Breathe Deeply, This Too Shall Pass: Thirty Tales of Trials and Tribulations of Parenting Teens

Breathe Deeply, This Too Shall Pass: Thirty Tales of Trials and Tribulations of Parenting Teens

by Kimberly Ripley



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ISBN-13: 9781929072736
Publisher:, Incorporated
Publication date: 04/28/2001
Pages: 128
Product dimensions: 5.44(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.34(d)

Table of Contents

About Kimberly Ripley12
Is Jim There? A Teenager and His Attachment to the Phone15
Bacteria Mom's Review of a High School Performance19
Summer Camp Ahhh, Those Precious Weeks!23
The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round... Bona Fide Bus Tour26
Summer Love Laundry's Not the Only Thing They Bring Home31
Unnatural Disasters Enter If You Dare, the Teenage Bedroom35
Sunday Fashion Faux Pas Dressing the Troops for Church40
The Boyfriend He's Tattooed, Pierced, and Wonderful?43
Blackmail A Parent's Security Blanket47
Veggie Rock They Call it Music52
Leader of the Band That Infamous College Essay55
The Laundry Management What Lurks in Your Laundry Basket?59
Woe is Motherhood Oh, Those Apron Strings!62
Those Lines on My Face Accelerating the Aging Process66
The Toothache The Perils of Long-Distance Remedies69
Sick Day A Day at Home with Mom73
Busted! When the Men in Blue Phone Home76
The Great Escape Out the Window and Other Adventures80
A Mother Writes Can a Mother Handle a Career--and Teens?84
Butt Cheeks They Tell Us Even When We Really Don't Want to Know87
One Leaves, One Returns... or Is That Three? He's Back!91
Grandpa's Boy He's Bearing an Uncanny Resemblance94
He Has a J-O-B! A Glimpse at a Summer Job97
Come One, Come All...It's a Family Reunion! And a Good Time was Had by All100
Mom's Boxes of Love A Peek Inside a Care Package105
The College Freshman Just What is a Syllabus Anyway?108
Everyone's Welcome at Our House Come on Over!111
Vacation Pack Your Bags, the Whole Gang's Going115
Prime Time Insults Yes, Teens Believe These Things119
Lessons from the Matriarch A Very Special Tribute122

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