Bring Forth the Light

Bring Forth the Light

by Emmanuel


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"I was given this moment of time to allow me the way to go home or a split second of reaction time to stay. I knew I would only have that second to react, and my mind knew what it needed to do. We both were feeling as if we were paralyzed, as we could think but couldn't move. Remember, time was standing still for us, and we were in that moment of time. Just as time was very slowly starting to kick in for us both, I was able to begin lifting my arm to block the axe, (still in slow motion). The axe was coming right at me, and I knew if I missed, the axe was going to kill me in front of my son. I knew it would be lights out for me, but tragedy for Aubrey. It's funny how we both knew and both could see that my life was going to end. I believe that in life we have checkpoints-points in life we can choose to go home by or continue on in life if we want to continue. For me this was a checkpoint, but what would that mean for Aubrey? Could you imagine being with someone you love and watching an axe split them open, before your very eyes? That was not a moment I wanted Aubrey to bear. I knew I couldn't leave such a loving being with such tragedy to deal with. This was not going to happen. I was going to go on for yet another day."

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ISBN-13: 9781452561974
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 12/14/2012
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.56(d)

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Balboa Press

Copyright © 2012 Emmanuel
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4525-6196-7

Chapter One


For many years, I wanted to make a difference in someone's life, until one day I realized I already had. I realized that I was a teacher, medium, and healer. I was a magical storyteller with healing words to share.

May these stories inspire and transform you in amazing and abundant ways. I will always love you. No matter what.


It's funny how my entire life I have helped people find their inspiration, their happy thought. Today, I finally found mine: me!

Let's start with today and the lady at the bus stop. My wife, Elia, needed a specific surgery, so after researching, we found the right doctor. Well, he happened to be in Arizona. We happened to be living in Boston at the time, so that would mean traveling. No worries; we didn't mind traveling. So off we went to Arizona, to this land of heat and dry air. We loved it, but we wouldn't get much time to enjoy it, because Elia was having surgery in two days and the rest of the two weeks there would be spent in the hospital. That meant I would be spending a lot of time walking to and fro alone. For me, I am never alone, as my children always told me. I talked to everyone and could probably sell coal to the devil if need be, since I loved to share so much—not that I believe in the devil, mind you. I don't. But what I do believe in is the power of love and sharing that.

So my lovely wife had her surgery, and all was going well. She was healing beautifully. One morning on my way to the hospital, while passing people and greeting them with a cheer–filled, "Good morning," I saw this old lady sitting at the bus stop.

I thought she was priceless. She reminded me of my grandmother, a bit miserable and aged from life, but I knew she looked older than she actually was. In my opinion, it was the way she felt life was treating her that made her look the way she did. Personally, I thought that she was beautiful, so as I describe her, don't misunderstand how I thought she looked. Again, I saw her as beautiful, as she was.

Now the lovely lady sat on this bench like a very sad puddle. You could say she projected misery. It was as if she was saying, "Don't talk to me." I just wanted to hug her, but trust me, I knew better because, like I said, she reminded me of my grandmother, and hugging was the last thing on my grandmother's mind. Well, she was puffing on a cigarette, with only a couple of teeth left in her mouth. She had on these dingy blue pants and shirt and had this big floppy denim hat on her head. She had shaggy, shoulder-length gray hair popping out around the bottom of the hat. She was sitting the way you would if you wanted no one to notice you. You know the way: head turned away, hat covering most of the face so you didn't have to make eye contact. However, she had no idea who was coming up the street, and that was me.

I am always a man on a mission, and my mission is everywhere. I love making eye contact with everyone I meet. I love hugs and chatter. I like to get under your skin in the most loving way with fun, laughter, and love in my heart. I love to find a way to help you see the light that's in you and remember mine too, all wrapped up into one nice package.

Well, she noticed me coming a split second before I got to her, and that was it. I was right, and I knew it as she turned her head the opposite direction as if to say, "I am not here. Leave me alone." She gave out a puff of smoke, and I said to her as cheerfully as possible, "Good morning." I wanted to laugh right out loud as she just looked at me—really, just looked. She gave me that mean stare that said, "Don't bother talking to me. I am soooo not interested." You know the look that says, "Why are you talking to me? Hello! Is there a sign on my head that says I want to talk to you? Go away. I don't know you, and I don't want to. It's morning. I am miserable.

