Broken Aro (The Broken Ones)

Broken Aro (The Broken Ones)

by Jen Wylie


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Open your eyes to darkness. What do you see? Does the darkness frighten you? Now imagine the darkness being the cargo hold of a slave ship. Your city has fallen. Your family is most likely dead. You don't know anyone around you, and some of them aren't even human. Giving up would be so easy to do, but not for Arowyn Mason. Not after being raised in a military family with seven brothers. Every great story should begin with a plan. Aro's was to escape and to survive.
Escape comes, but at a price. As they reach the shore, Aro and the other survivors learn that freedom doesn't mean safety. The slavers want their property back and will do anything to get it. The party uses every ounce of their brute strength, a hearty helping of cunning, and even ancient magics to keep themselves alive. Sickness, danger, and even love surprise them at every turn. Dealing with danger becomes their way of life, but none of them ever considered that nothing can be quite as dangerous as a prophecy. Running turns into another race altogether as her world falls to pieces again and again.

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ISBN-13: 9780615703367
Publisher: Untold Press, LLC
Publication date: 09/25/2012
Pages: 264
Sales rank: 839,001
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.55(d)

About the Author

Jen Wylie resides in rural Ontario, Canada with her two boys, Australian shepherd and a disagreeable amount of wildlife. In a cosmic twist of fate she dislikes the snow and cold.
Before settling down to raise a family, she attained a BA from Queens University and worked in retail and sales.
Thanks to her mother she acquired a love of books at an early age and began writing in public school. She constantly has stories floating around in her head, and finds it amazing most people don't. Jennifer writes various forms of fantasy, both novels and short stories.

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Broken Aro (The Broken Ones) 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 18 reviews.
PixMama More than 1 year ago
This is an amazing story!! The action starts from the beginning and keeps up the whole way through. Aro is such a strong young female lead. I loved all the characters. Kei, Prince, Avery, Bo, and Cain are so protective, strong, and caring, much like the real brothers she lost. It has been a while since a fantasy read has kept me so entertained! I literally couldn't put it down! Dying to read book two, Broken Prince, now!!
Mom22BoysRS More than 1 year ago
In Broken Aro the author takes you on an amazing journey.  The fantasy world the author has created is full of vibrant detail and well-written, complex characters.  The book is full of action, drama, magical creatures, romance, and an incredible amount of suspense. I enjoyed getting to know the characters and joining in the first part of their adventure.  My only wish is that the ending was a tad bit different. I did, however, enjoy this book so much that I will go on to read the second book, Broken Prince.  I need to find out what happens to these wonderful characters, see who they meet next, and see where their journey takes them next!  I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.
M_McRoberts More than 1 year ago
I received a free copy of this title from the author through Young Adult ARR on Goodreads in exchange for an honest review. Probably the best review I can give a book is to NOT manage to stop reading long enough to review it, because I just had to continue on to the next one; then, once finished with the already published books in a series, looking up the author's website, book blog, facebook page or whatever else contains information on any works in progress and continuations of the story, add them to my reading lists and pout a little because I can't continue. This sequence is actually quite a rare thing for me, especially for books that are self-published or published by smaller or independent publishers. The Broken Ones is just such a series for me. I hadn't even finished this book before I called my best friend and told her she needed to read it, but that I had to get off the phone so I could use it to order the next one, so I didn't have to delay once the first one was over. Her response: "Wow...that good, huh?" I love the world Ms. Wylie has created. She has re-envisioned races of fantasy creatures that have long had established characteristics in the literary canon and has completely made them her own. She has put them all in the same world with roles and responsibilities that are more complex than one might first think. Fey, Elves, and Were are all present in this world. The first book gives just a glimpse and very little revelation as to their established order and roles in the world, but it introduces you the archetypes as Ms. Wylie intends to use them. There is a prophesy (everyone loves a fantasy story with a prophesy, right) and strong female character. Aro is fifteen and real. She is not unnaturally emotionally strong; she gets hurt physically, emotionally, and mentally throughout this book and reacts appropriately, instead of supernaturally. She is strong though and keeps going despite the events that unfold and the forces against her. Her sense of family is very important and her ties to her family, both real and adopted, become a major source of strength for her. My favorite thing about her is that she is just so real. The rest of the characters are wonderful, too. Each of her boys have enough detail to make you begin to love them like Aro does, but they all have mystery in their pasts - mysteries that need to be discovered and stories to be lived out. I cannot wait until this entire series is out. Read this them all...
