Brinker, Piermattei and Flo's Handbook of Small Animal Orthopedics and Fracture Repair / Edition 4

Brinker, Piermattei and Flo's Handbook of Small Animal Orthopedics and Fracture Repair / Edition 4

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Elsevier Health Sciences

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Brinker, Piermattei and Flo's Handbook of Small Animal Orthopedics and Fracture Repair / Edition 4

This handbook covers the diagnosis, etiology, and treatment of conditions affecting the locomotor system in small animals. The 4th edition presents up-to-date information on various types of fractures and methods of fixation, lameness and joint surgery, and musculoskeletal diseases. Other key topics include: acute and chronic bone infections; transplantation, plating, wiring, and pinning techniques; bone grafting; reconstructive joint surgery; and osteochondrosis.

• Content is organized anatomically for quick access to information on both fractures and other conditions for each region of the body.
• Step-by-step line drawings clearly illustrate different types of fractures and procedures.
• Provides clear, concise coverage of the most common orthopedic conditions.

• A new chapter provides cutting edge information on arthroscopy.
• Each chapter is expanded with the most up-to-date information.
• Includes many additional illustrations.
• New coverage of monocortical plate/IM fixation.
• Discusses circular frames for fractures and osteotomies
• Provides information on new fixator clamps.

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ISBN-13: 9780721692142
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
Publication date: 03/08/2006
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 832
Product dimensions: 10.10(w) x 7.10(h) x 1.60(d)

Table of Contents

Part I — General Principles of Diagnosis and Treatment of Fractures, Lameness, and Joint Disease

1. Orthopedic Examination and Diagnostic Tools

2. Fractures: Classification, Diagnosis, and Treatment

3. Bone Grafting

4. Delayed Union and Nonunion

5. Treatment of Acute and Chronic Bone Infections

6. Arthrology

7. Principles of Joint Surgery

8. Arthroscopy

Part II — Fractures and Orthopedic Conditions

9. Fractures of the Scapula

10. The Shoulder Joint

11. Fractures of the Humerus

12. The Elbow Joint

13. Fractures of the Radius and Ulna

14. Fractures and Other Orthopedic Conditions of the Carpus, Metacarpus, and Phalanges

Part III — Fractures and Orthopedic Conditions of the Hindlimb

15. Fractures of the Pelvis

16. The Hip Joint

17. Fractures of the Femur and Patella

18. The Stifle Joint

19. Fractures of the Tibia and Fibula

20. Fractures and Other Orthopedic Injuries of the Tarsus, Metatarsus, and Phalanges

Part IV — Other Fractures and Reconstruction of Bone Deformity

21. Fractures and Luxations of the Mandible and Maxilla

22. Fractures in Growing Animals

23. Correction of Abnormal Bone Growth and Healing

Part V — Miscellaneous Conditions of the Musculoskeletal System

24. Disease Conditions in Small Animals

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