Bring Back the Bureaucrats: Why More Federal Workers Will Lead to Better (and Smaller!) Government

Bring Back the Bureaucrats: Why More Federal Workers Will Lead to Better (and Smaller!) Government

by John DiIulio

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In Bring Back the Bureaucrats, John J. DiIulio Jr., one of America’s most respected political scientists and an adviser to presidents in both parties, summons the facts and statistics to show us how America’s big government actually works and why reforms that include adding a million more people to the federal workforce by 2035 might actually help to slow government’s growth while improving its performance.
Starting from the underreported reality that the size of the federal workforce hasn’t increased since the early 1960s even though the federal budget has skyrocketed and the number of federal programs has ballooned, Bring Back the Bureaucrats tells us what our elected leaders won’t: there simply are not enough federal workers to do work that’s critical to our democracy.
Government in America, DiIulio reveals, is Leviathan by Proxy, a grotesque form of debt-financed big government that guarantees bad government:
• Washington relies on state and local governments, for-profit firms, and nonprofit organizations to implement federal policies and programs.  Big-city mayors, defense industry contractors, nonprofit executives and other federal proxies lobby incessantly for more federal spending. 
• The proxy system chokes on chores as distinct as cleaning up toxic waste sites, caring for hospitalized veterans, collecting taxes, handling plutonium, and policing more than $100 billion a year in “improper payments.” 
• The lack of enough competent, well-trained federal civil servants figured in the failed federal response to Hurricane Katrina and in the troubled launch of Obamacare “health exchanges,”
Bring Back the Bureaucrats is further distinguished by the presence of E. J. Dionne Jr. and Charles Murray, two of the most astute voices from the political left and right, respectively, who offer their candid responses to DiIulio at the end of the book.

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Publication date: 09/02/2014
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About the Author

John J. DiIulio Jr. is the Frederic Fox Leadership Professor of Politics, Religion, and Civil Society at the University of Pennsylvania and the faculty director of Penn’s Robert A. Fox Leadership Program. He taught previously at Princeton University and at Harvard University. An award-winning political science scholar and popular teacher, he has served as a senior fellow and directed research centers at several think tanks including the Brookings Institution and the Manhattan Institute. A member of several government reform commissions, he served as the founding director of the White House Office of Faith-Based Initiatives under President George W. Bush, and he helped to reconstitute that office under President Barack Obama. The author of a leading American government textbook, his most recent research includes an ongoing national study of the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare.

Table of Contents

Cover Title Copyright Contents Acknowledgments Introduction Part 1: Bring Back the Bureaucrats 1: Leviathan by Proxy 2: Big Brother Is Outsourcing: Leveraged, Not Limited, Government 3: The Federal Workforce Is Overloaded, Not Bloated 4: If We Knew Then What We Know Now 5: More Federal Bureaucrats, Less Big/Bad Government Part 2: Dissenting Points of View 6: The Government We Need for the Things We Want 7: No Cure for the Sclerotic State Epilogue: Reply to E. J. Dionne Jr. and Charles Murray Notes About the Contributors

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