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Performance Research Press
Breakthrough Teamwork: Outstanding Results Using Structured Teamwork

Breakthrough Teamwork: Outstanding Results Using Structured Teamwork

by Dennis A. Romig, Kathy Olson


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Breakthrough Teamwork: Outstanding Results Using Structured Teamwork

For many managers,teamwork is a concept that in their minds has little to do with making money and staying in business. Breakthrough Teamwork changes that perception by offering readers insights from companies such as Motorola,Monsanto,Westinghouse,and Amoco that have experienced significant breakthroughs in productivity and profitability as a result of the author's unique process called Structured Teamwork/uT/uM. Focusing on successful implementation of teams,Breakthrough Teamwork reveals: A summary of 1200 studies of ""what works"" in business and industry. A new definition of teamwork that endures as a team develops and improves its structures. A Structured methodology for implementing successful teams. Examples of what the most effective teams in corporate America have accomplished for their organizations using this system.

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ISBN-13: 9780967235004
Publisher: Performance Research Press
Publication date: 12/28/1996
Edition description: 2ND REP
Pages: 303
Product dimensions: 6.04(w) x 9.03(h) x 0.78(d)

Table of Contents

Part 1The Quest for Breakthrough Teamwork
Chapter 1All of the Experts Agree: Teamwork Is Necessary3
Structured Teamwork: The Core Operating System for Any Organizational Breakthrough Initiative10
Chapter 2Teamwork Research and Other Exciting Topics15
When We Start Talking about Research I Must Get Personal15
Teamwork in Business and Industry Gets Great Results! Sometimes17
Hard-Data Studies: Who Cares Anyway?19
How Breakthrough Teamwork Research Helped Companies and What I Learned Along the Way20
An Industrial Glass Manufacturer24
Chapter 3Discovering a Methodology for Consistent Breakthrough29
Chapter 4Breakthrough Teamwork and the Bottom Line41
Productivity at E-Systems43
Breakthrough Teamwork at ABB Coral Springs44
Structured Teamwork with Knowledge Teams49
Amoco Canada49
ABB Coral Springs51
Cost Reduction, the Structured Teamwork Way52
Empowerment and Productivity: The AMD Experience54
International Viability of Structured Teamwork56
Chapter 5Breakthrough Teamwork Leads the Way to Organizational Success59
A New Definition of Teamwork59
Level 1Communication60
Level 2Cooperation61
Level 3Coordination63
Level 4Creative Breakthrough66
Level 5Continuous Breakthrough66
C[superscript 5] Teamwork Results68
Part 2The 10 Components of Structured Teamwork
Chapter 6Team Creativity: The Prerequisite for Breakthrough Teamwork77
When to Use Team Creativity79
Creativity Training80
Structured Brainstorming versus Unstructured Brainstorming81
Maximize Participation82
Be Positive84
Plan Action85
Chapter 7Team Communication87
Communication and Cooperation87
Interpersonal Communication87
Being Specific91
Checking Understanding93
Methods for Sharing Important Information95
Chapter 8Team Meetings97
How Team Meetings Create Energy97
When to Have Team Meetings99
How Team Meetings Promote Breakthrough101
How to Have Breakthrough Team Meetings102
Planned Participation108
Chapter 9Conflict Management117
Unmanaged Conflict: the Enemy of C[superscript 5] Teamwork117
What Is Conflict and Why Should It Be Managed?119
Manage Conflict to Maintain Harmony and Achieve Breakthrough120
How Conflict Management Fits with the Other Components of Structured Teamwork120
When to Manage Team Conflicts and When Not to Try121
How to Manage Team Conflicts123
Step 1Manage Feelings124
Step 2Prepare a Supportive Climate126
Step 3Describe the Conflict127
Step 4Understand the Goals128
Step 5Create Solutions130
Chapter 10Team Values, Vision, and Mission133
What Are Team Values, Vision, and Mission?134
