Breeding Food for Vivarium Animals

Breeding Food for Vivarium Animals

by Ursula Frederich, Werner Volland



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ISBN-13: 9781575240459
Publisher: Krieger Publishing Company
Publication date: 03/18/2004
Pages: 178
Product dimensions: 6.30(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

Live Food for Vivarium Animals11
Basic Considerations11
The Significance of Live Food11
Catching, Buying, Breeding12
Feeding Live Food to Vivarium Animals12
Food Animals and Conservation14
Breeding Food Animals14
Reasons for Breeding14
Time and Material Requirements16
Legal Aspects16
Starting a Breeding Setup17
Nutrition for Food Animals19
Hygiene and Breeding Setups20
Breeding Setups20
Breeding Food Animals25
Freshwater Plankton26
Ocean Plankton29
Nematodes (Round Worms)31
Vinegar Eels (Turbatrix silusiae and Turbatrix aceti)32
Segmented Worms (Annelids)33
White Worms (Enchytraeus albidus), Grindal Worms (Enchytraeus buchholzi)34
Red Marsh Worms or Red Wrigglers (Lumbricus rubellus), Redworms or Compost Worms (Eisenia foetida), Dendrobaena Earthworms (Dendrobaena spec.)37
Grove Snail (Cepaea nemoralis), Garden Snail (Cepaea hortensis)41
Giant African Land Snail (Achatina fulica)44
Large Water Flea (Daphnia magna), Water Flea (Daphnia pulex), Russian Daphnia (Moina macrocopa)50
Brine Shrimp (Artemia salina)52
Woodlouse (Oniscus asellus), Woodlouse (Porcellio scaber), Pillbug (Armadillidium nasatum), Pillbug (Armadillidium vulgare)56
Springtails (Collembola)61
White Springtail (Folsomia candida), Blind Springtail (Sinella coeca)62
Argentine cockroach (Blaptica dubia), Death's Head cockroach (Blaberus craniifer)67
Surinam cockroach (Pycnoscelus surinamensis), Green Banana Cockroach (Panchlora nivea)67
Orthopterans: Crickets, Migratory Locusts, and Stick Insects76
House cricket (Acheta domesticus),* Field Cricket (Gryllus assimilis), Black Cricket (Gryllus bimaculatus), Tropical House Cricket (Gryllodes sigillatus), African Cave Crickets (Phaeophilacris bredoides)77
African Migratory Locust (Locusta migratoria), Desert Locust (Schistocerca gregaria), South American Locust (Schistocerca paranensis), Moroccan Locust (Dociostaurus maroccanus)89
Indian Stick Insect (Carausius morosus), Annam Stick Insect (Baculum extradentatum)99
Beetles (Coleoptera)104
Lesser Mealworm Beetle (Alphitobius diaperinus)104
Yellow Mealworm Beetle (Tenebrio molitor)108
King Mealworm Beetle/Superworm (Zophobas morio)114
Bean Weevil (Acanthoscelides obtectus)118
Rose Weevil (Pachnoda butana)122
Flies (Diptera)125
Small Fruit Fly (Drosophila melanogaster), Large Fruit Fly (Drosophila funebris)125
Large Wingless Fruit Fly (Drosophila hydei)125
Housefly (Musca domestica), Little Housefly (Fannia canicularis), Blowfly (Calliphora erythrocephala), GreenBottle Fly (Lucilia caesar), Flesh Fly (Sarcophaga spec.)133
Butterflies (Lepidoptera)143
Greater Wax Moth (Galleria mellonella), Lesser Wax Moth (Achroea grisella)144
House Mouse (Mus musculus musculus), Norway Rat (Rattus norvegicus)149
Image Sources173

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