speaker, and business growth expert. He began his career working for best-selling author and speaker, Tony Robbins, and went on to work for several big media brands like CBS Sportsline, NBC Internet, and Next, he founded Smart Charter, an online booking tool for private aviation, which was acquired by Richard Branson's Virgin Group.

Table of Contents

Foreword David Meltzer xv

Introduction: "brace!" xix

Post Launch! xxii

"Aha" Moments: Five-Year-Old Fridays and the Power of Asking Why xxv

How I Turned the Worst Day Into the Best Day of My Life xxx

Breakthrough 1 Unlocking Your Idea

Chapter 1 So what's your big Idea? 3

The Secret to Turning Your Dreams into Reality 4

Passion 10

Sometimes There's Oil Right Under Your Feet 11

Are You Sitting on Top of a Billion-Dollar Idea? 15

How to Harness the Power of the Entrepreneur Economy 18

Small Is the New Big: Why Crushing Big Companies Has Never Been Easier 19

Five Steps to Bring Your Idea to Light 22

Learn to Let Go 23

Chapter 2 What you need to know when getting started 27

The Sure Thing 28

The Fastest Way to Lose Your First Million (or Keep It) 31

All for One and One for All: Entrepreneurs and Relationships 38

How Do You Juggle All Your Priorities as an Entrepreneur?: Super Balls and Glass Balls 44

10,000 Reasons You Will Succeed 47

The Power of Visualization: What I Learned from the World's Greatest Snowboarder 51

Dreaming Big: The True Story of Rudy, Football's Biggest (and Smallest) Underdog 54

Chapter 3 The most important decision you will ever make: who is your tribe? 57

Crabs in a Bucket: Maybe It's Time to Change the Circle of People Around You 58

Your Fab Five 59

Personal Branding 101: What Do Those Note Cards Say About You? 63

Breakthrough 2 Assembling Your Resources

Chapter 4 Business planning 71

Goals and How to Achieve Them: Building Biceps and Businesses 73

Let the Numbers Tell Your Business Story: Start with the Last Page First 77

The One-Page Plan 80

Why You Need an Exit Strategy in Place from Day One 81

Not Every Problem Is Meant to Be Solved 83

Chapter 5 Securing your crew 87

Know Your Strengths (and Theirs): How Having the Right People Can Make a Difference 88

Identify Your Entrepreneurial Kryptonite 91

Your Role as the Entrepreneur CEO 94

Talent Assessment Matters 101

The Perfect Partner? 106

Outsourcing 101: This Is What You Asked For! 110

Chapter 6 Unlocking creativity 115

Culture Is King 116

Innovation, Creativity, and Building a Killer Culture 118

What I Learned from Chase Jarvis on Harnessing Your Team's Creativity 122

Creating Your Own Work-Life Balance 125

How to Have a Killer Culture 130

Creative Accountability: Finally, an Award for Screwing Up 132

Chapter 7 Raising capital 135

Bootstrapping 101 135

Where Will the Money Come From? 141

The "Big Meeting" Mentality: Winning Over Investors 143

How to Keep Your Deal Moving Forward 145

The Callback: The Art of Turning Interest Into Capital 151

Tricks of the Trade: What You Need to Consider When Striking a Deal 152

Breakthrough 3 Taking Your Idea to Market

Chapter 8 Getting in the game 159

Find a Way to Simple First 160

The Power of Doing One Thing 164

Riches in Niches: How to Grow Further and Faster With Far Less Capital 169

Those Girls Don't Surf!: Authenticity Is Everything 172

Lessons From Buck's Pancake House: Building a Business Is Like Following a Recipe 174