Leave me alone."

Oh my land, such enticing words of a good morning to me. Need I say I am being sarcastic? I smiled and said to her, "Have a nice day." It was as if I had toilet paper hanging from the back of my pants, based on the stare she was giving me. I bet she wouldn't have said a word to me if you had paid her. No worries to me as I chuckled to myself and was off to the hospital to see my lovely Elia.

It felt good to have greeted her. I thought about how I always wished my grandmother had taken the time to get to know me in life. I loved her, but in life, she made it clear to me with her words: "Of all of the grandchildren, I never liked you." I always thought that it didn't matter, as one day I told that to my grandmother and then added, "Because I have always loved you, Grandma. Always."

* * *

When the next morning arrived, I was up bright and early. It must have been all of that meditating, which I highly recommend; however, I was off and walking my morning trek to the hospital.

How wonderful it was to be greeting people along the way, giving them a morning blessing. Most would answer back, while others were plugged into their own electrical worlds, hoping you wouldn't try to get in. They don't know me.... Could it be? Is that my little old lady sitting at the bus stop again? I thought. I would just have to say good morning and wish her a great day. Off I was, and way down ahead of me, there she was. I could see her dull, faded clothing, the hat again, and yes, there she was in all her beautiful glory.

As I neared, she looked my way, and I thought that I was going to laugh right out loud. I told myself, "Don't you dare," because she turned her body around so fast to avoid me. Well, if you've ever seen me, then you know that there is no avoiding me unless you run, and sometimes that doesn't even help because I might run after you.

I said, "Hello, good morning," and I leaned so she could see I was looking at her. Again, I just wanted to laugh because when she looked—and I mean looked—at me, she gave me the world-famous "look." We've all had that look given to us—the one that says, "Go away. You're bothering me, and I don't want to talk to you, so why, oh why, are you talking to me?"

I chuckled to myself and said to her, "It's going to be another beautiful day," with an added, "Have a great day," I was off again to the hospital to see my lovely wife.

Could my day get any brighter? The thought of that sweet lady stayed with me, and that happy smile crept across my face every time I thought of her throughout the day. It also made me reminisce about how much I always loved my grandmother. She was hard because of the time she lived in and the choices she believed she had to make. Unfortunately for my grandmother, she didn't ever feel that she actually had her own choice.

We all have a choice. When it comes to simple things like a smile, we all have a choice. But then again, we have a choice, period, no matter what the case. I love my choices, and I love sharing the love I know I have inside.

The next day was another perfect day for me in the land of Arizona. I had been using this new meditation and was now meditating for at least an hour a day: thirty minutes of meditation for connecting and maintaining a connection and then thirty minutes that I may have a blessed and peaceful rest. Yep, that's my meditating. It was working; I used to sleep till noon, but now I was waking up between five thirty and six thirty in the morning, which was truly a new one for me. The best part was that I was, and am, still waking up rested for a full day of me.

* * *

Up and down the streets of Arizona I was walking, taking pictures along the path of the state's beauty. The flowers and all of their colors gave me the sense of walking amid a warm and soothing rainbow. The birds were chirping and singing their songs to me, talking to me along the path, and then I rounded my favorite corner to see my favorite lady sitting there while waiting for the bus again.

This was getting so fun and familiar, touching someone who wanted to let everyone on the planet think she wanted to be left alone. But I had been in that space of aloneness and knew better. I knew in my heart that she was just afraid. She didn't think that she had a choice—like my grandmother—and I could tell that she wished she could be freer like me. But because she was older and set in her ways, she wasn't going to change. Life had been mean, and that was that. Why change in a world that doesn't care?

Guess what? If you are reading this, I care. I care that you may feel lonely and sad. I have been there when no one wanted to talk to me, and that felt like the worst thing in the world. In high school, I felt like a leper because I wasn't like the others; I wouldn't follow the crowd. Yes, life was hard on me, but I said no to the crap in life and washed it off. I chose to make the choice to believe in me. I am believable to believe in; I am awesome. I love to love and you are loved. I was going to do my best to give a bit of love out each and every day, even when no one seemed to want it, because deep inside, I knew and know, all everyone wants to feel love. Deep inside, I know you want to feel love, and I love you.

