Broken but Fixed

Broken but Fixed


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A relationship is a delicate concept, easily broken by anger, mistrust, or negativity. At their worst, relationships are marred by violence, infidelity, and a range of criminal behaviors, leaving people wondering what they did to deserve such torture.

Ponce D. Baldwin and D. W. Lewis were self-confessed "broken" men, who like many others felt overwhelmed by unsatisfying, one-sided, or toxic relationships. Determined to discover the root cause of relationship problems, the two interviewed a wide range of individuals. They quickly realized many of the men and women they talked with shared their feelings of brokenness, and most questioned how they came to feel this way. Few, however, were looking for answers to their questions. They were willing to complain about the darkness, but not confident enough to look for the light.

In Broken but Fixed, Baldwin and Lewis share the results of their research, hoping it will help others cast back the darkness. Combining the results of their interviews with scholarly articles, statistics, and spiritual teachings, the two approach the problem of broken relationships from a male and female perspective, demonstrating how each gender approaches and reacts to relationships.

Broken but Fixed is not, however, simply a book about how to save a relationship. Some relationships cannot be salvaged. Others, as in cases of domestic violence, should be ended for the abused individual's safety. Instead, at its heart, this book is the beginning of a spiritual journey. Using the Bible as a touchstone for how men and women should behave, Baldwin and Lewis explore how spirituality enhances the emotional and psychological aspects of human relations. Backing up their observations with references to statistical studies and scholarly analysis, the two prove that once men and women act in accordance with their best natures, they lose their sense of brokenness for a more powerful, self-sufficient confidence.

While positive, Broken but Fixed acknowledges some relationships are marred by violence, infidelity, and criminal behavior. These relationships are also examined from a spiritual perspective, while giving straightforward, helpful advice to those trapped in such dangerous situations.

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ISBN-13: 9781500810399
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 10/10/2014
Pages: 60
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.12(d)

About the Author

As an award-winning writer and creator, Ponce D. Baldwin finds inspiration everywhere, including his most intense personal experiences. Possessed with a passion for storytelling, Baldwin delights in the creation of thoughtful, educational work to enlighten and empower his readers. Broken but Fixed grew out of these powerful motivators.

A student of commercial art and psychology, B. W. Lewis pursues his varied interests with passion and enthusiasm. A published poet, Lewis is also an entrepreneur who, like Baldwin, has a deep commitment to the discovery and sharing of new ideas. His curious mind led him to a deep study of religions, philosophies, and the many ways people interpret the meaning of life.

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