Breathe In (Just Breathe, #1)

Breathe In (Just Breathe, #1)

by Martha Sweeney

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BN ID: 2940154286920
Publisher: WWN Publishing Group
Publication date: 05/15/2015
Series: Just Breathe , #1
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 181,712
File size: 677 KB

About the Author

Martha Sweeney is an Amazon Best-Selling author who writes in a variety of genres: romance, suspense, thriller, coloring books, and soon into romantic comedy and science fiction. She strives to push herself as a storyteller with each new tale and hopes to push her readers outside of their comfort zone whether it be genre or the stories themselves.

With a B.S. in Psychology, Martha utilizes her knowledge of human and animal behavior successfully in the business world and in her writing to present realistic characters and situations. She's been creative since she was little, always drawing, coloring or making crafts, so her venture into being an author was a natural transition.

She lives in sunny California with her husband and enjoys writing poolside most months out of the year.

Connect with Martha online:
Google+: +MarthaSweeneyAuthor
Instagram: @MarthaSweeneyAuthor
Facebook Page: AuthorMarthaSweeney
Twitter: @MSweeneyAuthor
Goodreads: /MarthaSweeney

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Breathe In 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
TSweeneyAuthor More than 1 year ago
Breathe In by Martha Sweeney This review will have an extremely bias opinion simply because Martha Sweeney is my wife, best friend, lover, business partner and confidant.  We share our lives, dreams and fantasies together and her happiness makes me complete. Reading "Breathe In" began more as an assignment than entertainment. Martha recruited me to assist with editing her first novel to hit her release deadline. I was more than happy to help since she helped with my book, The Harem, and to discover in detail how she had developed the story she’d been sharing with me from the moment she felt inspired to begin writing. However, after finally reading "Breathe In" from start to finish, I’ve come to feel deeply attached to the characters and invested in their journeys thanks to skillful writing and eloquent plot development.  The story of Emma comes from a place of trauma, loss, and fear, but quickly grows into a tale of individual triumph and empowerment. Breathe In introduces the main character, Emma, with the vision of a recurring nightmare depicting the tragic death of her parents in a car accident that continues to replay itself every night Emma tries to rest. This horrific vision compels her to seek control in every aspect of her life and inspires her to excel in personal and professional endeavors. The reader quickly understands that Emma is very successful, has built a new “family” of her own that she protects dearly, and struggles internally to allow them and herself the freedom to grow and experience more of life. Then, along comes Joe Covelli. An obvious expression of Emma’s controlling personality and fear is her eight rules for personal relationships, or lack thereof, with any man she decides to engage physically. For her, men are simply a tool or resource to fulfill a temporary physical need. While Emma comes from a place of power in her life, her fears and nightmares indicate a deep seated desire for more emotionally. That desire manifests in the form of Joe Covelli, Emma’s best friend’s boyfriend’s colleague and close friend. When Joe sets his sights on Emma, everything that gave her any sense of stability and safety is suddenly called into question. Despite Emma’s best attempts to avoid her obsessive desire and subconscious needs with logical rationalizations, her heart will not be stopped. The result is extraordinary! I’ve always been impressed with Martha’s abilities, but "Breathe In" by far is her most impressive accomplishment to date. The writing style flows easily and is enjoyable, allowing for the story to develop without distraction and characters subtleties and depth to unfold very naturally. There’s nothing typical about Martha’s approach. The plot twists and surprises are thoroughly entertaining and unexpected without ever feeling unbelievable. Each character is given plenty of opportunity to speak and share their own complexities through Emma’s eyes. Martha shares only enough to keep the pages turning frantically in the excitement of what’s next. From an insider’s point of view, I can tell you with certainty that there’s much more to come too. "Breathe In" is an extraordinary, unique and riveting story with depth, subtlety and substance, providing a breath of fresh air to story telling. I couldn’t be more proud of Martha and this brilliant creation. It’s my honor and privilege to share Emma’s story with you!
MarthaSweeney More than 1 year ago
To start, I have a bias opinion about this story because I wrote it. The inspiration has stemmed from reading a variety of erotic romance novels that I feel demean, subjugate and objectify woman rather than empower women to take charge of their own lives. There is nothing wrong with sexual exploration as long as it is consensual between adults. I want women to feel comfortable with their bodies and mind to where they take responsibility for their own life and do not NEED a man to rescue them. Rather, a man or other partner adds to their life goals and happiness. I hope you enjoy the story! 
