Breathing Again: ...thoughts on life after loss

Breathing Again: ...thoughts on life after loss

Breathing Again: ...thoughts on life after loss

Breathing Again: ...thoughts on life after loss


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Sooner or later, death touches us all. And we grieve. Sometimes the grief is your own. Sometimes it comes second hand as someone you love mourns. What do you say to ease a friend’s grief? What do you do? What helps and what hurts?

Most people are uncomfortable with death. Many are uncomfortable with being close to someone who is consumed by mourning. Having no idea what to say or what to do, they often do the wrong thing. Or fearing that, they do nothing.

Breathing Again is for those who want to help someone who is mourning but who feel helpless in the face of that sorrow. It is for those outside the grief, the friends who want to help yet fear doing the wrong thing. Its brief, easy-to-read stories were written to help you better understand your friend or loved one’s pain and be a better friend to them at a time when your friendship and love are needed most. Although your friend may not be able to ask for your support, perhaps this book will help you know what you can do even if you are not asked.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780999051801
Publisher: CJM Communications, Inc.
Publication date: 02/01/2018
Pages: 218
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.46(d)

About the Author

Cathy Marley is an award-winning freelance writer/author, entrepreneur, wife, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. She lives a contented life in Phoenix, Arizona, with Norm, her soul mate and husband of over forty-four years. Fur babies Jake and Molly the dogs, Sugar the cat, and Joe the cat who thinks he is a dog, make for an exciting household. Cathy and Norm's extended family includes Norm's three (now only two on this side) adult children, seven adult grandchildren, and at last count, 15 great grandchildren.

A former aerospace techie, Cathy dismissed her creative talents for most of her professional life until she discovered a passion for writing in midlife. She founded CJM Communications, Inc. to provide writing services to small businesses. After years spent writing and ghost writing professionally for others, she was first published under her own name in Love in Bloom, a creative collection of essays, short stories, and poetry from Women Writers of the Desert. Shortly thereafter, Cathy wrote and published Peeking Over the Edge...views from life's middle, a collection of her own reflections on life as she reached middle-age. It marked her personal validation and transition from "writer" to "author."

As a member of Women Writers of the Desert, Cathy formed a friendship with fellow writers Joy Collins and Betts McCalla. That friendship deepened after both Betts and Joy suffered the loss of their husbands and soul mates. As time went by, they taught her about grief by sharing their experiences in making their way through the minefield that is grief. As their friend, Cathy sought ways to help them work through that grief and ultimately find peace.

This book and From Grief to Peace, the company they founded to help others who are grieving, arose from that time. Cathy continues to be a regular contributor to the From Grief to Peace blog ( which inspired her to once again collect her reflections in book form. Breathing Again ... thoughts on life after loss was written from the perspective of someone who wants to understand what a grieving friend is experiencing, and in the truest spirit of friendship, provide love and support as that friend finds his or their way to peace.

Cathy's website is

John Chuchman is a man of many facets-pastoral bereavement educator and companion, poet, and author. A gentle soul, he changes lives in the sensitive workshops, seminars, in-service programs, and retreats he regularly offers. And he calms hearts with his wise words in his many books, where he shares his life experiences, spiritual discoveries, frustrations with institutional church, keys to grief healing, as well as his own personal and spiritual growth.

While still employed with Ford Motor Company, John began volunteering with
Hospice of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in 1990. To his amazement, he was of help to men who had lost their wives and so upon retirement, John continued on with Hospice work with Hospice of the Valley, Phoenix, Arizona and North Country Hospice, Kalkaska, Michigan.

John was awarded a Certificate in Spirituality from Kino Institute in Phoenix and in 2000 a Master of Arts Degree in Pastoral Ministries from Saint Mary's University of Minnesota. His Master's Thesis was on Forgiveness; A Key to Grief Healing, a synopsis of which was published in Bereavement magazine. In July 2010, he was ordained a Priest of The Catholic Diocese of One Spirit, CDOS.

From retirement to date, John has conducted grief support groups, seminars, retreats, and in-service programs for hospices and church groups of all denominations all across the country.
He has written 17 books with Sacred Quest; Growth Through Loss and Love containing all the slides and handouts used in his workshops. More and more, John has been receiving requests for workshops and retreats on spirituality and spiritual nurturing reflecting people's needs and hunger.

John and his wife Marilyn live six months each in Northern Michigan and in Arizona.
With one son Mark, passing in 2006 at age 46, they enjoy their other three children and their grandchildren.

John's website is
His e-mail is

Table of Contents



6 Principles of From Grief to Peace

Breathing Again

Chapter 1 Is This Really Happening?

What Works for You

The Widowed Box

Would You Want to Know?

Get Over It? The Constant Weight of Grief

Oh, I Get by with a Little Help

Chapter 2 How You Feel

Walls – Protection or Prison?

I’m Fine

The Ka-thunk

Do I Still Matter?

Touch Me

The Best Laid Plans

What Grief Is All About

How Do You Grieve?

Birthdays Will Never Be the Same

Chapter 3 A Helping Hand

The Supportive Role

Surrounded by Widows

What Is Right

How to Help a Mourning Friend


A Soft Place to Fall

The Other Players

Everybody Needs Somebody

Breaching Walls

No Two Ways to Mourn

Honoring Lost Loves

Where Did Everyone Go?

Chapter 4 Life Changes

It Takes Patience – Grief Has No Timeline

What Gifts Do You Give a Soul Mate Who Is Gone?

A New Normal

You Can Do It … Taking on New Roles

I’ve Got a Guy for That

No More Days

Chapter 5 Signs/Soul Mate Connections

Look for the Quick Hellos

Grieving Beau

Signs or Coincidence?

The Grandma Book and Messages from Beyond

How Do We Recognize Our Soul Mate?

Chapter 6 Healing and Finding Peace

Little Things

The Call that Never Comes

Finding Your Way

Climbing Off the Pity Pot

Smoothing the Sharp Edges of Grief

Old Spice for Steve

The Courage to Be Happy

Double the Joy

Comfort Where You Find It

What Happened to Peace?

Choosing Love

Epilogue for Dale

About the Author

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