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British Big Bands [Acrobat]

British Big Bands [Acrobat]


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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Jesse Fuller   Trombone,Baritone
Ted Heath   Trombone
Muggsy Spanier   Cruit
Nat Gonella   Trumpet,Vocals,Melodion
Harry Hayes   Alto Saxophone
Harry Roy   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Vocals
Carroll Gibbons   Piano
Chick Henderson   Vocals
Woolf Phillips   Trombone
George Baker   Vocals
George Melachrino   Violin
Bowlly   Vocals
Barry Gray   Vocals
Max Abrams   Drums
Freddy Clayton   Trumpet
Jack Collins   Trombone
Jack Cooper   Guitar
Dan Donovan   Vocals,Baritone
Jimmy Dorsey   Saxophone,Clavinet
George Elrick   Drums,Vocals
Foreman   Bass Saxophone
George Gibbs   String Bass
Jack Jacobsen   Drums
Laurie Johnson   Violin
Frank Kenyon   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Ernie Lewis   Violin
Maddox   Violin
Harry Mills   Trombone,Cello
Billy Munn   Piano
Billy Nicholls   Bass Saxophone
George Norman   Piano
Danny Perri   Guitar
Sid Phillips   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Baritone
Danny Polo   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
George Senior   Bass Saxophone
Danny Walters   Violin
Dave Roberts   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Soprano Saxophone,Baritone
Ivor Mairants   Guitar,Vocals
Eric Cuthbertson   Violin,Viola
Billy Cotton   Bass Saxophone
Fred Douglas   Vocals
Albert Harris   Guitar
Bill Harty   Drums,Vocals,Vibes
Syd Lipton   Violin
Freddy Mann   Trumpet
Jack Payne   Vocals
E.O. Pogson   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Harry Rubens   Piano
Eric Tann   Trombone
Harry Thompson   Violin
Sam Browne   Drums,Vocals
Patrick Dodd   Piano
Mary Lee   Vocals
Tiny Winters   Bass Saxophone,Vocals
Eddie Cromar   Clarinet,Violin,Alto Saxophone
Lew Davis   Trombone
Harry Jacobson   Piano
Rex Owen   Clarinet,Flute,Alto Saxophone,Baritone,Tenor (Vocal)
Bert Thomas   Banjo,Guitar
Wilbur Hall   Trombone
Joe Jeanette   Flute,Alto Saxophone
Laurie Payne   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Baritone
Bob Wise   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Baritone
Ernest Ritte   Alto Saxophone,Baritone
Joe Crossman   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Vocals
Jim Easton   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Vocals,Baritone
Cyril Grantham   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Vocals
Bill Apps   Alto Saxophone
Alan Breeze   Vocals
Erice Breeze   Trombone
Sid Buckman   Trumpet
Carew   Trombone
Bob Easson   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone,Vocals
Paul Fenoulhet   Trombone,Trumpet
Jack Halsall   Clarinet,Flute,Tenor Saxophone
Cyril Hellier   Violin
Fred Latham   Vocals
Eddie Macaulay   Piano
Dorothy McCarty   Vocals
Freddie Schweitzer   Clarinet,Tenor (Vocal)
Hugh Tripp   Alto Saxophone,Baritone
Max Goldberg   Trumpet
Bert Read   Piano
Tommy Ward   Trombone
Freddy Williams   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Pat O'Malley   Vocals
Eugene Pini   Violin
Dave Shand   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Frank Stewart   Violin
Allen   Vocals
Theo Farrar   Bass Saxophone
Tommy McQuater   Trumpet
Cecil Norman   Piano
Leslie Sarony   Vocals
Tommy Porter   Trumpet
André Budgary   Violin
Anne Lenner   Vocals
Abe Walters   Trombone
Art Christmas   Alto Saxophone,Baritone
Billy Amstell   Clarinet,Tenor (Vocal)
Sid Brown   Clarinet,Tenor (Vocal)
Sam Costa   Vocals
Ben Edwards   Drums
Beryl Davis   Vocals
Dave Kaye   Piano
Lambert   Trumpet,Vocals