CatDipity More than 1 year ago
I am so in love with this story! I love it! The background we're given is plenty thorough, the characters are all so different and so amazingly strong and brave, but their weaknesses still show. Arowyn is the only girl in a family of military brothers and Commander father. The father was killed in battle, and her brothers have just returned home, just in time for their city to be attacked. The city is taken, and in the struggle to get out, Aro is taken on a slave ship across the sea. She's lost her brothers now, assumes they're dead, and she's posing as a boy, stuck in the hull of a ship with a group of men. She finds a friend in the group and fights to keep her identity hidden, but the Prince and a Fey know she's a girl instantly, and are both drawn to protect her. The story just goes, and it flows so well. The sinking of the ship, the struggle once they reach land, more death, many adventures, a Dragos, learning each others secrets, falling in love, making new friends and trying to keep each other alive. Amazing story! Review by Kendra @ FaeBooks
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
What I loved the most about this book was that Jen managed to capture Aro so well. Jen has done an excellent job of writing about each and every character, their instincts, emotions and they way they would act if the were real. Aro in Jen's book acted exactly like a 15 year old, and I also loved the fact that she was 15. Aro is one of the youngest YA character I have ever read about, it was cool. I also like the elusiveness of the Prince and how he and Keri were so protective of her. I am very interested in seeing the characters more in depth in the next book and how they story will unfold in the next books to come. In the summary of the book it descries the character Aro as a heroine and i really did see that in the book. But by far the best part was the adventure in the story, the whole sordid problem with the prophecy, it really fascinated me. This book had all the components I love in a book; a real kick ass who fights her own battles, adventure, mystery, and paranormal fantasy. if you like any of these characteristic in a book, then you will love Broken Aro.
Konstanz_S More than 1 year ago
As soon as I finished I wanted more. This book isn't what I expected at all. Let's just get that out there right now.  And pretty much if I had to sum up my review in one sentence it would go something like "I. Am. In. Love. With. This. Book. AHHH!"  Fantastic writing, incredible story, phenomenal setting, fantastic characters! Love, love, love, love, love ALL the main characters!  And there are so many twists and turns and heart pounding moments and it made me laugh and cry and this book put butterflies in my stomach! I couldn't stop reading it and as soon as I finished I wanted more.  Now for the part of the review that isn't me just fangirling . . . There was one scene that looked like it was going to get really bad. And it kinda made me uncomfortable and I was terrified that afterwards it was going to be one of those things that kept getting mentioned.  But nothing ACTUALLY happened and while Aro did think about it, nothing went into detail, and I think the situation was handled very well.   Okay, back to fangirling . . . oh my goodness I love this book!!!!! And one more thing I forgot to mention, I hate books with a whiney damsel in distress and a fancy prince coming to the rescue, so I try and stay away from books with Prince Charming.  However, I would gladly be a damsel in distress for the Prince in this book! . . . Just sayin.
Kristin_S_Kim More than 1 year ago
Disclaimer: I received an e-copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. Arowyn (Aro) is the only sister of 7 brothers, all soldiers, who's only thought is to get her out of their town and to safety when a neighboring army attacks. However, things go awry, and Aro finds herself separated from her brothers, on a slave ship, trying to convince those around her she's a boy as her brothers instructed. Along the way, she meets a Fey, a Dragos, and other interesting creatures she'd only heard stories about. I really enjoyed this book, as it has a great pace and interesting characters. There were quite a few times where I caught myself skimming ahead just to see what was coming up. The mythological parts are great, and I like how everything works together to create a wonderful story. I'll say, the last quarter of the book had me gasping, as I'd never even suspected anything of the sort, and I definitely can't wait to read more of this series. Great start! 5 stars
ClaireTaylor More than 1 year ago
Jen Wylie Broken Aro #1 The Broken Ones When I started reading this book I really had no idea what to expect, I hadn’t really read the blurb and didn’t know where it was going to lead. It didn’t take long for the action / adventure to start and I was soon drawn into the storyline and characters, in particular Prince and Kei. Incredibly well written, this adventure jumps right off the page as the story slowly unravels. With many shocks in store for the reader, I never got bored and constantly wanted to know what was going to happen next. Each character comes into their own, esp. Aro as she grows into a strong female lead with the support of her now family. With the descriptive nature of the book, you can’t help but become involved with the story / characters, which leads to emotional turmoil at times ~ but at least this shows how engrossed I got. The next installment of their travels cannot come quick enough in my opinion. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.
