Broadway Musicals: John McGlinn on Broadway

Broadway Musicals: John McGlinn on Broadway

by John McGlinn


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Broadway Musicals: John McGlinn on Broadway

This set combines five of John McGlinn's critically acclaimed recordings of Broadway favorites, complete with all the original musical material, plus four more discs of music from other shows. McGlinn was a thorough researcher who applied a musicologist's and historian's eye to these 20th century stage masterpieces. His casts mingled opera singers, such as Frederica von Stade, Teresa Stratas, and Bruce Hubbard, with Broadway stars like Jack Gilford, Paige O'Hara, and Kim Criswell. A CD-ROM with complete synopses, program notes, and texts is included.

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Release Date: 11/17/2009
Label: Warner Classics
UPC: 5099969833526
catalogNumber: 98335


Disc 1

  1. Overture
  2. Act 1. Scene 1. Cotton Blossom
  3. Act 1. Scene 1. Andy!!! Drat that man, he's never around!
  4. Act 1. Scene 1. Here comes the Show Boat parade!
  5. Act 1. Scene 1. Hey, Julie! That's a hell of a thing to do
  6. Act 1. Scene 1. It's a man...
  7. Act 1. Scene 1. Where's the Mate for Me?
  8. Act 1. Scene 1. Make Believe
  9. Act 1. Scene 1. Ol' Man River
  10. Act 1. Scene 2. Can't help lovin' dat man
  11. Act 1. Scene 3. Life on the Wicked Stage
  12. Act 1. Scene 3. Till Good Luck Comes My Way
  13. Act 1. Scene 4. Mis'ry's comin' aroun'
  14. Act 1. Scene 4. Take her up, Rubberface!
  15. Act 1. Scene 4. Hello, Windy
  16. Act 1. Scene 4. You needn't all look at us like were a couple of animal
  17. Act 1. Scene 4. Looks like a swell

Disc 2

  1. Act 1. Scene 5. I Would Like To Play a Lover's Part
  2. Act 1. Scene 5. I Might Fall Back on You
  3. Act 1. Scene 5. Queenie's Ballyhoo
  4. Act 1. Scene 6. Villain Dance
  5. Act 1. Scene 7. You are Love
  6. Act 1. Scene 8. Finale. Oh tell me, did you ever!
  7. Act 2. Scene 1. At the Fair
  8. Act 2. Scene 1. Why do I love you?
  9. Act 2. Scene 1. In Dahomey
  10. Act 2. Scene 3. Convent Scene
  11. Act 2. Scene 4. All right, Jake - call 'em at twelve
  12. Act 2. Scene 4. Bill
  13. Act 2. Scene 5. Magnolia's Audition
  14. Act 2. Scene 5. Can't help lovin' dat man (reprise)
  15. Act 2. Scene 6. Trocadero Opening Chorus
  16. Act 2. Scene 6. Apache dance
  17. Act 2. Scene 6. Goodbye, my lady love
  18. Act 2. Scene 6. After the Ball
  19. Act 2. Scene 7. Ol' Man River (reprise)
  20. Act 2. Scene 7. Hey, Feller!
  21. Act 2. Scene 8. You are Love (reprise)

Disc 3

  1. Act 2. Scene 9. Cotton Blossom (reprise)
  2. Act 2. Scene 9. It's getting hotter in the North
  3. Act 2. Scene 9. Say, Cap'n Andy, sorry we couldn't stay
  4. Act 2. Scene 9. Finale. Hello, Gay. She'll probably come out on the top
  5. Appendix. Act 1, Scene 2; deleted - 1927. Pantry Scene
  6. Appendix. Act 1, Scene 3; deleted - 1927. Waterfront Saloon Scene
  7. Appendix. Act 1, Scene 3; unused - 1927. Yes, Ma'am
  8. Show Boat Appendix. Act 2, Scene 9; Ziegfield Production - 1927. Why do
  9. Show Boat Appendix. Act 2, Scene 9; London - 1928. Dance away the night
  10. Show Boat Appendix. Act 1, Scene 6; unused - 1927. A Pack of Cards
  11. Show Boat Appendix. Act 1, Scene 7; unused - 1927. The Creole Love Song
  12. Show Boat Appendix. Act 2, Scene 4; unused - 1927. Out There in an Orch
  13. Gallivantin' Aroun'
  14. I have the room above her
  15. Ah Still Suits Me!
  16. Show Boat Appendix. Act 2, Scene 9; 1946 Revival. Nobody else but me