* * *

I smiled as I looked up and saw my favorite lady again sitting there smoking and waiting for the bus. Bless her, I thought, I can say good morning again. Maybe I'll get a smile back today.

"Good morning," I said as she again tried her best to avoid me. Each time I kept thinking, Grandma, I know you wanted my love. You just were afraid to show that you cared. A smile and a "have a great day" were given her way. I was glowing, and I mean glowing. My Elia was feeling good, and I was resting. I was happy to see my new morning friend. Whether she wanted to see me or not, she was there and so was I.

I was already familiar with her turning and avoiding me. I was just there to give her the message; after all, I was just a messenger delivering morning cheer. Don't you feel that if you start out on a happy note, your day goes so much better? I do. I love giving it out in the morning—happy thoughts, that is. Just to let you know, she hadn't made a sound to me yet, but I kept thinking I had a few more days. And if she's there in the morning, I will keep smiling and do my best to help her along life's journey. She gave me the look again with eyebrows all crinkled up. I smiled, told her to have a nice day, and walked on.

I arrived at the hospital and told my wife about my lady of the morning. "You know what," I told her. "I am going to stop and chat with her if she's there in the morning, because every day she's in the same spot, same place. Same, same, same, every day."

My day went well, and when I thought of my lady of the morning, I just continued to think of my grandmother and smiled. I always wished I could have had my grandmother as mine, as she never was.

The next morning came, and I thought, Man, I am thirty minutes late. I hope she's there, but if she's on a schedule, I have missed her. I thought to myself I am not going to worry about it. If it was meant to be, it was meant to be and that was that. I was just going to trust. I greeted my usual passersby, tripped at my usual spot on the sidewalk path, rounded the corner, and looked up to see if my lady of the morning was there. My heart skipped a beat, as she was there sitting, but that morning was different.

She was sitting there, yes, but with her back to the street. Yes, she was still avoiding me, but today she had no floppy hat. She was uncovered. Her beautiful hair was straight and lovely. Nothing fussy, ya know? It was just washed, parted in the middle, and brushed straight. How beautiful, I thought. Her head was down as I said, "Good morning."

She looked up today without that grimace on her face. She just looked up! No, she hadn't made a sound, but I was already moved. She was still there, and there was no grim look looking back at me. I had decided to strike up a conversation no matter what, and wow, she was finally looking at me.

So, I told her, "Ya know what? I am sure gonna miss you when I no longer see you here in the morning." I told her that my Elia was in the hospital and that I would have to buy a new suitcase because of airport damage. And then I looked at her and said, "So, are you off to work?"

In a very pleasant tone, she answered, "No."

Yes, I thought, a connection. You got her to talk. I said to her, "Oh, just off for a ride, huh?" Then I smiled and added, "Well, I was told the mall is up the street there a bit."

She said, "Yeah, the Camel Back Mall. It's a nice mall."

I just wanted to cry, as we were now actually talking. "So, it's not far?" I asked fully knowing already that the mall was about two miles up.

She said, "No, it's not far."

I smiled and said, "Well, I am only going have maybe one more day to chat with you before I go back to my home, as I am from the east." She nodded her head. I stepped forward and reached out my hand to shake hers. "It was nice to have met you and chatted with you," I said.

She reached out and touched my hand and gave me the handshake back. I felt awesome. It was a moment of love to remember—a touchdown of the heart and soul. I had finally made it past the goal line. Score, as a golden star was posted on the wall of glory in the universe. How beautiful, as she barely looked at me with this shy smile, and then I saw her eyes. Those eyes were one of the most beautiful sights ever. I could see my grandmother's eyes in hers. They were an amazing icy blue—stunning.

I looked at her and said, "You have the most beautiful blue eyes."

She beamed. What a moment I shared with this stranger on the streets of Arizona. I am sure she didn't set out each day to see me, but I am glad our paths crossed. I was touched by her love, and my love. I saw it in her eyes. I cried that day. And I cried as I wrote this. It doesn't take much to smile to someone; it doesn't take much to share a hello with a stranger each day. It doesn't take much of an effort to hold a door for someone. Really. Try it and see how you feel when you take the moment to freely send some love to a stranger.

Chapter Two


OMG. I sit here crying as I am listening to the Canadian Tenors. I must tell you why.

