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The Bride

The Bride

4.5 568
by Julie Garwood

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From New York Times bestselling author Julie Garwood, whose novels have enchanted millions of readers worldwide, comes a breathtakingly romantic novel about a mismatched young wife and husband who, despite their differences in background and temperament, fall inexorably in love. Available in hardcover for the first time, with a new introduction from Julie


From New York Times bestselling author Julie Garwood, whose novels have enchanted millions of readers worldwide, comes a breathtakingly romantic novel about a mismatched young wife and husband who, despite their differences in background and temperament, fall inexorably in love. Available in hardcover for the first time, with a new introduction from Julie Garwood that explains her inspiration for this timeless love story, The Bride sweeps readers back to the savage beauty of medieval Scotland....

By the king's edict, Alec Kincaid, mightiest of the Scottish lairds, must take an English bride. And Jaime the youngest daughter of Baron Jamison, is his choice. From his first glimpse of the proud and beautiful English lady, Alec felt a burning hunger stir within him. This was a woman worthy of his fearless warrior's spirit. And he aches to touch her, tameher, possess her...forever.

But with the wedding vows, Jamie pledges her own secret oath: She will never surrender her love to this Highland barbarian. He was everything her heart warned her against -- an arrogant, brooding scoundrel whose rough good looks and seductive embrace fire her blood. But when strange accidents begin to threaten Jamie's life and an old rumor that Alec killed his first wife spreads anew, something far more dangerous than desire threatens to conquer he senses.

With all the storytelling power and insight into the human heart that have made her one of the bestselling authors of our time, Julie Garwood takes readers on an unforgettable romantic journey rich in humor, suspense, and historical detail.

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From Chapter One

Papa said maybe she needed killing. It was a most unfortunate remark for a father to make in front of his daughters, and Baron Jamison realized his blunder as soon as the words were out of his mouth. He was, of course, immediately made sorry for blurting out his unkind comment.

Three of his four daughters had already taken to heart the foul gossip about Alec Kincaid. They didn't much care for their father's view on the atrocity, either. The baron's twins, Agnes and Alice, wept loudly and, as was their particularly irritating habit, in unison as well, while their usually sweet-tempered sister Mary marched a brisk path around the oblong table in the great hall, where their confused father sat slumped over a goblet of guilt-soothing ale. In between the twins' noisy choruses of outrage, his gentle little Mary interjected one sinful tattle after another she'd heard about the Highland warrior who would be arriving at their home in a paltry week's time.

Mary, deliberately or nay, was stirring the twins into a full lather of snorting and screeching. It was enough to try the patience of the devil himself.

Papa tried to give the Scotsman his full defense. Since he'd never actually met the warrior, or heard anything but ill, unrepeatable rumors about the man's black character, he was therefore forced to make up all his favorable remarks.

And all for naught.

Aye, it was wasted effort on his part, for his daughters weren't paying the least attention to what he was saying. That shouldn't have surprised him, he realized with a grunt and a good belch; his angels never listened to his opinions.

The baron was terribly inept at soothing his daughters when they were in a state, a fact that hadn't particularly bothered him until today. Now however, he felt it most important to gain the upper hand. He didn't want to look the fool in front of his uninvited guests, be they Scots or nay, and fool he'd certainly be called if his daughters continued to ignore his instructions.

After downing a third gulp of ale, the baron summoned up a bit of gumption. He slammed his fist down on the wooden table as an attention-getter, then announced that all this talk about the Scotsman being a murderer was nonsense.

When that statement didn't get any reaction or notice, his irritation got the better of him. All right, then, he decided, if all the gossip turned true, then mayhap the Scotsman's wife had been deserving of the foul deed. It had probably just started out as a proper thrashing, he speculated, and as things had a way of doing, the beating had gotten a wee bit out of hand.

That explanation made perfectly good sense to Baron Jamison. His comments gained him an attentive audience, too, but the incredulous looks on his daughters' faces weren't the result he'd hoped to accomplish. His precious angels stared at him in horror, as if they'd just spotted a giant leech hanging off the tip of his nose. They thought him daft, he suddenly realized. The baron's weak temper exploded full measure then, and he bellowed that the sorry woman had probably sassed her lord back once too often. It was a lesson that his disrespectful daughters would do well to take to heart.