Disc 4

  1. Overture
  2. Act 1. I get a kick out of you
  3. Act 1. Bon Voyage
  4. Act 1. All through the night
  5. Act 1. There'll always be a lady fair
  6. Act 1. Where are the men?
  7. Act 1. You're the top!
  8. Act 1. You're the top! (encore)
  9. Act 1. There'll always be a lady fair (reprise)
  10. Act 1. Anything goes
  11. Act 1. Finale. Captain, we've captured Public Enemy Number One
  12. Act 2. Entr'acte
  13. Act 2. Public Enemy Number One
  14. Act 2. What a joy to be young
  15. Act 2. Blow, Gabriel, blow
  16. Act 2. Be like the bluebird
  17. Act 2. Buddie, beware
  18. Act 2. The gypsy in me
  19. Act 2. Finale. You're the top!
  20. Appendix. There's no cure like travel
  21. Appendix. Kate the Great
  22. Appendix. Waltz down the aisle

Disc 5

  1. Overture
  2. Act 1. Colonel Buffalo Bill
  3. Act 1. I'm a bad, bad man
  4. Act 1. Doin' what comes natur'lly
  5. Act 1. The girl that I marry
  6. Act 1. You can't get a man with a gun
  7. Act 1. There's no business like show business
  8. Act 1. They say it's wonderful
  9. Act 1. Moonshine Lullaby
  10. Act 1. I'll share it all with you
  11. Act 1. Circus Dance
  12. Act 1. Reprise. There's no business like show business
  13. Act 1. My defenses are down
  14. Act 1. Drum Dance
  15. Act 1. Ceremonial Chant - I'm an Indian too
  16. Act 1. Finale
  17. Act 2. I got lost in his arms
  18. Act 2. Ballroom Scene
  19. Act 2. Who do you love, I hope?
  20. Act 2. I got the sun in the morning
  21. Act 2. Reprise. The girl that I marry
  22. Act 2. Anything you can do
  23. Act 2. Finale
  24. Appendix. An old-fashioned wedding

Disc 6

  1. Prologue. Overture
  2. Prologue. Once in the Highlands
  3. Act 1. Scene 1. Here! Let me see that map - Brigadoon - Look over there
  4. Act 1. Scene 1. Vendors' Calls - / Scene 2. Down on MacConnachy Square
  5. Act 1. Scene 2. Waitin' for my dearie
  6. Act 1. Scene 2. I'll go home with Bonnie Jean
  7. Act 1. Scene 2. Dance
  8. Act 1. Scene 2. The Heather on the Hill
  9. Act 1. Scene 3. The Love of my Life
  10. Act 1. Scene 4. Jeannie's packin' up!
  11. Act 1. Scene 4. Come to me, Bend to me
  12. Act 1. Scene 4. Dance
  13. Act 1. Scene 4. Almost like being in love
  14. Act 1. Scene 6. Entrance of the Clans
  15. Act 1. Scene 6. Wedding Ceremony
  16. Act 1. Scene 6. Wedding Dance
  17. Act 1. Scene 6. Sword Dance - Finale
  18. Act 2. Scene 1. The Chase
  19. Act 2. Scene 2. There but for you go I
  20. Act 2. Scene 3. Glen Scene Opening - My mother's weddin' day
  21. Act 2. Scene 3. Dance
  22. Act 2. Scene 3. Funeral dance
  23. Act 2. Scene 3. From this day on - Brigadoon, Brigadoon
  24. Act 2. Scene 4. Hello, Mr Albright - Reprises
  25. Act 2. Scene 5. It's unbelievable! - Finale

