Broke! College Students Reveal the Secrets to Getting By on Less

Broke! College Students Reveal the Secrets to Getting By on Less

by Supurna Banerjee


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ISBN-13: 9780743266079
Publisher: Kaplan Publishing
Publication date: 04/26/2005
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Pages: 272
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Chapter One: Going Straight to the Source

Ma, Dad, I need some money.

-- Junior, Human Biology, Health and Society, Cornell University

What's the first thing any self-respecting college student does the first time he goes broke? Call Mom and Dad! Sure, you think they'll just hand over the money since you've already perfected the art of begging for cash, and, after all, you are their precious offspring. But this is the big leagues now and that means more money more often. Read on for some examples of what worked -- and what didn't -- for these college students.

Students Say: The Bank of Mom and Dad

Ask for money when you go home to visit after being away for an extended period of time. Your parents will be so excited to see you that they won't be able to say no to a money request!

-- Junior, Economics/Pre-Medicine, University of Kansas

Give them good news just before asking.

I always asked my dad (the softy) and I always framed it as being a loan, not a "donation."

-- Graduate, Nutrition, University of Texas -- Austin

I usually mention how Judge Judy says it's the parents' responsibility to care for their kids no matter how old they are. IF you pop 'em out, you pay for 'em!!!

-- Sophomore, Nursing, University of Missouri -- Columbia

I have to wait for my parents to be in the right mood. I usually ask my mom first because her answer will be yes. And then when I ask Dad I tell him that Mom already said yes, so he's more likely to give me what I need.

-- Sophomore, Anthropology, Brigham Young University

It's just like the government -- be sure you canshow a need.

-- Sophomore, Human Development and Family Life, University of Kansas

The trick is to get your parents to give you money without asking for it. The first time they offered money I turned it down, saying that I was trying to make it on my own and learning how difficult it was. That's when the parental instinct kicked in and they offered me even more money, telling me that everyone needs a little help to get established. They felt good because they could still provide, and I felt good because I had more money. It was a win/win situation. Who says psychology is a useless degree?!

-- Graduate, Psychology, Washington State University -- Pullman

I don't ask my parents for cash because I am afraid of what they might ask me to do in return.

-- Senior, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Marquette University

Even the toughest parents will melt if you say you're hungry. Yes, it may involve lying, but it's not like you've never lied before.

-- Sophomore, Microbiology, University of South Florida -- Tampa

My parents never had a problem helping me with the costs of college when they saw me putting forth my best efforts. As long as I maintained my performance, they kept sending the dough!

-- Junior, Business Management, Brigham Young University

I Saved Money in College by Raiding my...

Things I could sell on eBay!!

-- Senior, French Studies, Mills College

Stamps, toiletries, office supplies, pens, pencils, paper...

-- Junior, Marketing, Quinnipiac University

Old electronics or appliances they don't use anymore -- like toaster ovens, small televisions, irons, blenders, and VCRs -- instead of buying new ones. I'd also take sheet sets and towels, socks and blankets.

-- Graduate, Psychology, Washington State University -- Pullman

What's in the attic -- you'll be amazed at the treasures you find.

-- Senior, Psychology/Pre-Medicine, University of Nebraska -- Lincoln and University of Missouri -- Columbia

Frozen food...One time I traveled back with an entire suitcase full of frozen food.

-- Graduate, Hospitality Business, Michigan State University

But what happens when your parents refuse to pay for the spring break vacation you're dying to take or that CD you can't live without? You have to start figuring out how you can manage your own money!

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Table of Contents


1Going straight to the Source

2Budgeting Basics

3Budget Unknowns


5Credit Card Charges

6In the Hole: Debt in College

7No Free Rides: Managing Scholarships and Loans

8Savvy Shopping: Textbooks and Supplies

9College Gourmet

10Entertainment Value

11The Cost of Greek Life

12Fun in the Sun: Spring Break

13Traveling "Broke" Style

14The Cost of Living: Housing

15Fast Cash

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