Bringing E Home: Transatlantic Voyage of Schooner Ernestina 1982

Bringing E Home: Transatlantic Voyage of Schooner Ernestina 1982

by Stephan J. W. Platzer


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On July 15, 1982, fourteen sailors left the African nation of Cape Verde on the century-old Schooner Ernestina (once a Gloucester fishing vessel, an Arctic exploration ship, and a Cape Verdean-American packet boat). They arrived 41 days later in Newport, Rhode Island, a voyage of 3,400 miles. Under Captain Marcos Lopes's leadership, the crew of seven Cape Verdeans and six Americans made the repatriation voyage entirely under sail, steering by the stars. The cook prepared meals from live animals brought on board. During the journey, which included weeks of becalmed seas, unexpected squalls, and close encounters with freighters, the crew learned to survive and thrive in the tight quarters of the 105-foot vessel.

Bringing E Home is the day-to-day journal of a crew member.

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