AliceReadsAlot More than 1 year ago
Holy Hell! I was hooked by the description as well as the fact that the main character's name is the same as mine. This didn't feel like a long read, giving just enough detail and description. There are too many books out there that lack substance and Breathe In by Martha Sweeney has it all!! This was an awesome read and a 'breath' of fresh air when it comes to romance novels (Yes, I meant for the pun). I can't wait for books two and three!! Finally, a dominant female who feels realistic - one who I actually believe I could meet in real life. The character development was wonderful and I felt like I was right there in every scene. I loved the flow of the story and how everyone in it interacts. Emma's business savvy sense mixed with her rigid exterior and sassy wit is infectious. Maggie is a hoot - her bubbly personality is the perfect thing needed to balance Emma. Jared is AWESOME! Nathan is hilarious! Sadie is a delight! And . . . JOE COVELLI . . . YES, PLEASE!!! I NEED MORE JOE! OMG! The Ending . . . WTF?! It was great . . . don't get me wrong, but seriously . . . you leave us hanging with that?! I NEED BOOK 2 RIGHT NOW!
Jessi_Elliott More than 1 year ago
Breathe In is about a young woman named Emma who escaped a pretty traumatic past and is now living in Pasadena. She is an extremely strong character who runs her own, very successful business(es), and has two amazing friends, Maggie and Jared. I found the story to start off a bit slow, and really felt as though I was given needless details about some things, but the pace did eventually pick up after we met Joe Covelli (go figure). Joe was the perfect book boyfriend. He had the perfect combination of sarcasm, charm, and genuine class. He is the complete package, and he's seemingly perfect for Emma. Except she doesn't date. I thoroughly enjoyed the friendship that grew between the two of them, and I really appreciated his respect for her and her rules when it came to men. That's not to say I didn't totally love it when he got all frisky and daring, because I absolutely did. I really believe that it is important to showcase the strength of the main character Emma. In both her personal life and her professional one, where she excels in basically everything she takes on, she is level-headed and smart. When it came to Joe, I like that he messed with her routine. I think that's exactly what she needed, and it was entertaining to watch them toy with each other, especially near the end. Speaking of the end... well, I'll talk about that in a minute. Maggie was an absolutely amazing friend, as was Jared, but man, he and Nathan really needed to learn when to keep their mouths shut. Emma's friends are her family, and I loved the idea that family doesn't always need to be related by blood, and I absolutely agree. While I'm talking about family I need to mention this. It's been nagging at me since I read it. DID JOE'S MOM SOMEHOW KNOW EMMA'S MOM? Because when Emma met her she said something about her looking familiar, that she looked like an old friend. Maybe I read too far into it, but it stuck out to me. THE END. OH MY LORD, THAT ENDING. It was absolutely heartbreaking. I should have seen it coming, it fit Emma's character, but I felt completely blindsided and panicky the entire time she was fleeing. It was the perfect ending to make me want to blow everything off and rush right into the sequel, which I plan on doing as soon as possible.
Lila-Rae More than 1 year ago
Breathe In - ( Just Breathe #1 ) Martha Sweeney (5 Stars ) Emma is a Strong , Independent Woman with a Tragic past that comes back to haunt her in her dreams nightly. She has a handful of the most loyal friends & Dog you'll ever come across and tons of Rules she lives by ,That cannot be Broken.....One of them being ....No Dating ! That starts to become a problem when she meets Joe . Will Emma finally let loose & Break some of her own rules ? I really Loved Martha's writing .She's a very descriptive writer who takes her time , knows how to build up your anticipation in just the right way & I Love it when an author writes about a Very Dominant, Strong Woman , Who also has Scars & Flaws ...BattleScars if you will . The Characters really make the story Special. They are the Glue that bonds and keeps Emma together through her tough times of Heartache & Terror . I Loved Sadie , especially when she automatically builds a relationship with Joe , Already knowing the true feelings her owner has for him. I was disappointed that Emma kept turning Joe down , even though she craves him from the very start. C'mon Emma are you CRAZY!!! I would have liked it if Emma let her guard down a little more , let other people into her inner circle Joe. She is way to dependent on her friends .You can feel the emotion coming off the pages ...she's afraid they will get their own lives and forget about her . Which is life ,,,in a Nutshell!! I'm looking forward to reading Breathe Out (Just Breathe #2 ) to see what happens between Emma & Joe . Thank you Martha For this Lovely Story About a Strong Woman !!