It has been so many years that I can't even tell you how many years have passed. I was so used to abuse as a child. Back then, it was called "spare the rod, spoil the child." My family's preacher would preach this tune. I remember being taken out on the church steps and having my bottom beat so that I would go back inside to sit still. Now how that makes sense, I will never know. I have always had to be my own source of inspiration.

For most of my life I was battered and knocked down till I grew big enough to stop the abuse and then when physical abuse couldn't happen, my family group would mentally abuse. I rose above it. I rose above it all. So whenever you think you can't people, I am here to tell you yes you can!

Be there for you. Lift yourself up.

Fill yourself so full of love that you are blinding to even yourself. If you could feel the love I fully feel for all of you ... you would just burst as I love me and can share this amazing love I know as Emmanuel. If you can, listen to Canadian Tenor's song "Always There," think of you, and know that somewhere out there in this universe, I love you.

It was many years ago, when my babies were very small, I wanted to do something special. I didn't have a lot of money, but I did have an abundance of love. So I took a few dollars for an idea I had and then went to the bathroom. Wow, so what am I going to do with the money in the bathroom, right? I was actually going to just put it in my pocket, as I needed the bathroom mirror. Had you for a moment, right? Well, get ready, because I took out some makeup I had and did my eyes all up and then covered my face and lips and before you knew it, I had a lovely mime's face painted on me. I had a mission that day, and that was to bring cheer to as many as my idea would allow.

So I got in my car and off I was to the mall, waving to the masses on the way. I loved every time someone would look, as I would just smile and wave. What joy I felt when I reached the mall thirty-five minutes later. Then it was time to find a florist to finish my plan. I found the florist and bought the biggest bouquet I could and I was ready.

I started looking for the saddest people—you know, the ones not strong enough to stand on their own just yet. And every time I saw a sad person I would walk right up to them, hand them a flower, and smile. I must say this went on for some time till all the flowers were gone. I never knew how many people I had touched that day; I only know that it had touched me deeply. I cried with this amazing joy all the way home. My heart was full, and my cup was running over. I couldn't wait to get home and share.

I told my wife what I had done, and she couldn't believe I had spent money on flowers just to give them away. But isn't that what we do anyhow? Don't we all buy flowers for the ones we love, and then that's that? I smiled knowing I had touched many people that day. I smiled knowing still, that somewhere out there in this world, there are people who will never forget the day this painted mime walked up to them in their moments of sadness and handed them beauty. I will never forget—never.

See the inspiration, ... feel the inspiration, ... and then just be the inspiration.

Fore I am inspiration!

Chapter Three


I have always taught my children—all six of them—to be loving and kind. Whether or not they are as adults is always their choice; however, I will never forget many years ago a touching moment with my oldest.

My children were always watching me make things constantly and then give them away. I'd always had a talent when it came to creating something out of nothing and then giving it to someone to enrich their life. That was just what I felt life should be. I knew that the universe watched over me and that I would always have enough. Every time my wife thought that we might not have something to eat, I would tell her, "Don't worry. We will always have enough." And we always did.

I was always making wooden toys for the children, as my father had a sawmill and whenever I could, I would go to the sawmill and take a board to use for a gift for someone. I would plane it, sand it, cut it, paint it, and then give it away. For years I made Christmas ornaments for my children's classes—hundreds of wooden ornaments. My children were quite familiar with me doing this for others.


Excerpted from BRING FORTH the LIGHT by EMMANUEL Copyright © 2012 by Emmanuel. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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1 My Lady of the Morning....................1
2 Inspiration....................10
3 A Little Boy's Love....................13
4 Being Yourself....................17
5 Falling in Love to Sparkle....................22
6 Being Where You Need to Be....................31
7 The Birthday Girl....................38
8 Off to Meet Mostafa....................43
9 Really I'm just a Little Fairy ... Really....................52
10 The Beautiful Poem....................77
11 The Visitors....................83
12 The Letter....................105
13 King and Butterfly....................119
14 Thanks, Martha....................123
15 Chopping Wood in the Crick....................130
16 My New Tax Accountant....................141
17 Emmanuel, You Need to Learn to Love....................147
18 Choices....................153
19 Just Be Real....................163
20 The Bracelet....................168
21 Bring Forth Your Light....................175

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