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Bridesmaid: A Novella

Bridesmaid: A Novella

4.6 10
by Julia London

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Getting her to the wedding on time is the least of his worries...

Kate Preston just moved to New York, but she has to get back to Seattle in time for her best friend's wedding. Joe Firretti is moving to Seattle, and has to get there in time or risk losing his new job. But fate's got a sense of humor.

Kate goes from


Getting her to the wedding on time is the least of his worries...

Kate Preston just moved to New York, but she has to get back to Seattle in time for her best friend's wedding. Joe Firretti is moving to Seattle, and has to get there in time or risk losing his new job. But fate's got a sense of humor.

Kate goes from rubbing elbows on a plane with a gorgeous but irritating strange (doggone armrest hog) to sharing one travel disaster after another with him on four wheels. Joe thought he had his future figured out, but sometimes fates has to knock you over the head pretty hard before you see what opportunity is standing in front of you...in a really god-awful poufy bridesmaid dress.

Praise for Julia London:

"London knows how to keep pages turning...winningly fresh and funny."—Publishers Weekly

"London's ability to draw real-life characters and settings is superb...her characters cope with life's curveball's and keep on trucking."—RT Book Reviews, 4 ½ stars

Editorial Reviews

From the Publisher
"This reviewer's suggestion: grab this book for any type of travel. It will serve as an enjoyable way to pass the time" - Library Journal

"This places, trains and automobiles adventure will make readers almost wish their next flight gets grounded. " - RT Book Reviews

"The Bridesmaid is a quick but very entertaining read that I would definitely recommend for contemporary romance lovers out there." - Harlequin Junkie

"I definitely recommend this book to romance lovers and to fans of Julia London. It is fun, quirky, romantic and vivid in its details." - Tracy Riva

"It's sexy and sweet, fun and entertaining. Pick up Julia London's The Bridesmaid for a quick mood-lifter this fall!" - drey's library

"What a fun, lighthearted contemporary read! This story is everything I've come to love about Julia London's work: great characters, fast pace, and sweet romance. " - Chicks After Dark

"I really did enjoy this book. If you are in the mood for a fast fun romance to read, look no further then The Bridemaid by Julia London." - The Reading Cafe

"The Bridesmaid is sweet and adorable novella perfect read after a hectic day" - Reading My Escape

"If you've never read one of London's books then The Bridesmaid is a great place to start. It's short, sweet, and wonderfully captures the sassy and loving nature of London's writing. - See more at: http://juliejohnson.booktrib.com/reviews/the-bridesmaid/#sthash.i7Vv9KQ5.dpuf" - booktrib

"THE BRIDESMAID is a charming look at how two strangers discover they have more in common than they ever imaged. It's a humorous look at how fate can change the course of lives in an instant." - Thoughts in Progress

Library Journal
Kate needs to fly from New York to Seattle. As the maid of honor in her high-strung and overdramatic cousin’s wedding, her presence is not only mandatory but vital. When a massive and unexpected blizzard diverts the flight to Dallas, of all places, Kate will try anything to keep heading in the right direction. This includes relying on Joe, her armrest-hogging, antisocial seatmate who is headed to Seattle for an impressive new job. With the odds shrinking with every passing hour, sparks fly as this duo take on all manner of transportation in their cross-country quest.

Verdict London’s (The Last Debutante) latest is a quick whirl of a trip as two polar opposites are forced to work together to reach their destination. The light banter between Kate and Joe and a few running gags add humor to this already lighthearted book. This reviewer’s suggestion: grab this book for any type of travel. It will serve as an enjoyable way to pass the time, and, by comparison, Kate and Joe’s trials will make any annoying situation seem like a dream.—Kellie Tilton, Univ. of Cincinnati, Blue Ash
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Meet the Author

Julia London is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of more than two dozen novels, including the Cedar Springs contemporary series, the Secrets of Hadley Green historical romance series, and numerous other works. She is a four-time finalist for the prestigious RITA Award for excellence in romantic fiction, and RT Bookclub award recipient for Best Historical Romance. She lives in Austin, Texas.