The baron had only meant to put the fear of God and father into his daughters. He knew he'd failed in the extreme when the twins started shouting again. The sound made his head ache. He cupped his hands over his ears to block out the grating noise, then closed his eyes against the hot glare Mary was giving him. The baron actually slumped lower in his chair, until his knobby knees were scraping the floor. His head was bent, his gumption gone, and in desperation, he turned to his faithful servant, Herman, and ordered him to fetch his youngest daughter.

The gray-haired servant looked relieved by the order nodding several times before shuffling out of the room to do his lord's bidding. The baron could have sworn on the Holy Cross that he heard the servant mutter under his breath that it was high time that order was given.

A scant ten minutes elapsed before the baron's namesake walked into the middle of the chaos. Baron Jamison immediately straightened in his chair. After giving Herman a good glare to let him know he'd heard his whispered criticism, he let go of his scowl. And when he turned to watch his youngest, he let out a long sigh of relief.

His Jamie would take charge.

Baron Jamison realized he was smiling now, then admitted to himself that it just wasn't possible to stay sour when his Jamie was near.

She was such a bewitching sight, so pleasing to look upon, in fact, that a man could forget all his worries. Her presence was as commanding as her beauty, too. Jamie had been endowed with her mama's handsome looks. She had long raven-colored hair, violet eyes that reminded her papa of springtime, and skin as flawless and pure as her heart.

Although the baron boasted of loving all his daughters, in secret, Jamie was his pride and joy. It was a most amazing fact, considering he wasn't her true blood father. Jamie's mother was the baron's second wife. She had come to him when she was nearly full term with her daughter. The man who'd fathered Jamie had died in battle, a bare month after wedding and bedding his bride.

The baron had accepted the infant as his own, forbidding anyone to refer to her as his stepdaughter. From the moment he'd first held her in his arms, she had belonged to him.

Jamie was the youngest and the most magnificent of his angels. The twins, and Mary as well, were gifted with a quiet beauty, the kind that grew on a man with time and notice, but his dear little Jamie, with just one look, could fairly knock the wind out of a man. Her smile had been known to nudge a knight clear off his mount, or so her papa liked to exaggerate to his friends.

Yet there was no petty jealousy among his girls. Agnes, Alice, and Mary instinctively turned to their little sister for guidance in all matters of significance. They leaned on her almost as often as their papa did.

Jamie was now the true mistress of their home. Since the day of her mama's burial, his youngest had taken on that burden. She'd proven her value early, and the baron, liking order but having no gift for establishing it, had been most relieved to give Jamie full responsibility.

She never disappointed him. Jamie was such a sensible, untroubling daughter. She never cried, either, not since the day her mama passed on. Agnes and Alice would have done well to learn from their sister's disciplined nature, the baron thought. They tended to cry over just about everything. To his mind, their looks saved them from being completely worthless, but still he pitied the lords who would someday be saddled with his emotional daughters.

The baron worried most for his Mary. Though he never voiced the criticism, he knew she was a might more selfish than was considered fashionable. She put her own wants above those of her sisters. The bigger sin, however, was putting herself above her papa.

Aye, Mary was a worry, and a mischief-maker, too. She liked to plow up trouble just for the sheer joy of it. The baron had a nagging suspicion that Jamie was giving Mary unladylike ideas, but he never dared voice that notion, lest he be proven wrong, and fall from grace in his youngest's eyes.

Copyright © 1989 by Julie Garwood

Meet the Author

Julie Garwood is the author of numerous New York Times bestsellers, including Fire and Ice, Shadow Music, Shadow Dance, Murder List, Killjoy, Mercy, Heartbreaker, Ransom, and Come the Spring. There are more than thirty-six million copies of her books in print.

