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Bring Back Our Fathers and Save Your Nation: The Cry of Born and Unborn Children

Bring Back Our Fathers and Save Your Nation: The Cry of Born and Unborn Children

by Festus Nwachukwu


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The problem of absentee father in the family affects lives of children and the quality of people that makes the society. A very rich and successful society must be very successful in producing well-rounded, mature and responsible men and women, who will ensure the future of such society. When the father is absent in the lives of his children it seriously rack the lives of those children as future parents and contributors to a strong and prosperous Society or Nation. Fathers have been forcefully taken away from their children by the factors mentioned earlier in the book, and by myriad of many more others, such as sexual misappropriation and boys having children, fathers have been taken away by drug, alcoholism, lack of morality, balanced education, and lack of proper values, crimes, incarceration, immigration, and working more than one job that doesn't pay well. In some cases, the father has been run off from home by the mother of their children. Yet some others were taken away by issues of another woman, issues of evil, possessive, or greedy mother in-law or father in-law or even tradition. Unfortunately, all these have joined forces to disintegrate the lives of children and ruined the family. Any nation that desires to be prosperous and wants to build a solid rather feeble future must wisely care and protect the interest of its children. If the information we have about absent father children are correct, that few numbers of children without fathers do well against majority without fathers that does not, and that few numbers of children without father stay out of trouble than the major without father, that few numbers of children without fathers do well in school than majority of children without father, then the repercussion and failures of societies and nations will sooner or later begin to manifest. Such society and nation will lack behind in mathematics, Science, technology, business, politics, researchers and scientists, doctors and lawyers, and host of othe

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