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Bridesmaid: A Novella 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 19 reviews.
grandmareads102 More than 1 year ago
Kate Preston is flying home to Seattle for her cousin's wedding. Little does she realize that this trip will change her life. A major winter storm and an air traffic controllers strike will make things interesting, but her seat mate, Joe Firretti, will be the game changer. They may be off to a rocky start but as they spend more time together, their attraction grows. Will a chance meeting lead to a forever love? I enjoyed The Bridesmaid. It's filled with non-stop humor and plenty of romance. Kate and Joe are honest, funny and very romantic. Their journey is a comedy of errors. I laughed as Kate struggled to get her bridesmaid's dress (aka the raft) from New York to Seattle. This is a feel good story that will leave you smiling.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
BUYERS BEWARE -- To be clear about the rating, this novella deserves 4 stars but the product as marketed deserves zero stars. This book is only 80 pages in truth. The remaining 40 pages are all advertisements for other books. Julia London is a gifted author and deserves a higher rating (I'd give this story a 4 star). It is a feel-good humorous read, and that keeps me from being angry over the deception. The lower rating is the fault of the publisher and/or B&N. Shame on the culprit! Perhaps I am more thrifty than many customers because I do look at the number of pages vs cost when making a buying decision. I feel like I was tricked into buying this book by questionable marketing.
celticmaggie More than 1 year ago
This is a good story. It is a bit crazy,happy,sad and loving. If you have been reading the serious stuff recently then by all means give this book a read. It is a short read able to be done in a night. Joe is moving from NYC for a new job in Seattle. Kate lives in NYC and is going home to Seattle to be a bridesmaid for her cousin. Throw in a blizzard,an Air Traffic Controller strike and her cousin going over the edge and you have a laugh out loud book. Wait until you meet the Pink "raft" and getting to the front of the line. You have to read this book. It makes you happy!
northamericanwordcat More than 1 year ago
Fun Romp! This novella was a lovely way to pass the afternoon.  It is a mixture of Plane, Trains, and Automobiles and When Harry Met Sally but this Harry and Sally don’t wait 20 years to get together.   This is a sweet fun romance that is a little madcap and a lot charming.  The heroine is a great with a self-deprecating sense of humor and the hero knows a good thing when he sees it.   I would have liked it better if the ending was more developed and  I would have liked a bit more of an epilogue as well but all in all fun stuff.   I was given this book for my honest review. So, there you have it.   
My_Peace More than 1 year ago
In The Bridesmaid by Julia London, Kate is trying desperately to get across the country for her cousins wedding without crushing her bridesmaid dress...Joe is also trying to get across the country to start another job in another city. Thanks to mother nature, cancelled flights, and a strike, Kate and Joe end up travelling together to Seattle by car, train and plane! They set off on a hilarious journey and quickly get to know and like each other. With Kate only in Seattle for a wedding and Joe moving there, is there any chance for a future between them? I loved this novella by Julia London! She had me laughing on the first page! The Bridesmaid is a fun, romantic adventure with two great characters who have great chemistry between them. Julia writes a great, fast paced novella that won't let you put it down! Highly recommend!!
Barb-TRC More than 1 year ago
The Bridesmaid by Julia London is a pure romance novella that turned out to be a fun and cute story. Our heroine is Kate, who lives in New York, doing her dream job of being an assistant book editor. She has to fly to her hometown of Seattle for her cousin’s wedding, as she is the Maid of Honor. On the plane, Kate meets our hero Joe, who is also flying to Seattle for a new exciting job. The two do not hit it off right away, as he thinks of her as annoying, especially with her hogging the armrest, and carry around a huge puffy wedding dress that annoys everyone she passes. She of course thought of him as a jerk, being very irritating & cold. But with both having important deadlines to meet, they are thrown together when the flight is cut short by a blizzard. Desperate to find anyway to get to Seattle, Joe shows some of his good nature by renting a car, and asking Kate if she wants to go with him to the next airport. What follows is a budding romance as they embark on an adventure that will take them through car, trains and planes to get to the destination in time. Besides the Blizzard, they are also faced with an air controller strike. Will they make it to Seattle on time? The interaction between the two is at times hysterical, and totally fun. I loved the part where Kate devises a plan to push them ahead of the long line for a ride to the next destination to be able to board a plane. It was so funny, and Joe was smart to enough to figure out what Kate was up to. Kate’s phone calls from her hysterical cousin, and her mother add on to the humor. When they managed to get a flight to Seattle, Joe gave Kate the one seat left for her to get to the Wedding, since he did not have to be at his new job until Monday, and they said goodbye. Of course, Kate later changes it to the following morning, and shows up at Joe’s hotel room. At this point, this romance is full blown, and both of them feel that fate brought them together. Is this a one night stand or will it turn out to truly be fate? With her mothers prodding, Kate invites Joe to her cousins wedding and the whole family takes to him, treating him like a member of the family, which he eats up. But when it’s time for Kate to go back to N.Y., they both sorrowfully say they will keep in touch, and move on to their lives. Will Joe and Kate find each other again? Is it possible to have a relationship living cross country? This was a cute, fun romance, with some really good characters. I really did enjoy this book. If you are in the mood for a fast fun romance to read, look no further then The Bridemaid by Julia London.