Chapter 9 Speaking to your customers 177

Crickets: How to Leverage Partnerships to Grow and Scale Your Business 178

How to Build a Business Empire One Bottle of Wax at a Time 182

Let Social Media Be Your Sales Force 183

Your Buyer Blueprint 188

Breakthrough 4 Growing and Scaling for the Long Term

Chapter 10 The entrepreneur's road map for lifelong success 193

Training with Navy SEALs 194

Three Reasons Why Companies Fail 196

Biggest Mistakes Companies Make When Scaling Their Business 198

Being Brave: Thinking Out of the Box 200

5X Your Company's Valuation 201

Turn Expenses Into Profits 203

Create Bolt-On Businesses (BOBs) 204

Become a Brand Ambassador, Social Influencer, and/or Contributor 206

Pace Yourself: Growth Kills Cash 208

Not Connecting With the Market? Find Your Core Message 211

Chapter 11 What to do when things go sideways 215

Panic Faster: Before It's Too Late 215

17 Days, the Value of a Mentor, and the Importance of Being Brutally Honest 219

We're Out of Toilet Paper: Wiry You Should Never Quit 222

Staying Calm During Chaos: Learning How to Crash 226

Epilogue: Final thoughts: fill your cap first 231

Appendix: Your business breakthrough checklist 235

Directions 235

1 Get Your Personal House in Order 236

2 Create Your Plan 236

3 Build Your Team 237

4 Accumulate Your Resources/Raise Capital 238

5 Leverage Technology 238

6 Create Your Product or Service-Go to Market 238

7 Partnerships/Distribution 239

8 Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations 239

9 Sell! Sell! Sell! 240

10 Accelerate Your Growth and Scale 240

Last But Not Least 241

Acknowledgments 243

About the author 245

Index 247

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

An idea can come from anywhere: families, colleagues, friends, or a sign on the side of the road. Entrepreneurs live for that breakthrough moment where you find the missing piece that elevates an idea from "good" to "great." Scott's book breaks down what it means to not just find but create the opportunities to catapult your success.
—JEFFREY HAYZLETT, Primetime TV & Radio Host, Speaker, Author, and Part-Time Cowboy

This book isn't just about getting started. It's about building the foundation for a great company and living the life of your dreams.
—BRIAN SMITH, Founder of Ugg

Scott Duffy demonstrates that it doesn't matter how big your dream. If you apply the lessons in Breakthrough, you can go from underdog to leader of the pack.
—RUDY RUETTIGER, Notre Dame Football Player & Inspiration for the Movie "Rudy"

I’m an avid reader of business books and am so thrilled that someone finally wrote this book, which covers business and the (more important) personal side of entrepreneurship. Learning from a seasoned entrepreneur (rather than a professor) makes all the difference. Scott’s been in the trenches, and that makes this book a must-read for all entrepreneurs!
—KALIKA YAP, President of Entrepreneur Organization Los Angeles and CEO of Citrus Studios

Breakthrough is a must-read for anyone who wants to achieve more in their life. It’s a perfect roadmap for you both personally and professionally.
—RANDY GARN, The New York Times Bestselling Author

The perfect solution for anyone who has ever asked, “How do I succeed in business?”
GREG REID, Bestselling Author, Speaker, and Filmmaker

Scott Duffy is a natural storyteller. His entertaining style of delivering a message ignites the “aha” moments needed to break through to the next level.
ALAN TAYLOR, TV and Radio Host at Entrepreneur Media

Scott’s ability to connect with his audience is unparalleled. His passion for life and to help others is infectious. In Breakthrough, he shares how to harness your passion to create the life of your dreams.
JASON REID, Co-CEO of the National Services Group

In Breakthrough, Scott shares how to combine the right mindset, the right team, and the right resources to create the business of your dreams.
—MYLES KOVACS, Cofounder of DUB Magazine

Scott Duffy’s insights, hard-hitting stories, and power-packed strategies make Breakthrough worth every penny. If you feel like you’re running in circles with your business and running out of ideas to propel you forward, buy this book!
—KEDMA OUGH, Innovation Director SBDC and Author of Target Funding

Scott is one of the most positive, dynamic, and creative people I have had the good fortune to know. No one is better at helping entrepreneurs achieve breakthroughs—both personally and professionally—than Scott Duffy!
—DOUG BRIGNOLE, Mr. Universe and Mr. America Winner, Author, Speaker, and Entrepreneur

It’s not just about starting strong; it’s about finishing even stronger. Scott Duffy shares how to Breakthrough at every stage in your business and build winning companies!
—JENNIFER RULON, M.S., Owner and USA Triathlon Level I Coach at

Taking your business to the next level requires a whole new set of skills. If you have plateaued and you’re ready to crush it, Scott Duffy’s new book Breakthrough will show you exactly what you need to reach that level, scale any new venture, and keep climbing.
—SUMMER FELIX-MULDER, Cofounder of The Draw Shop

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