How Team Vision and Mission Support Breakthrough137
Developing the Team Mission139
Create a Specific Focus139
Identify an Idealistic Purpose140
Generate Excitement141
Be Concise142
Identify Team Boundaries142
Be Evolutionary143
How Team Mission Fits with the Other Components of Structured Teamwork143
Chapter 11Team Goal Setting145
Team Goals Create Winners145
How Team Goal Setting Supports Breakthrough146
When to Use Team Goal Setting148
How to Set Team Goals149
Goals Must Be Aligned and Focused150
Goals Must Be Creative151
Goals Should Be Challenging and Reach-Out152
Goals Should Be Specific153
Goals Should Be Time Based153
Teams Should Have Goal Measures153
Plans Should Be Composed of Bite-Sized Action Steps155
How Team Goal Setting Fits with the Other Components of Structured Teamwork156
Chapter 12Roles and Responsibilities and Team Organization159
Team Roles and Responsibilities Operationalize Empowerment159
Structured Teamwork Responsibilities of Team Members160
Work Responsibilities of the Work Area163
Empowerment and Self-Management Responsibilities165
How Team Roles and Responsibilities Support Breakthrough166
How to Develop Team Roles and Responsibilities167
Team Ground Rules and Norms167
Team-Generated Roles and Responsibilities169
Organization-Directed Job Redesign171
How Team Roles and Responsibilities Fit with the Other Components of Structured Teamwork175
Chapter 13Team Problem Solving177
Continuous Breakthrough Processes177
Identify and Solve Problems Inside Your Own Boundaries178
Let the Team Be the Hero179
Facts Are Friendly180
Structured Problem Solving180
Step 1Specify the Problem182
Step 2Analyze the Causes183
Step 3Brainstorm Solutions187
Step 4Select Solutions189
Step 5Establish the Goal191
Step 6Implement Solutions192
The Relationship of Team Problem Solving to the Other Components of Structured Teamwork193
Chapter 14Team Decision Making195
Why Team Decision Making Is Absolutely Essential in Today's Fast-Paced Business Environment196
When to Use Team Decision Making--Not All the Time198
How Teams Can Make Effective Team Decisions199
Structured Team Decision Making202
Step 1Set Goal and Measurement Criteria202
Step 2Expand Alternatives204
Step 3Narrow Alternatives204
Step 4Conduct Pro/Con Analysis205
Step 5Reach Consensus207
How to Make Decisions Related to Discontinuous Changes/New Paradigms210
Linkage to Other Teamwork Components212
Chapter 15Work Process Improvement215
How Work Process Improvement Supports Breakthrough217
How to Do Team Work Process Improvement220
Step 1Select a Work Process to Improve That Will Achieve Breakthrough Business Results222
Step 2Form a Team That Includes Representatives of Each Major Step of the Work Process222
Step 3Set a Measurable Improvement Goal223
Step 4Flowchart the Process224
Step 5Use Team Creativity224
Step 6Analyze the Process and Implement Improvements225
Instill Work Process Improvement as an Organizational Structure226
Part 3Empowering the Breakthrough Organization
Chapter 16Breakthrough Teamwork Synergizes the Disconnected Organization231
The Disconnected Organization231
The C[superscript 5] Organization Has a Culture Responsive to Change239
Beyond Teamwork as a Fad242
Chapter 17Empowerment Accelerates Breakthrough Teamwork245
Empowerment as the Energizer to Breakthrough245
Empowerment as the Foundation of Organizational Capability248
Chapter 18Empowerment by Any Other Name Smells Just as Sweet253
The Empowerment Continuum254
Stage 1Employee Surveys and Focus Groups254
Stage 2Employee Suggestion Systems256
Stage 3Quality Circles and Problem-Solving Groups257
Stage 4Participative Decision Making259
Stage 5Semiautonomous Teams262
Stage 6Autonomous Teams266
Chapter 19The Myth of the Autonomous Team--Let the Buyer Beware271
Managerial Concerns about Empowerment273
Choosing the Stage of Empowerment Best for Your Organization275
Chapter 20From Breakthrough Teamwork to Organizational Breakthrough279

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