nindilou More than 1 year ago
Kate is not having a good day… What starts out as a simple trip cross-country for her cousin’s wedding (what do you mean that cross-country is never simple??) A ginormous storm cancels flights, and it’s each woman for herself to find alternate travel means. Enter an entirely too good looking cocky man trying to get to his interview of a lifetime, and WHAM!! we have ignition! Sparks fly, hormones rage and love finds itself on the ins for Julia London’s trains, planes, and automobiles special. A perfectly satisfying short read; The Bridesmaid shows off Ms. London’s wicked wit. Another must read!
RomanticReadsandSuch More than 1 year ago
If you’ve never read one of London’s books then The Bridesmaid is a great place to start. It’s short, sweet, and wonderfully captures the sassy and loving nature of London’s writing. - Full review available at Romantic Reads and Such on Wordpress or BookTrib's website.
MsChris1161 More than 1 year ago
The Bridesmaid is a sweet, lighthearted and very romantic story. Joe and Kate meet on a plane headed to Seattle from New York that gets diverted due to bad weather and leaves them stranded in Dallas. They team up to rent a car, take a train, and then finally another plane to accomplish their cross country trip all at a frantic pace to get Kate to the church on time to be the Maid of Honor in her cousin Lisa's wedding before the bride has a meltdown. Joe and Kate fall hard and fast for each other, but Ms. London totally makes it seem right. Makes everything about them as a couple seem right. Of course there is the tiny issue of timing since Kate has a fabulous job at a publishing house in New York and Joe has just taken a "comes along once in a lifetime" job in Seattle where Kate's family lives which casts a bit of a cloud on their whirlwind romance. This novella was a fun read with lots of witty dialogue, humorous scenes as they attempt to cross the country, a plethora of loving family, a sweet ending, and a happy sigh for this reader. Definitely worth the couple of hours spent going along for this ride. 
MasonCanyon More than 1 year ago
Two strangers bound for the same city across paths on an airplane and fate has much more in store for them. Joe Firretti, with a slightly hangover, boards a flight for Seattle and his new dream job. He’s enjoying life as it comes with no serious commitments. He has to be in Seattle Monday or risk losing the greatest position of his career. Kate Preston hasn’t lived in New York long, but now she has to go back to Seattle. Her cousin is getting married and she’s in the wedding party. She boards the plane with the ugliest, fluffiest bridesmaid dress in history. Seated next to each other, Kate and Joe wrestle back and forth over the armrest. When their plane is ground due to weather and air traffic control issues, they wind up sharing the last rental car. As they hurry to their destination, sparks between the two begin to fly. Once they reach Seattle, Joe attends the wedding with Kate and then they go their separate ways. But fate has other plans and soon the two are rethinking their priorities. Author Julia London has created well-developed, likeable characters. The bantering between Joe and Kate is realistic and flows smoothly. The secondary characters are zany and add flavor to the story. The story draws you in quickly and holds you captive as you laugh at the antics of the couple and their journey to Seattle. This may be a novella, but it’s packed with fun characters, a well-balanced plot and delightful settings. THE BRIDESMAID is a charming look at how two strangers discover they have more in common than they ever imaged. It’s a humorous look at how fate can change the course of lives in an instant. FTC Full Disclosure - This book was sent to me by the publisher in hopes I would review it. However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review.
HarlequinJunkie_ More than 1 year ago
In The Bridesmaid by Julia London, Kate Preston is in a race to make it from New York to Seattle for her cousin's wedding, in which she will be the maid of honor. The only issue? Well, if only there was just one problem. Instead she encounters bad weather, grumpy passengers all trying to steal the remaining modes of transportation, and the workers at the airports are on strike. On the positive side, Kate meets Joe, who is also traveling to Seattle. What starts out as a friendly competition to see who can make it there first, ends up just pulling them closer together, leaving Kate to wonder why fate can be so cruel. Joe had no idea he would find what could be the girl of his dreams when he got on the plane bound for his new job in Seattle. Yet Kate seems to be there at every turn on his crazy adventure to get to the west coast. Before he realizes it, she's made her way into his thoughts and has him wondering if moving to Seattle could be a mistake. The Bridesmaid is a funny, charming novella by the very talented Julia London. This story has Kate and Joe crossing the country and encountering all sorts of mayhem in their quest to each make it to Seattle safely. I loved the ease of Kate and Joe's conversations and how they warmed up to each other more and more as they found themselves helping each other in their travels. It was certainly a whirlwind romance, but given their situation, there was no other way it could have happened. I thought the interaction with Kate and her family on the phone while she's trying to make it to the wedding on time was really funny and filled with drama that is inherent to the big event. Overall, The Bridesmaid is a quick but very entertaining read that I would definitely recommend for contemporary romance lovers out there.
In_My_Humble_OpinionDA More than 1 year ago
