Breakthrough Thinking

Breakthrough Thinking

by Anthony Lopez


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The most significant obstacle to teams achieving breakthrough results is the inability of people to believe that achieving the breakthrough results is possible. The most significant failure of a leader is letting them get away with that attitude. This author is convinced that unless the leader clearly, unequivocally, and passionately, makes the statement that the organizational culture will be one in which breakthrough thinking will be the only acceptable standard, the organization will never take on that attitude and exhibit the behaviors necessary to drive breakthrough results. Moreover, if the leader fails to get other leaders in the organization to firmly believe and support a breakthrough thinking environment, and not just talk about it, then the concept of breakthrough will be unsuccessful.

Without the leader's relentless commitment, it will become the management "buzz-word" of the month, doomed to meet the same fate that so many other management fads have. Breakthrough thinking is more than that. It is real. The results that can be achieved are real, and anyone who says it can't be done in our organization because our processes or products are "different", is wrong. Breakthrough Thinking is not about products or processes. It's about leader's behaviors and the environment they create. It is also about the team member's attitudes, beliefs, and the behaviors that result from these.

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Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 05/25/2005
Pages: 152
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