Brightest Shadow

Brightest Shadow

by Candice Gilmer


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ISBN-13: 9781533631633
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 09/01/2016
Series: Mythical Knights , #1
Pages: 212
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.48(d)

About the Author

USA Today and NY Times bestselling author Candice Gilmer leads a dangerous double life as a mommy and a writer. In between boo-boo healing and fixing broken toys, she writes stories usually to the tune of children's television shows.

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Brightest Shadow (Mythical Knights Book 0.5) 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous 5 months ago
Read it, it's very good RS
CoffeeBreakandaGoodBook More than 1 year ago
Wow! This was a fantastic beginning to Candice Gilmer’s Mythical Knights Series! Kelsey has been on her own since she was young. She watched her mother depend on man after man and owe them for their help. She vowed to not be that kind of woman, so she tolerates her boss and his bad attitude because she doesn’t want to depend on anyone but herself for income. After organizing a company event for her bosses, Kelsey quickly gets dressed in one of the upper offices before going down to make sure things are running smoothly. David’s father just passed away and now the title of Alpha falls to him. Unfortunately, the Alpha has not come to him, yet, and so he and his family have been waiting to see if it would or if it skipped over him. Meanwhile, he and his family were being honored at a corporate event and he goes into an office to escape and find some quiet. He walks in on Kelsey changing and instantly feels a spark when he helps her zip up her dress. From that moment on, the two of them get together, again, when David goes to her office to sign some paperwork. Her boss sees David there and instantly goes off on Kelsey, blaming her for ruining the deal and having access to confidential information. David lets her boss have it, and Kelsey quits her job, not knowing where her next paycheck will come from or how she is going to survive on her own. Kelsey takes David on a date to an abandoned amusement park, but they are ambushed and have to run and hide to save their lives. David reveals his secret to her and she takes it much better than he thought she would. Unfortunately, they have to escape through some air vents, but manage to get a message to David’s brother asking for help before they are killed. Kelsey becomes enveloped in David’s world and must make an important decision that impacts both of their lives forever. Brightest Shadow is easily one of my favorite stories of 2015! The author’s world building and storytelling abilities are phenomenal! Candice Gilmer is becoming one of my favorite authors with her writing style and ability to tell an interesting and unique paranormal story while keeping the reader engaged and entertained. There was not a moment where I felt like I had to put the book down because I needed a break. I could not get enough of this story and these characters!! I can’t wait to read more of this series! I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone that enjoys a good paranormal story!
aries_sword More than 1 year ago
Brightest Shadow-The Mythical Knights-Book 0.5 An action packed romantic story. Series are fantastic because you get acquainted with and adore all the awe-inspiring characters; and the characters in this series are potent, sultry, exhilarating and full of surprises.. The story features David; a buffed, gorgeous powerful Alpha to his pack; Kelsey a curvaceous, independent, audacious, beauty who has David wrapped up in knots. BLOOD-CURDLING EVIL LURKS IN SHADOWS!! The cast of characters are amazing impressive and engaging, the banter superb, scene descriptions are hair-raising and vivid, story-line spectacular, pent-up rage escalates, emotions spiral, life threatening incidents, gripping suspense, family moments, heart-wrenching moments, sky-rocketing spine-tingling romance, and a conclusion that melts your heart, but leaves you curious to see what happens next....... INCREDIBLE exhilarating well written read by a gifted author. The fusion of authenticity and fantasy make the story potent and impressive. The characters are convincing as well as praise-worthy. Kelsey is fearless making her a most valiant heroine, and David's undying devotion for his family and Kelsey shines like a beacon. A most gratifying read and I loved it from start to finish. A fabulous start for an intriguing series; and I am looking forward to the next book. If you relish shifter stories with suspense and romance; this is definitely a fabulous book and series for your library. In the world of shifters the possibilities are illimitable but always fascinating. {I received a copy of this e-book for a thoroughly truthful review}. Without reservations I highly recommend this book and the series.
Cendi Davis More than 1 year ago
I really loved Kelsey and David's story. Kelsey so level headed even if she was pretty confused about her feelings for David. David so stalwart even in the seeming rejection of Kelsey. They moved mountains and found each other. It was a great book! I received this ARC for an honest review, I loved this book!
In_My_Humble_OpinionDA More than 1 year ago
David is morning the loss of his father and Alpha. He is worried because he is to inherit the mantle but it hasn’t happened yet. Kelsey is as independent as they come. If someone does something for you they probably want something in return or will hold it over you so no thanks she will do it on her own. From the moment David meets Kelsey he wants to protect her and do for her. It takes him a bit to figure out that the reason he is feeling that way is because she is his fated mate. It is going to take more than a smile and a wink to claim her. Brightest Shadow takes us into a world where not everything is as it seems. There is a Hell Gate in Kansas for goodness sakes. Weird things are happening. The weirdness envelopes David and Kelsey and it is all they can do to keep it from swallowing them whole. This is a book filled with action, adventure, mystery and love.