Trains, Planes, and automobiles oh my! In this short sweet novella by Julia London, Kate is headed home to Seattle from New York for her cousin’s wedding and Joe is headed there to take a new job. They meet in the airport and share a couple of not so friendly encounters but with the bad weather and air traffic controllers strike fate seems to keep throwing them together. As they travel cross country they get to know one another and it seems that fate has introduced them only to have them at either end of the country. Can they make a long distance romance work? Should they even try?  Julia London has put together a wonderfully sweet and funny road trip romance. Read it for a quick escape. Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read and review.
KerryACroucier More than 1 year ago
Julia London's newest release, The Bridesmaid, is a novella that reads like a novel. Kate and Joe are sitting next to each other on a plane, each headed to Seattle for different reasons. Kate, a fairly recent transplant to New York for her dream job, is headed home to Seattle for her crazy cousin's wedding with the ugliest, poofiest bridesmaid dress, ever. Joe is on his way to Seattle for what will be his dream job. They are stuck next to each other on the plane, and each is everything the other doesn't like about the opposite sex. Then Mother Nature steps in with a wicked sense of humor, and combined with human problems, it becomes a case where anything that can go wrong when you travel, does. The plane is diverted and grounded due to a storm, and that is where the story takes off. What starts out a Joe feeling sorry for Kate, stuck with her dress, becomes a growing friendship and relationship, as they get to know each other while deal with all the problems they face, trying to get to Seattle on time. Yes, there are Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. The relationship develops in a short time, but never feels like it is anything other than natural. It is such fun, wondering if they will make it in time, but then what will happen...will it be a short romance? I love the way the characters develop, and the situations made me laugh out loud. I was definitely sorry to see the end of this story.
DeeMcGee1 More than 1 year ago
I’ve always said, no one writes a novella like Julia London and after reading THE BRIDESMAID, I still stand by those words. This book was the exact cure for a rainy afternoon we had a couple weeks ago. The bridesmaid is about two strangers who are nothing alike, or so they think, who must travel across the country during an epic storm. While all flights are being grounded or cancelled, they’ve also got to contend with an airline strike. Kate Preston needs to make it to Seattle for her cousin-slash-best friend’s wedding and Joe Firretti needs to make it to an important meeting if he hopes to land the job of a lifetime. What? Opposites attract, right? *glances at the hubby’s 6’4” blond hair, blue eyed and my 5’ 4”, brown haired, brown eyed offspring* For better or worse..right! RIGHT?! I loved me some Joe. Snarky and to the point..and mouth-wateringly sexy. I loved me some Kate. She’s got a sassy mouth and is not backing down from anyone. BTW, this B would totally be arm-wrestling me for the last bag of peanuts on a plane. I especially loved that I fell in love with each of them as they fell in love with each other. Kinda’ refreshing not have a long, protracted book of angst. This novella is perfect for a Sunday morning in bed (assuming either Robert Downey Jr. or David Gandy aren’t lying next to you), or that afternoon out of the office because you told your boss you had a dentist appointment. By the way, I totally won’t tell him that you and I both know it was just a 30 minute cleaning. I’m giving THE BRIDESMAID 5 starz just because it’s short, sweet and all that I want in a novella.
dbrown34001 More than 1 year ago
When Kate Preston undertakes a journey to her cousin's wedding from New York to Seattle, she's met with a major storm that follows her cross country. Then Murphy's Law takes over. On the first leg of her trip, she meets Joe Firretti, who's sitting in the aisle seat while she's stuck in the middle. She manages to stuff the ugly bridesmaid dress in the plane's closet, but has to cram her oversized carryon under the seat in front of her. This doesn't please Joe at all, but even worse is her hogging the armrest. Despite initial discord, their conversation takes a friendly turn. After their plane is grounded, they realize their best bet is to get to Seattle together. Joe has the job opportunity of a lifetime and Kate can't miss the wedding. This begins the automobile, train, and plane adventures that bring them ever closer together. The Bridesmaid has everything a good novella should, all wrapped up in one tidy package. I especially like this short form when it's well done, and London accomplishes this with ease. I highly recommend this brief read to anyone looking for a quick trip to a happily-ever-after.
snowhite1 More than 1 year ago
One quirky bridesmaid dress, a trip across the country and troubles galore.  This book made me laugh out loud.  Kate and Joe will take you on a wild ride from New York to Seattle.  A must read!  Thanks Julia and Netgalley for the ARC.   Julia you always make me smile with your books!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Trains, Planes, and Automobiles! Oh My! Julia London does it again! Perfectly lovable short story on how Joe and Kate survive a freak storm, transportation strike and only ONE car rental left! The sparks fly in this story! The conversations between the couple are funny and engaging! The chemistry compelling! We should all be lucky to have such encounters in a busy airport! Travelers who have ever been stuck in an airport will LOVE this story! Thank you to Julia London and NetGalley for the ARC!
janeeyre01 More than 1 year ago
A great quick read. Loved the premise of the book. The characters were great too.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Too short to care about.