Disc 7

  1. Overture
  2. Act 1. Another op'nin', another show - Dance - Another op'nin', another
  3. Act 1. Why can't you behave?
  4. Act 1. Wunderbar
  5. Act 1. So in Love
  6. Act 1. Padua Street Scene - We open in Venice - Dance
  7. Act 1. Tom, Dick or Harry
  8. Act 1. Rose Dance
  9. Act 1. I've come to wive it wealthily in Padua
  10. Act 1. I hate men
  11. Act 1. Were thine that special face - Dance
  12. Act 1. I sing of love - Dance
  13. Act 1. Finale. Come, my bonny Kate
  14. Act 2. Entr'acte
  15. Act 2. Too darn hot - Dance
  16. Act 2. Where is the life that late I left?
  17. Act 2. Always true to you in my fashion - Hornpipe Dance

Disc 8

  1. Act 2. Bianca - Dance
  2. Act 2. So in love (reprise)
  3. Act 2. Brush up your Shakespeare
  4. Act 2. Pavane (Why can't you behave)
  5. Act 2. I am ashamed that women are so simple
  6. Act 2. Finale. So kiss me, Kate - Brush up your Shakespeare (reprise)
  7. Appendix. It was great fun for the first time
  8. Appendix. A Woman's Career
  9. Appendix. We shall never be younger
  10. Appendix. I'm afraid, sweetheart, I love you
  11. Appendix. If ever married I'm
  12. Appendix. What does your servant dream about?
  13. Overture
  14. Overture
  15. Gavotte
  16. Overture
  17. 'The Snake in the Grass' Ballet
  18. Overture
  19. Overture
  20. Overture
  21. Overture

Disc 9

  1. The Red Petticoat The Ragtime Restaurant
  2. Very Good Eddie Babes in the Wood
  3. Love o'Mike Drift with Me
  4. Have a Heart I'm So Busy
  5. Oh, Boy! Till the Clouds Roll By
  6. Whip-Poor-Will
  7. She's a Good Fellow The Bullfrog Patrol
  8. Dear Sir I Want to be There
  9. Dear Sir Wishing Well Scene
  10. The Cat and the Fiddle She Didn't Say 'Yes'
  11. Men of the Sky Every Little While
  12. Music in the Air In Egern on the Tegern See
  13. Music in the Air The Song is You
  14. Roberta Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
  15. High, Wide and Handsome The Folks Who Live on the Hill
  16. Very Warm for May Heaven in my Arms
  17. The Last Time I Saw Paris
  18. Very Warm for May Harlem Boogie-Woogie

Disc 10

  1. One Touch of Venus Westwind
  2. Knickerbocker Holiday It Never Was You
  3. Knickerbocker Holiday How Can You Tell an American?
  4. Song of the Hangman
  5. Civic Song. Come to Florence
  6. My Lords and Ladies
  7. Farewell Song. There was life, there was love, there was laughter
  8. Love Song. You're far too near me
  9. Procession - Chant of Law and Order. The world is full of villains
  10. Trial by Music. You have to do what you do do
  11. Love is my Enemy
  12. Love Life Who is Samuel Cooper? - My Name is Samuel Cooper
  13. Love Life Here I'll Stay
  14. Love Life I Remember it Well
  15. Love Life This is the Life
  16. Johnny Johnson Johnny's Song

Disc 11

  1. Overture
  2. Overture
  3. Overture
  4. Overture
  5. Overture
  6. Overture
  7. Overture
  8. Overture
  9. Overture
  10. Overture
  11. Overture
  12. Overture
  13. Overture

Disc 12

  1. Swanee
  2. No, No, Nannette: Tea for Two
  3. The Band Wagon: Dancing in the Dark
  4. Sunny: Who?
  5. Sweet Adeline: Here Am I
  6. The President Jefferson Sunday Luncheon Party March
  7. Knickerbocker Holiday September Song
  8. Sweet Adeline: Why was I born?
  9. Sweet Adeline: Some girl is on your mind
  10. Bill
  11. Duet for One
  12. Triplets (for Flying Colours, unused)
  13. Sweet Adeline: Don't Ever Leave Me
  14. Come to the Moon
  15. Very Warm for May: All the Things You Are

Disc 13

  1. Broadway Musicals: John McGlinn on Broadway

Album Credits

Performance Credits

John McGlinn   Primary Artist,Conductor,Vocals
London Symphony Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Judy Kaye   Vocals
Ambrosian Chorus   Choir, Chorus
Frederica Von Stade   Vocals
Jerry Hadley   Vocals
Thomas Hampson   Vocals
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Lillian Gish   Actor
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