by Penny Reid


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PENNY REID found herself spanning two countries and years as she traveled to Nicaragua at Christmastime to study Spanish while leaving her own family behind. To record her progress, she wrote every day, starting in English and code switching-adding more and more Spanish-as the immersion extended. Penny journaled extensively about disparate parts of her life: comfortable with her native language/still working to learn Spanish after many years; seeing new life around her/grieving separation from her family at the holidays, including her elderly father who was then receiving hospice care; and her own material privileges/extreme poverty in Nicaragua. She also wrote poetry, attended classes daily, took photos, collected recipes, and found herself in countless unexpected situations where her skill of bridging relationships, languages and cultures was honed.
In BRIDGING, Penny shares experiences of intentionally embracing myriad parts of life with energy, joy, and determination, as well as with doubt, worry, and sadness when faced with suffering. The book shows what one's mind does while learning Spanish and will encourage others to do what it takes to become conversational in another language. Penny's honesty, curiosity and courage to learn from any situation make this book relevant and inspiring for all readers.
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ISBN-13: 9781518601941
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 11/12/2015
Pages: 182
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Penny Reid is gradually learning Spanish as children do, with others and without texts. She serves families as an early childhood psychologist in the public schools. On Sundays, when she's not at the beach or in the mountains, she is present at the Episcopal cathedral or la nueva iglesia bilingüe (the new bilingual church) near her home in Seattle. Penny lives with her husband and enjoys applauding their two adult children who communicate well in both English and Spanish. Traveling the world is a favorite activity of everyone in the family.
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