The Brief Handbook (with InfoTrac) / Edition 4

The Brief Handbook (with InfoTrac) / Edition 4

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Cengage Learning

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The Brief Handbook (with InfoTrac) / Edition 4

The only brief handbook to emphasize strategies for success in a composition course and in a college career, THE BRIEF HANDBOOK, Fourth Edition now features more student models, extensive coverage of avoiding plagiarism and evaluating sources, plus a unique Chapter 40, "Ten Habits for Successful Students."

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ISBN-13: 9780838406595
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Publication date: 07/14/2003
Edition description: 4th Edition
Pages: 544
Product dimensions: 6.52(w) x 8.16(h) x 1.17(d)

Table of Contents

Part I: WRITING ESSAYS AND PARAGRAPHS. 1. Writing Essays. 2. Essay Patterns across the Disciplines. 3. Writing Paragraphs. Part II: CRITICAL THINKING AND ARGUMENTATION. 4. Thinking Critically. 5. Writing Argumentative Essays. Part III: THE RESEARCH PROCESS. 6. The Research Process. 7. Using and Evaluating Library Sources. 8. Using and Evaluating Internet Sources. 9. Integrating Sources and Avoiding Plagiarism. Part IV: DOCUMENTING SOURCES: MLA STYLE. 10. MLA Documentation Style. Part V: APA AND OTHER STYLES. 11. APA Documentation Style. 12. Chicago, CSE and Other Documentation Styles. Part VI: COMMON SENTENCE ERRORS. 13. Revising Sentence Fragments. 14. Revising Comma Splices and Fused Sentences. 15. Revising Agreement Errors. 16. Revising Awkward or Confusing Sentences. 17. Revising Misplaced and Dangling Modifiers. Part VII: SENTENCE GRAMMAR. 18. Using Verbs Correctly: Form, Tense, Mood, and Voice. 19. Using Pronouns Correctly. 20. Using Adjectives and Adverbs Correctly. Part VIII: SENTENCE STYLE. 21. Writing Varied Sentences. 22. Writing Emphatic Sentences. 23. Writing Concise Sentences. 24. Using Parallelism. Part IX: USING WORDS EFFECTIVELY. 25. Choosing Words. 26. Using a Dictionary. 27. A Glossary of Usage. Part X: UNDERSTANDING PUNCTUATION. 28. Using End Punctuation. 29. Using Commas. 30. Using Semicolons. 31. Using Apostrophes. 32. Using Quotation Marks. 33. Using Other Punctuation Marks. Part XI: UNDERSTANDING SPELLING AND MECHANICS. 34. Spelling. 35. Capitalization. 36. Italics. 37. Hyphens. 38. Abbreviations. 39. Numbers. Part XII: COLLEGE SURVIVAL SKILLS. 40. Ten Habits of Successful Students. 41. Developing Reading Skills. 42. Writing Essay Exams. 43. Writing about Literature. 44. Designing Documents and Web Pages. 45. Writing for the Workplace. 46. Making Oral Presentations. Part XIII: ESL. 47. English for Speakers of Other Languages. Appendices: A. Parts of Speech. B. Sentence Review. Index.

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