Jock Cummings   Drums
Billy Bell   Bass Saxophone
Jack Plant   Vocals
Shirley Lenner   Vocals
Bruts Gonella   Trumpet
Chick Smith   Trumpet
Jerry Stanton   Trumpet
Clive Erard   Drums
Joseph Hitchenor   Violin,Viola
James Whitehead   Cello
Denny Dennis   Vocals
Evelyn Dall   Drums
Teddy Foster   Trumpet,Saxophone,Vocals
Dick Ball   String Bass
George Flynn   Trombone
Joe Daniels   Drums
Frank Beaty Wilson   Trumpet
Harry Letham   Trumpet
Monia Liter   Piano
Maurice Zimbler   Cello
Alec Ure   Drums
Bill Tringham   Guitar
Edgar Bracewell   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Laurie Davies   Violin
George Rowe   Trombone
George Fierstone   Drums
Harry Gold   Clarinet,Oboe,Alto Saxophone,Vocals,Tenor (Vocal)
Joe Arbiter   Alto Saxophone
Jock Bain   Trombone
Bert Wilton   Trumpet
Tommy Venn   Piano,Vocals
Frank Barnes   Clarinet,Tenor (Vocal)
Maurice Sterndale   Violin
Jack Dent   Piano
Harry Sherman   Guitar
Harry Goss   Tenor Saxophone
Alfie Noakes   Trumpet,Melodion
Sid Bright   Piano
Clinton French   Trumpet
Benny Daniels   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Andre DeVekey   String Bass
Eddie Hooper   Violin
Harry Thorne   Guitar
Frenchie Sartell   Trumpet
Charlie Asplin   Bass Saxophone
Bob Busby   Piano,Vocals
Bert Barnes   Piano
Clem Bernard   Piano
Bill Boland   Trombone
Mick Burberry   Alto Saxophone,Baritone,Double Bass
Maurice Burman   Drums
Harry Chapman   Harp
Hamish Christie   Trombone
Max Kester   Saxophone
George Dickinson   Guitar
Jack Evetts   Bass Saxophone,String Bass
Eddie Fearn   Trumpet
Burton Gillis   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Vocals
Jack Greenwood   Drums
Ellis Jackson   Trombone,Saxophone
Harry Kahn   Piano,Piano-Accordion
Alf Kaplan   Piano,Piano-Accordion
Sid Millward   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Harry Pike   Guitar
Bertha Powell   Violin,Viola
Reggie Richmond   Bass Saxophone
Phil Silverstone   Violin
Johnny Swinfen   Clarinet,Violin,Alto Saxophone
Cecil Walden   Drums
F. Wolfsthal   Violin
Jacques Gorowski   Violin
George V. T. Burgess   Trumpet
Leslie Thomas   Violin
Bruce T. Campbell   Trombone
Stanley Barnett   Clarinet,Violin,Tenor Saxophone
Harry Constable   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Jimmy Goss   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Harry Carter   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Jim Reynolds   Trumpet
Bill Currie   Vocals,Timpani
Danny Levy   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Danny Miller   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Baritone
Eric Siday   Violin
Nat Temple   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Vocals
Bill Burton   Trumpet
Max Bacon   Drums

Technical Credits

Jack Hylton   Director
Ray Noble   Director
Harry Roy   Director
Carroll Gibbons   Director
Stanley Black   Arranger
Joe Loss   Director
Victor Silvester   Director
Milton Ager   Composer
Burton Lane   Composer
Sid Phillips   Arranger
Billy Cotton   Director
Syd Lipton   Director
Jack Payne   Director
Lew Stone   Arranger,Director
Geraldo & His Orchestra   Director
Billy Ternent   Arranger
Phil Cardew   Arranger
Paul Fenoulhet   Arranger,Director
Jack Nathan   Director
Jay Wilbur   Director
Bert Read   Arranger
Theo Farrar   Brass Band
Benny Davis   Composer
Ralph Freed   Composer
Lester Santly   Composer
Jack Dent   Arranger
Sid Bright   Arranger
Vannia Phillips   Arranger
Charlie Asplin   Brass Band
Bob Busby   Arranger
Bert Barnes   Arranger
Burton Gillis   Arranger
Harry Kahn   Arranger
Stanley Barnett   Director
Nat Temple   Director

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