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The Bride 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 568 reviews.
SandyX More than 1 year ago
My favorite of all Julie Garwood books. Her other books are works of art but THE BRIDE is the work of an artistic genius. Can you tell I love this story? I've read this book at least 10 times since it was written and have just downloaded to my Nook so I can read it again. Julie Garwood, thank you for writing books.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
There seems to be no other way to describe this book but Perfect. Garwood is a great author and this book really shows her talent. If you have not purchased any of her books this is a great one to start with.
Alec is a wonderful hero. Strong, Caring, Sexy, yeah, I could go on and on but I won't. And Jamie is just sweet, innocent, beautiful and cares about every one around her. But she's also a little spitfire.
I loved the scene around there small ceremony with her sister. Their love scene in the woods was Perfect. Alec is so yummy! One of my favorite scenes is when they're in bed and he's talking to her in Galic but she has to act like she doesn't understand him even though she does. But Alec knows she understands so it makes it a total kick. And the scene with the claymore outside when she tries to attack Justin. What a hoot!
These two share great chemistry. They fit so well together that there love story just seeps of the pages. Go out and purchase this one, if you have not already you will not be disappointed.
Vvixen More than 1 year ago
This is the best romance book I have read in ages. I have never laughed so much at such wonderful characters. It was funny, touching, and romantic all in one book. This is a sure read.
MoriartyCat More than 1 year ago
I have loved JG's modern romance/suspence novels for quite some time, but I have never been a big fan of historical romances....unitl now!!!! I bought The Bride on a whim and read it in a day. It was one of the best books I've ever read. I finished out the Laird's Bride series and immediately started in on the Highland Laird's series. They are all extraordinary!!! I have recently ordered another of her historical romance series (The Crown Spies) and hope they are just as magical. I wonder if I will care for the English romances, since I love the Highland Lairds so much...their attitueds on the English appears to have rubbed off on me =) Do yourself a favor and BUY THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!
MariaLiza More than 1 year ago
How can you not like a story where the Bride wears black to the wedding? And she did on purpose to protest it. Love it! Love it years ago when I first read it; loved it now as I re-read. Any Julie Garwood is a wonderful read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Never read a book by Judy but I really fell in love with the characters and story line, very original from what ive read in the genre.
Reid20 More than 1 year ago
This was a delightful story. I really enjoyed the characters. Alec Kincaid is such a kind-hearted man. He is very sexy. Jamie is a hoot. She is always making me laugh. The softening of their hearts towards each other is wonderful.
mycheek More than 1 year ago
I loved this book, i never laughed so hard, it is so refreshing to be able to go back in time and forget these hard times we have now. I loved Garwoods humor
Guest More than 1 year ago
This was my first romance novel and it was more than i ever could have expected. You fall in love with the characters immediately! The story wasn't cheesy and it was very steamy!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This was a good book! It was romantic, funny, scary, and sexy all in one! The charecters are amazing. You will easily fall in love with both Alec and Jamie. Their chemistry is mesmerizing. It is easily the best book I have read in years!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved the story , loved the laughter and banter between the two main characters! Looking forward to reading more of her stories. ?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great characters
Momof4IN More than 1 year ago
LOVE IT! Julie Garwood is Ahhhhmazing! Alec is an alph-male Highland Laird, Jamie is a beautiful, willful English lady...together the sparks fly and create a magnificent love story to be savored time and time again!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Once i staryed reading this book i just couldnt put it down it is my favorite julie garwood book i
Seamless More than 1 year ago
Am I missing something? With so many positive reviews and a love for scottish themed romance novels, I enthusiastically set out to read The Bride. I will not lie and say that it wasn't entertaining, it kept me reading but the author failed to write much depth for the heroin or many of the other characters for that matter. The heroin often came of like a childish brat and was so adored by everyone around her that it became too unrealistic and cheesy (even for a romance novel). Any ways, for some shallow entertainment it works but I didn't become too attached to the story or characters. I would recommend the Highland Guard Series by Monica McCarthy instead. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Very good read
Randy Brought More than 1 year ago
It was just too similar to The Secret. I LOVED the secret and read first. Iain/ Judith were pretty much the same characters as Alec/Jamie. The writing seemed to repeat in this book too ( not sure which was written first) I swear some sentences were reused or the description of something. Overall I would recommend this book. I do like Julie Garwoods writing style, but just felt the two books were to much alike. Especially since I read them back to back.
Anonymous 4 months ago
Fell in love with Jamie and Alec!
Anonymous 5 months ago
I have read all these highlander ones from her so many times.
Anonymous 6 months ago
Julie Garwood, i have read your historicals over and over again. I like your contemporaries but i simply love your historicals. Do you think u will start writing the English-Scottish romps again? You are one of my favorite authors and i love reading them!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great read
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved this book! It made me laugh and i t even made me tear up once. Great book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
He was asleep on couch, even breaths falling from his lips.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago