Bringing Heaven Down to Earth - Book II

Bringing Heaven Down to Earth - Book II

by The Rebbe M.M. Schneerson, Tzvi Freeman


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Rabbi Menachem Mendel (1902-1994) is known worlwide as simply the Rebbe-meaning my teacher. His teachings grow naturally out of the Kabbalistic/Chassidic/Talmudic thought of wich he was a supreme master-yet they are profoundly radical in their relevance to modern life.

Bringing Heaven Down To Earth, Book I is a collection of 365 dimensions of the Rebbe's thought condensed into memorable aphorisms by Rabbi Tzvi Freeman.
Book II continues the process, now going further and deeper.

Each chapter begins with a short essay providing the background to the thoughts that ensue. Each thought is then presented in as few words as possible, finely crafted and polished to allow the wisdom they contain to shine clearly through. Nevertheless, the reader can jump in at any point and read in any order.

This book is not meant as a one-time read, but as a companion to guide and teach as life goes on. For every situation of life and every challenge, there is a jewel of wisdom that will help the reader discover what it is s/he must learn from this moment of life and how s/he must grow. Keep it by your bedside, on your desk, in your car. It is not a book to read, but to live.

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About the Author

With the publication of Bringing Heaven Down to Earth, Tzvi Freeman shot into the spotlight as one of the foremost teachers of inner Jewish wisdom. Today, his Daily Dose of Wisdom from has one of the largest subscriptions on the Jewish Net. And his Heaven Exposed series gets across the stickiest issues of Kabbala in spicy, sci-fi dramas. Tzvi Freeman has built a reputation for delivering the authentic inner wisdom of Judaism in highly original, bite-size packages.
Tzvi Freeman was born in Vancouver, Canada, where he became involved at an early age in Yoga, Tao and radical politics. In 1970, he was a founding member of Total Education, an alternative high school. In 1975, he left a career as a classical guitarist and composer to study Talmud and Jewish mysticism for nine years. He received rabbinical ordination at the Lubavitch Central Yeshiva in New York and completed post-graduate studies at the Rabbinical College of Canada.

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