Breath of Life Source of Emotions

Breath of Life Source of Emotions

by Lori Hillyer


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Emotional Reflecting
Sometimes God places people in your life for a reason, a season, days, months, years. [A situation, good, bad. A cultural change, life- changing experience, financial, spiritual, mentally, all affect your state of consciousness. Your perfect storm. To be so strong in your faith and trust in God to not let anything disturb your peace of mind. Not to be overcome with worry. Too refined for anger, too strong for fear, nor too happy, and to permit the presence of trouble and to bless it as it approaches. To look at the bright side of every situation. To think only of the best in yourself and everyone you meet. To forget your mistakes of the past, present, the wrongs done to you, and against you. The strength and boldness to face future storms. To have God on your side and be able to live in trust and faith that God is on your side to weather any storms that come your way. You have to take every situation and look at the blessings of it. It is hard sometimes to realize a problem is not always about you! Self-awareness of your surroundings and what you let in. Sometimes God sends us a little thunderstorm, but when it becomes about us and we don't give it to Him, it can become a hurricane. The aftermath can be devastating and to have to pick up the pieces after wards is sometimes worse than the storm. You have to trust and believe in God to lead, guide, and have faith. He will direct you and lead you through everything in life's path. We all need to think before we speak, not react without being still for a while, think with a lot more thought. Our hurricanes will soon become storms. Our storms will become showers. If you give it all to God, speak to Him only, give Him the situation and you let it go, your showers become a chance of precipitation. The blessings in all storms, is the strength found in the midst of weakness and how we overcome letting our emotions and feelings trying to get the best of us. Meditation and prayer to me equals inner peace and peace of mind.

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Publication date: 02/25/2017
Pages: 98
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