Bridging the Divide: The Continuing Conversation between a Mormon and an Evangelical

Bridging the Divide: The Continuing Conversation between a Mormon and an Evangelical

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Monkfish Book Publishing Company

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Bridging the Divide: The Continuing Conversation between a Mormon and an Evangelical

Inspired by the groundbreaking publication of How Wide the Divide? A Mormon and an Evangelical in Conversation, (InterVarsity, 1997) Robert L. Millet, a life long Mormon,   former dean of religious education, and currently a Professor of Religious Education at Brigham Young University, and Gregory C.V. Johnson, a ordained Baptist pastor from Utah and a former Mormon, meet and begin their own conversation. Eventually they take their dialogues public, appearing in Mormon, Evangelical and academic venues. The first part of the book is a Q&A between the two authors; the second part is a Q&A with Mormon and Evangelical audiences. Throughout the work, the authors provide guiding principles of constructive conversation and promote the concept of "convicted civility."

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ISBN-13: 9780976684367
Publisher: Monkfish Book Publishing Company
Publication date: 11/01/2007
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

Dedication     v
Foreword     ix
Preface     xvii
Introduction     xxv
Backgrounds     1
Questions for One Another     33
"Only True Church"
What Is an Evangelical?
The Fall; the Nature of Humankind
"Cheap Grace"
Falling from Grace?
Works Righteousness
The Need for Authority
The Place of Ordinances (Sacraments)
The Nature of God; God and Man
Questions from the Audience     61
LDS Doctrine
The View of Scripture
A Greater LDS Stress on Christ
Too Much Kindness?
LDS Perspective on Other Churches
Praying Together
Book of Mormon Evidences
Is God Static?
The Trinity
An LDS Perspective on the Trinity
The Cross
"Private Mormonism"
Witnessing to Christians
Concerns with Evangelicalism
Concerns with Mormonism
"Saved" Mormons?
Life After Death
Other World Religions
Can God's Revelation Differ from One Person to the Next?
Where God Wants Us to Be
Dealing with Irresolvable Differences
The Rapture
The "Word of Wisdom"
Interfaith Marriage
The Altar Call
On Being "Worthy"
Opposition to Mormonism
Baptism for the Dead
The Role of Prophets
Biblical Authority
On Being Perfect
A "Different Jesus"
Motivation for Dialogue
What Is a Christian
A Prophet is Not God
Sola Scriptura
Changes in the Book of Mormon
"Unbiblical" LDS Teachings
Adding to or Taking Away from the Bible
What We Have Learned from Each Other
Common Moral Values
Conclusion     125
Doctrinal Parameters within Mormonism   Robert L. Millet     131
Imagine What God Could Do   Gregory C. V. Johnson     149
Some Guiding Principles of Constructive Conversation     181

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