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British Traitors Watch Out!: Executive Intelligence Review; Volume 44, Issue 10

British Traitors Watch Out!: Executive Intelligence Review; Volume 44, Issue 10

by Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr.


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March 4-A New York Times article on March 1 demonstrates why the neoliberal, globalist politicians and media in Europe reacted with such amazing arrogance and shamelessness from the very beginning to the victory of the democratically elected U.S. President! In early Autumn, Obama had already begun to downgrade the intelligence classification of numerous dubious intelligence reports about the alleged manipulation of the American electoral process by Russia-reports partially based on British sources and for which there is absolutely no proof still today. This allowed him to maximize the number of people who had access to these reports. Analogous information was also given to European allies-and obviously to certain media. That explains the unprecedented arrogance with which these circles-as if by pre-arrangement-were so confident that Trump would not serve his full term in the White House, and that "investigative journalists will now have a lot to do," as the Tagesschau put it. "Will Donald Trump be murdered, overthrown in a coup, or only impeached?" wrote the British Spectator. The same note was struck by the editor of Die Zeit, Josef Joffe, who mused about "murder in the White House" on public broadcaster ARD's Press Club program, and by French radio talk show host Karl Zéro in reviewing different murderous ways by which Trump could soon depart this life, on his daily program broadcast by French public radio, France Info. The London Daily Mail cited an unnamed source-allegedly a friend of the family-saying that Obama wants to personally lead a campaign out of his new mansion in the Kalorama section of Washington, with the goal of removing Trump from the White House, whether through impeachment or resignation. The Democratic Party repeats, mantra-like, its "narrative" that the supposed Russian hack-attacks were responsible for its defeat, instead of facing the fact that the catastrophic policies of Obama and Hillary Clinton toward "the deplorables" were the cause. Intelligence officials left over from Obama's administration almost daily leak new wiretap recordings to the media, which are supposed to prove inappropriate relations between members of the Trump Administration and Russia. The latest example: conversations that Attorney General Jeff Sessions had with Russian Ambassador to the United States Sergey Kislyak as member of the Senate Armed Services Committee-talks that were a part of his job-are being used by the Democrats as further ammunition to demand Sessions' resignation.

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