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Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Breast Augmentation: Principles and Practice / Edition 1

Breast Augmentation: Principles and Practice / Edition 1

by Melvin A. Shiffman
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ISBN-13: 9783540789475
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 11/17/2008
Edition description: 2009
Pages: 672
Product dimensions: 9.00(w) x 10.50(h) x 1.50(d)

Table of Contents

Anatomy, Benign Breast Disease, Malignant Breast Disease, Mammograms.- Embryology and Anatomy of the Breast.- Nerves, Ligaments, and Vessels of the Chest and Breast.- Anthropomorphic Measurement of the Breast.- Anatomy and Clinical Significance of the Pectoral Fascia.- The Inframammary Crease.- Breast Asymmetries: A Working Formulation.- Benign Disorders of the Breast.- Malignant Breast Diseases.- Mammograms in Cosmetic Breast Surgery.- Preoperative Consultation.- Initial Consultation.- Method for Determining Bra Size and Predicting Postaugmentation Breast Size.- Breast Assessment and Implant Selection Using the TTM Aesthetic Breast Chart.- The Golden Ratios of the Breast.- Body Image and Other Psychological Issues in Breast Augmentation.- Body Dysmorphic Disorder.- Use of Decision and Management Algorithms in a Breast Augmentation Practice.- Implants.- Silicone Versus Saline Implants.- Choice of Prosthesis Surface: Myth or Necessity?.- Enhanced Projection: Adjustable Gel Implants.- Betadine and Breast Implants.- Mechanical Analysis of Explanted Silicone Breast Implants.- Cohesive Gel Silicone Implants.- Surgical Approaches.- Principles of Breast Augmentation Surgery.- Intraoperative Assessment of Breast Prosthesis Volume Using a Set of Graduated Expanders.- Breast Augmentation: Intraareolar Approach.- Breast Augmentation Using the Periareolar Approach.- Inframammary Approach to Subglandular Breast Augmentation.- Breast Augmentation: Axillary Approach.- Hydrodissection Axillary Breast Augmentation.- Nipple or Areolar Reduction with Simultaneous Breast Augmentation.- Classification of Breast Ptosis.- Breast Augmentation with Mastopexy.- Crescent Mastopexy with Augmentation.- Breast Augmentation with Periareolar Mastopexy.- Mastopexy/Reduction and Augmentation Without Vertical Scar.- Classification of the Tuberous Breast.- The Incidence of Tuberous Breast Deformity in Asymmetric and Symmetric Mammaplasty Patients.- Aesthetic Reconstruction of the Tuberous Breast Deformity.- Periareolar Technique for Correction and Augmentation of the Tuberous Breast.- The Effect of Breast Parenchymal Maldistribution on Augmentation Mammoplasty Decisions.- Management of Anterior Chest Wall Deformity in Breast Augmentation.- Poland’s Syndrome.- Breast Augmentation in the Transsexual.- Anesthetic Drip System to Reduce Pain in Cosmetic Surgery.- Position of Implant.- Submammary Versus Subpectoral Implant.- Treatment of the Submammary Fold in Breast Implantation.- Subfascial Prepectoral Implant Using the Inframammary Approach.- Subfascial Transaxillary Breast Augmentation.- Modified Subfascial Breast Augmentation.- Submuscular Fascial Dual-Plane Breast Augmentation.- “Reverse” Dual-Plane Mammaplasty.- Breast Augmentation with Autologous Tissue.- History of Breast Augmentation with Autologous Fat.- Breast Augmentation with Autologous Fat.- Fat Transfer with Platelet-Rich Plasma for Breast Augmentation.- Fat Transfer and Implant Breast Augmentation.- Breast Augmentation with the Brava® External Tissue Expander.- Autogenous Augmentation Mammaplasty with Microsurgical Tissue Transfer.- Complications.- Complications of Breast Augmentation.- Less Common Complications of Breast Augmentation.- Capsular Contracture Following Augmentation Mammaplasty: Etiology and Pathogenesis.- Complications Related to the Implant.- Imaging Evaluation of Silicone Within the Breast.- Treatment of Capsule Contracture with Endoscopic CO2 Laser.- Hammock Capsulorrhaphy.- Breast Implant Malposition: Prevention and Correction.- Aesthetic Outcome of Breast Implant Removal.- Inframammary Fold Elevation and External Synmastia Repair: Morgan–Metcalf Method.- Intracapsular Allogenic Dermal Grafts for Periprosthetic Breast Implant Problems.- Submammary Flap for Correction of Severe Sequelae from Augmentation Mammaplasty.- Idiosyncratic Allergic Reaction: A Rare Complication of Augmentation Mammoplasty.- Complications of Silicone Gel Implants.- Aesthetic Management of the Breast Capsule After Explantation.- Complications of the Transumbilical Approach.- Subfascial Breast Augmentations: Complications.- Complications of Autologous Fat Transfer to the Breast.- Miscellaneous.- Breast Conservation Therapy After Augmentation Mammaplasty.- Serologic and Histologic Findings in Capsule Contracture Patients with Silicone Gel Implants.- Medical-Legal Aspects of Breast Augmentation.- Editor’s Commentary.

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