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British Battles 493-937: Mount Badon to Brunanburh

British Battles 493-937: Mount Badon to Brunanburh

by Andrew Charles Breeze


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‘British Battles 493–937’ is one of the most revolutionary books ever published on war in Britain. It deals with thirteen conflicts, either locating them correctly or explaining some of their aspects which have puzzled historians. They include the following: Mount Badon (493) at Braydon, Wiltshire; battles of the British hero Arthur (the legendary 'King Arthur') (536–7) in southern Scotland or the borders; 'Degsastan' (603) at Dawyck, on the River Tweed, Scotland; Maserfelth (642) at Forden, on the Welsh border; the Viking victory of 'Alluthèlia' (844) at Bishop Auckland, near Durham; and the English triumph of Brunanburh (937) was at Lanchester, also near Durham.

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ISBN-13: 9781785272233
Publisher: Anthem Press
Publication date: 01/14/2020
Series: Anthem Studies in British History
Pages: 250
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About the Author

Andrew Breeze, FSA, FRHistS, has taught since 1987 at the University of Navarra, Pamplona, Spain.

Table of Contents

1. 493: British Triumph at Mount Badon or Braydon, Wiltshire; 2. 537: Arthur's death at Camlan or Castlesteads, Cumbria; 3. 573: Legends of Merlin and Arfderydd or Arthuret, Cumbria; 4. C. 590: Picts at Gwen Ystrad or the River Winster, Cumbria; 5. 603: Carnage at Degsastan by Wester Dawyck, Borders; 6. 613: Chester and the Massacre of Welsh Monks; 7. 633: Hatfield Chase and British Victory at Doncaster; 8. 634: Hefenfeld and British Defeat in Northumberland; 9. 642: Maserfelth and King Oswald's Death at Forden, Powys; 10. 655: Treasure Lost on the Uinued or River Went, Yorkshire; 11. 844: Vikings, ‘Alluthèria’ and a Bridge at Bishop Auckland; 12. 893: Vikings Liquidated at Buttington, Powys; 13. 937: ‘Brunanburh’ and English Triumph at Lanchester, County Durham; Index.