AshMarieDS More than 1 year ago
REVIEW: First and foremost I would like to say thank you to Author Jen Wylie for allowing me the opportunity to review Broken Aro, the first in The Broken Ones Series. When I received the blurb it instantly intrigued me. It doesn’t give much away about what the plot of the book is, but it does capture your interest by the sheer mystery of how it is written. Broken Aro revolves around Arowyn, the youngest in her family and also the only girl. After attempting to escape with her brothers from the city she is stolen away from her family by slavers. Held captive and pretending to be a boy, she befriends some of the men who were also snatched by the slavers. But to her luck, she recognizes one of the men who also recognizes her as a girl and the youngest of the Mason family. No longer alone she begins to feel a bit better, but then after meeting two other captives she begins to form an interesting bond with them both.... And that’s when things really begin to take an interesting turn…. As of late I have really found an interest in the Fantasy genres. This story only piqued my interest and has pushed me into finding more books like it, although I am not sure if you could find one as well-written and as captivating as Broken Aro. Though sometimes I find that when authors write so much detail in their story it can lag and cause disinterest, Jen Wylie has found a way to give details and still keep the reader’s interest locked reading the pages. I found that the details of the surroundings, the character’s feelings and overall setting were helpful in creating the actual events in one’s own mind. There is just something very unique in the story of Broken Aro that I cannot quite pinpoint, but it truly has me thinking of all the possibilities for the future books in the series. I am especially interested in seeing where the relationship between Aro, Kei and Prince will lead to. I can tell there is a romance brewing somewhere in that triangle (and no not between the men at all) but at this time I am unsure if it will involve both men fighting over Aro or Aro falling for one or the other on her own… Perhaps even the one that she was warned not to love (Yes a little teaser of my own). Now let us talk about the cliffhanger at the end. When I got to the last page I stared blankly at my Nook for a while. I couldn’t believe that was how it was ending; it really leaves you wondering and cursing in your mind about what is going to happen. So I must say congratulations Jen, you have now caused my anxiousness and the need to have the next book in the series. So in the end, the main question all of you must be wondering, if you haven’t figured out the answer yourself from my review that is, Do I recommend this book? Of course I do! If you are looking for something in the Fantasy genre that deals with adventure, prophecies and a girl who is not only independent but also loves her knives? This is the book for you! 5/5 Crescents ~Marie
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
***Received an ARC copy*** 4.5 Stars rounded up High fantasy - as much as I love it in movies - isn't usually my thing. However, Broken Aro is unlike any high fantasy I've ever read. Usually, books like Lord of the Rings are filled to the brim with drawn out descriptions and complex histories I couldn't care less for. In the case of Arowyn Mason's story, though, it's much more tightly written and a quicker read than I thought it would be going in, which was, honestly, what drew me in right away. Aro starts off as a pretty typical girl. To be honest, I didn't really like her at first, but she started growing on me as her character developed. She starts out a little on the meek side, despite all her big talk about being capable (she's only 15), but by the end of the book she's definitely grown up and into her own, developing a real confidence that hadn't been evident at the start of the story. As far as the other characters go, even though the author juggles quite a few, they're easy to tell apart and each have distinct personalities and voices. That's difficult to do, and the author does an awesome job of making all these people real to the reader. I absolutely love both Kei and Prince, and I really look forward to learning more about them in future installments! I'll keep from talking too much about them here for fear of spoilers. I mentioned earlier that it's a quicker read than I expected, mostly due to the author's brevity in her descriptions. Unlike typical fantasy, there's no long-winded description of scenery, races, or the universe's history - everything is shown rather than told. The various races (Fey, Dragos, Were, Elves) are woven into the story and the information about them trickles through in various points of the book, so there's never an info-dump about any of them. Everything is to the point and holds only the essentials, which I absolutely loved about the book. The descriptions helped the action feel real and move along quickly. Despite the brevity, the author creates a vivid world full of lush landscapes and real feeling. Aro's emotions in the aftermath of every event that impacts her felt perfectly depicted and even now, days after having finished the book, one particularly traumatizing scene still resonates with me. I'm a huge fan of "less is more," and this book is a perfect example of that. There were a few typos and things like that (currently being fixed), but my eyes just glazed over them - that's when you know a story is good. I'm usually much more critical of things like that and they would jar me out of the story, but it's a testament to the writer's excellent world-weaving and immersion skills that I wasn't shaken out of the story even once. Seriously, I can't gush enough about how much I enjoyed this book and can't wait to read the rest! Conclusion: As the first installment in a series, Broken Aro does a great job of introducing you to this world of Fey, Dragos, Were, and Elves and leaving you with questions you want answered. I can't wait to read the next book in the series, and look forward to learning more about the world. Keep a look out for my review of the next one!