Britain B C

Britain B C

by Francis Pryor
4.6 13


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Britain B C by Francis Pryor

An authoritative and radical rethinking of the history of Ancient Britain and Ancient Ireland, based on remarkable new archaeological finds.British history is traditionally regarded as having started with the Roman Conquest. But this is to ignore half a million years of prehistory that still exert a profound influence. Here Francis Pryor examines the great ceremonial landscapes of Ancient Britain and Ireland – Stonehenge, Seahenge, Avebury and the Bend of the Boyne – as well as the discarded artefacts of day-to-day life, to create an astonishing portrait of our ancestors.This major re-revaluation of pre-Roman Britain, made possible in part by aerial photography and coastal erosion, reveals a much more sophisticated life in Ancient Britain and Ireland than has previously been supposed.

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ISBN-13: 9780007126934
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
Publication date: 10/30/2006
Pages: 544
Sales rank: 688,049
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About the Author

Dr Francis Pryor, author of the acclaimed ‘Seahenge’, ‘Britain BC’, ‘Britain AD’ and ‘Britain in the Middle Ages: An Archaeological History’, has spent thirty years studying the prehistory of the Fens. He has excavated sites as diverse as Bronze Age farms and religious sites, field systems and entire Iron Age villages, as well as barrows, ‘henges’ and a large ceremonial centre dating to 3800 BC. He is President of the Council for British Archaeology, and frequently appears on Channel 4’s popular archaeology programme ‘Time Team’. In 2003 he wrote and presented a two-part television series on ‘Britain BC’, and in 2004 made a three-part series on ‘Britain AD’.

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Britain BC 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Dan_Putman More than 1 year ago
Francis Pryor's Britain BC is one of the most readable and certainly one of the most enjoyable archaeology books I have ever read. Pryor brings Britain's prehistory to life, no small task given that he is dealing with nonliterate peoples, vast amounts of time and, given the nature of the field, data that tends to be scattered at many sites. He has been criticized for both his "at-ease" writing style and at the same time for being too technical in parts. I find that he walks the line between archaeological scholar and archaeological popularizer extemely well. He is a fluid writer who must at times dig more deeply into the data to make a point. One needs to be aware of his goal in this book. In the several archaeology courses I had in my college days, I became aware of what a solid archaeology text is like. It is the combination of the latest data and methodology organized in a way so that a student can bring the work to bear in future courses or careers. Such books are often "dry" but that is not a criticism if the goal is to lay a firm groundwork for future field work or coursework in archaeology. But Pryor's goal is not that. It is, as he puts it in the Preface, to get across to the reader his fascination with the "story" of early humans in Britain. His readership is not primarily intended to be future archaeologists, though they would also learn a great deal here. His goal is to get the general educated reader to experience the excitement and, frankly, the fun of the dig, the joy of discovery and the amazement at our ancestors' accomplishments. Understandably, Pryor views the Romans as destructive of an indigenous people, though he points out that the early prehistory of Britain continued to live on. As a result, I found the very last part of the book on the late Iron Age written with somewhat less "elan" than the earlier periods - even with perhaps a touch of the tragic. But that is what happens when a people that one has come to love is invaded by the likes of the Roman Legions. Britain BC is as fine a work on British prehistory for the general public as there is on the market. As Pryor hopes, it brings the ancient Britons out of the twilight zone of history. I highly recommend it.
Lauradelenn More than 1 year ago
An accessible and entertaining history of Britain prior to the Roman occupation.  Highly recommended!
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Winchuck More than 1 year ago
Now, I really got into this book and could hardly put it down. The author speaks to the common of us all so we can enjoy the exploration of finding what those old Europeans were into before they wrote most of it down without wading through academic jargon. Thanks to Francis Pryor for making history so dern interesting.
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