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A fast-paced, fantasy adventure told on an epic scale! Arowyn Mason is the youngest and only daughter in a family of soldiers. Raised by her brothers, she is a skilled fighter, knife-handler, can shoot a bow better than handle a sword, and cuss like a soldier. In other words, she's not your typical girl. When her brothers come home bringing an enemy army on their heels, she prepares to flee with them. But the unthinkable happens. Torn from her family, she finds herself on a slave ship heading across the ocean. Her only salvation: her brothers have dressed her like a boy. Her brothers gone, she finds that if she wants to escape she has to rely on the six men trapped in the cell with her. And so begins her epic journey. I cannot put into words just how much I enjoyed this book! Let's start with the characters. The story is told in a third-person limited from Aro's perspective. Aro is fifteen, nearly sixteen which in her world is an adult. She is strong-willed, a skilled fighter, and has no qualms about fighting to stay alive. I loved her quick wit and sarcastic humor, but most of all I loved the loyalty and love she develops for her boys. Her boys happen to be the six men she was trapped with: Bo, Cain, Kendric, Avery, Kei, and Prince. Kei is a Fey and because of past events her would-be brother. When he learns this, he makes a promise to be with her always. To protect and love her as true family and she instantly loves him for this. Their interactions are great. Kei brings the best out in Aro and she does the same for him. Then there's Prince. He was visiting the court in her town when it was taken over and he was captured. He's surly and mean, arrogant. In fact, I very much disliked this character when Aro first meets him. Then he saves her life when Kei cannot. To everyone in their group, he is standoffish, not really unkind, just not overly friendly. Except with Aro. Their relationship is quite confusing throughout the book and it only gets worse. This story as I said in the beginning is an epic fantasy adventure. From the prologue, where a dragon confronts two Fey, to the very end I just couldn't read fast enough. The world that the author has created reminds me a bit of middle Earth in The Lord of the Rings yet it is told so differently. To Aro, all of it is myth and legend until she meets Kei, who is Fey. Then she learns that there's more. There are Elves, Fey, Were, and dragons. The way it is written, the magic and the different magical beings, are so well intertwined with everyday life that it is believable. I could very easily see this and what Aro and her boys encounter in real-life (at least according to my brain). I can't wait to see where the series goes! Overall, I loved every word of this book. I laughed at the irony, I cried at Aro's heartbreak, and I fell in love with her boys. I have to give thanks to the author for keeping this a relatively clean read. No strong language, only mild violence, however there is a few instances in the first part of the book involving the slavers and rape so please keep that in mind if you are sensitive to this issue. Otherwise wonderfully written, definitely a page-turner. It was so good, I finished it and immediately started book two which is already available. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves young adult literature, coming-of-age stories, and fantasy on an epic scale. I received a copy of this ebook from the author in exchange for an honest review.
CindyTaylor More than 1 year ago
I have always loved the British term "gobsmacked", meaning utterly astounded or astonished, and that's exactly how I felt after finishing Broken Aro. This is one of the most intriguing fantasies I have read in a long time, and I felt like I was under its spell from the first page right through to the jaw dropping revelations at the end which I didn't even see coming. Arowyn (Aro) Mason's city falls to invaders and she finds herself captive aboard a slave ship bound for an unknown land. What follows is a long, terrifying, and painful journey with a group of survivors in which Aro endures what seems like never-ending hardship and sorrow. It's one of those stories where you immediately fall into that world and make the journey right alongside the characters, forgetting everything around you in your own life. The world building is amazing, the characters are like old friends, albeit mysterious old friends, and the plot is intricate and leaves you wondering which of many possible directions it will take in Book 2. I found myself rooting for the main character, Aro, right from the beginning as she is the perfect combination of vulnerability and strength, and even though her own family is torn away from her, she builds a new family and cements it together with love, support, understanding, and devotion, showing the true meaning of family. It was wonderful to see the relationships develop among the group of survivors, and we are left wondering just how far a couple of the relationships might progress. There are so many wonderfully written scenes in Broken Aro that I keep thinking about but that I can't reveal without giving away too much, so let me just say that Jen Wylie has an amazing imagination and easily paints vivid pictures with her words, making her a very gifted writer. I especially loved the various types of creatures that she introduces because they take on a different twist to those we have met in other fantasy worlds, and I look forward to see them developed further. As for the ending, it is perfect with just the right amount of teasing tidbits and hints of Aro's destiny to make the reader crave more, and I for one can't wait to dive into Book 2! Now, as no novel is ever perfect, I do have one complaint. Although I know that most people in real life have expressions that they use repetitively, for some reason repetition really bothers me in novels. Aro's use of "Gah!" and "Rot it" when she was frustrated or angry were so frequent that it became a little annoying to me, and there were some phrases that were also used to excess such as "worrying her lower lip with her teeth". However, these are truly minor concerns. If you love the fantasy genre as I do, grab yourself a copy of Broken Aro. You won't be disappointed!!
toni-michelle More than 1 year ago
Broken Aro ROCKED!!!! I received this book from the publisher Untold Press as a gift in exchange for an honest review.  I absolutely loved this story. When you love something this much you just can’t put the book down. And that was definitely a problem I had. I was reeled in from the beginning and stayed that way all the way to the end. I hit the end of the book long before I expected to. It was so amazingly awesome!  You should definitely give this book a read. You will be happy you did, I promise! 
Hotchpotch More than 1 year ago
Primarily, this is a story of overcoming loss and finding the courage to keep going in the face of unimaginable challenges, and the strength of friendship and love. We get to know Arowyn, together with a group of strangers, among them a Fay and an Elf, thrown together by circumstances and fate, growing into a family. The story takes the reader on a roller coaster ride of emotions as the group encounters one perilous adventure after another and each member is challenged in his/her own way. The reader gets to know the characters really well. As they bond as a group I felt like I became a part of it, feeling the dangers surrounding them on a daily basis, experiencing the group dynamics and being invested in their safety and well being. The author has done an amazing job in beautiful world-building that gives a historical and mythical feel. Very well written, charming, spell binding story-telling with great character development. I can't wait to read the next book! WaAR - I was given a copy in exchange for a honest review
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
 I told myself I was going to write a stunning review of this book, one worthy of being placed on any and all literary sites...but really I think I am just going to gush. I adored this story and everything about it. The world that Jen has created strikes a perfect balance between fantasy and realism and really draws you in. The characters felt like friends, I grew attached to each one and was able to relate to the individualism of them. Each character was complex and had depth that lent itself to the story with relationships that were woven together so beautifully! I love how the livelihood of the supernatural community is so embellished and the glimpses of its history that she gives us. Throughout this book I found myself laughing out loud, sitting on the edge of my seat and bawling my eyes out, in no particular order. I am an avid reader, having read countless books, even still only select stories manage to pull me in and keep me there, unable to put it down until the end. And when I reached the end? So sad! I felt like I was missing my friends! Scribe happy! Amanda Lynn aka Scorpio Scribes
SamJacobey More than 1 year ago
There are no words… it was that good. I love kick ass females who are strong on the outside and soft at heart. I love tough guys who take care of business, protect the people they care about, and can be tender when the time is right. I love adventure and excitement and mystery. I love not being entirely sure what the characters are about and discovering who they are along the way. This book has it all. As a bonus, it has magic and a mysterious land with a mythical touch, and I cannot wait to read the next one. That is all. Well, not exactly. If I could give it six stars I would, and this isn’t even an adult book. Now, that is all.
JoyceHays More than 1 year ago
Separated from her brothers while attempting to escape when slavers attack their town, Aro wakes to find herself in chains in the hold of a slave ship surrounded by men. Her brothers' plan to disguise her as a young man seems to have succeeded. One of the prisoner, a young man named Kei, offers a bond of friendship and protection, Fey magic that will tie them together forever. Befriended by six of the men in the hold with her, they struggle to survive when the ship founders and sinks in a storm. One man dies before making it to shore. The remaining survivors gather head out to put as much distance from the sea as possible. The slavers that didn't perish aren't giving up and pursue the group. The friends find a place in town to stay, not having any plans past winter. Avery and Aro both come down with the sickness that has hit so many others. A book that begins with a dragon thousands of years old soaring in the sky can't possibly go wrong. When that dragon can take human form things just get better. Wylie has all my favorite elements in her story: Fey, Elves, Were and a prophecy to figure out. I found this to be an easy and captivating book to read. Her characters are fun and easy to connect with. I enjoyed my visit to the worldscape she created so much that I keep sneaking in a few lines of the sequel when I should simply finish this review. Well written, well edited. A 5-star introduction to this world. I was gifted a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago