Broken Edge

Broken Edge

by CD Reiss

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BN ID: 2940159059123
Publisher: Flip City Media Inc
Publication date: 07/10/2018
Series: The Edge , #3
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 16,281
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About the Author

CD Reiss is a New York Times bestselling author. She still has to chop wood and carry water, which was buried in the fine print. Her lawyer is working it out with God but in the meantime, if you call and she doesn't pick up she's at the well hauling buckets.

Born in New York City, she moved to Hollywood, California to get her master's degree in screenwriting from USC. In case you want to know, that went nowhere but it did give her a big enough ego to write novels.

She's frequently referred to as the Shakespeare of Smut which is flattering but hasn't ever gotten her out of chopping that cord of wood.

If you meet her in person, you should call her Christine.

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Broken Edge 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 19 reviews.
JxxxPinkLady 11 months ago
'Broken Edge,' is the third instalment of, 'The Edge,' series, there's one more to go and I need it right now! I'm not entirely sure what just happened except the fact that it is brilliant and addictive reading. Of course, I know what happened on the page, but what the heck is going on? My mind is working overtime trying to figure things out. Caden and Greyson continue their turbulent and highly passionate and fiercely loyal relationship where boundaries are there to be pushed to the limit and beyond. Pain is desired and experienced. Their love for each other may ultimately lead to desperate consequences and devastation, all of which will no doubt climax in the final part of this compelling series when I hope the layers will all peel away with clarity and positive results. The ending of this part is utterly gasp worthy and left me with high anticipation for the next. Advance copy provided / Reviewed voluntarily
Fee96 11 months ago
WHAT THE... Once again this story has me speechless, shocked, emotionally wrung out, completely aroused and going crazy with anticipation. I need the conclusion like I need my next breath. MORE! This installment kept me teetering on the same razor sharp edge as the previous two books only this time I felt like the blade was ten feet long and could slay me in half. The unknowns and maybe's were incredibly potent at this stage. Christine Reiss has the most magnificent way with words! Insanely smart! This story is a brilliantly woven web with so many facets. I can't even...I just want to follow her around and absorb some her greatness...she's just brimming with it. I am in awe. Word vomit. That is what I have been reduced to. I can't type a coherent thought. These characters are blowing my mind, yo!
Kayla_Davis 11 months ago
"We’re going to talk about our life together. I’m going to give you the entire world. We’re going to talk about which part you get first.” I COULD NOT STOP READING THIS BOOK! I read every heart stopping page in one sitting. I have NEVER been so hooked on a book series in my life. Broken Edge utterly consumes your mind. Grayson and Caden only get more spell bounding. While the depths of war only get more heart pounding. This book is absolutely EVERYTHING! I desperately want to know how everything ends. While also pleading for things not to end. When I thought my mind could not be more blown each installment only blows my mind more. Caden and Grayson are ruining me for other couples! Any story this hauntingly beautiful is bound to claim your soul. I will have a hard time not comparing other books to theirs, their stories are just fantastic. I never saw ANYTHING coming that Broken Edge brought. It was moment after moment of jaw dropping, mind numbing, heart racing surprises. That ending dropped liked a BOMB. My stomach dropped, while my mind raced. I CAN NOT WAIT FOR OVER THE EDGE! "Your strength keeps me upright when I think I’ll fall. I can’t shake you or forget you, because you run through my veins.” Grayson only made me love her more this book. The strength her character has is seriously so admirable. You can easily see why Caden loves her. The devotion she has for her husband has no boundaries. She is selfless in her fight to help her husband. She is the queen of this story and she wear her crown with pride. Grayson's character has grown so much this book. Her dedication has only gotten stronger. Her love has only grown deeper, and her knowledge has only gotten sharper. "He looked my naked body up and down as if he were solving a problem. There was desire in it, but it was a calculation, not a passion. He was going to own my body with precision." Caden is owning my heart like no alpha before him. His character is like a addiction you just can't shake. You can never get enough of Dr Caden St. John. Every installment only makes you desperate for more. His dirty mouth dominates every fiber of your being. Every intense, calculated move his character makes has you begging for more. Everything about Caden is just as intriguing as the last. So many things change for him this book and it's a emotional tidal wave which Caden makes sure you feel every emotion fueled moment. “I’d bring you to the edge and give you enough pain to pull you back , then start over until you begged for me to finish you.” *5 STARS* Yet again I wish I could rate this book 10. 5 stars will never be enough for Caden and Grayson. This is "for better or worse" at its rawest form, and well I'm buckled up for the ride.
shabbyarora 11 months ago
Oh My Qunbula what an explosive story! Trust CD to write a heart thumping story which is thrumming with danger, there's a buzz in the background, ebbing and flowing and we get a scary ride into the dark tunnels of Caden's mind!! I was as anxious and apprehensive as Greyson, she's a saint I tell ya. And all the other military wives whose husbands suffer from some from of anxiety and PTSD, a huge salute to you ladies !!! I feel this story is about FAITH. Faith in your country to protect you, Faith in your partner to pull you through hard times, enough to make you want to be a better person and faith in yourself to try and control the demons in your mind. What happens when Faith is not enough and demons overpower your attempts ? You compartmentalize and lock some doors and pretend those cells don't exist. That's a brain's survival mode! "Human beings were capable of selecting memories to suit their attitudes about present circumstances. We forgot the pain of childbirth to have more babies. We leaned over the toilet, swearing we’d never drink again, then said “thank you” when offered a fresh glass of wine." Unnecessary wars create casualties of all kinds and this series is expertly touching upon the adverse effects of Iraq War on US personnel. The daily dangers The twists and turns made me dizzy, I gasped, I swore, I was shit scared and I hurt. I Knew it !! Knew that snake Ronin had the key, the ground zero of all this storm! I effing knew it!!  CD highlights the dangers these brave men and women face in the war zones on a daily basis . it's a critical and deadly lives they lead. This is more true of life saving Doctors who work round the clock, saving lives and treating patients, driving their bone tired bodies on "caffeine shots, vitamins, and amphetamine.”  And their spouses suffer with them "In the unwinding, my own feelings were freed. Disappointment unraveled to reveal anxiety, which dissolved into a puddle of worry that boiled with anger that steamed into sadness before soaking into resentment." Snipers being the deadliest cause they hide in minarets and shoot these people like flies.that leads to the need to constantly be hyper alert, looking over your shoulder or scopaesthesia , which may result in paranoia and ultimately PTSD. Caden is already dealing with remnants of Balad & Abu Ghraib war in his mind, add to this Baghdadi posting under the constant bullets flying around and explosions heightens the trauma. Now he's dealing with a new THING. It's buzzing like a swarm of drones or bees. "I knew sanity was a slippery concept, but Damon was gone, replaced by a buzz I didn’t know well enough to fear. I didn’t have time to attribute it to the pace of the work or even pure necessity. I only had time to get pieces of metal from a guy’s lungs. This new Thing wanted her pain like a thirsty man wanted water. Damon was gone, but I was still broken in two." Greyson wants to be there for him to pull him at the critical moment and offer herself up as therapy or cure, if you please. This perilous move on her part results in a disaster. "Rough sex with Greyson hard was the way to get rid of Damon. This new Thing craved danger." I won't say, I can't say because my attempts are too tiny and puny in trying to explain. I'll let CD do this job, go read this eye opening series and revel in the master craftsmanship of Christine. She's a maestro in writing complex stories that deal with heart and brain. I'd happily be MrsVitaminG to MajorRabbitsFoot. .
WendyLeGrand 11 months ago
I hope you're holding on for the ride! I'm not sure how much more complex and mind blowing this story can get! It picks up right where On The Edge left off, and the gravity of the situation with Caden takes on a whole new aspect that puts Greyson in a position she swore she would never be in, and hates to have to admit to. I knew better than to try and figure out what was going to happen in this book, just hang on and go along for the ride. But even with that mentality I still had plenty of jaw dropping moments. I really was not expecting the change in direction this story took. And here I was thinking that Caden was the unpredictable one! If you've followed the story so far, you know that Greyson and Caden have some pretty intense, hot steamy sex. Even with everything that is going on around them, they carve out time for the thing that bonds them together like nothing else. Anyone else ever get jealous when fictional characters are having way better sex than you've probably ever had in your entire life? No? Just me? Okay then... Moving on! Once again there is plenty of mind trickery going on in this story, and the deeper Christine takes us into the thick of it, the more convinced I am that I am just an ignorant dolt who shouldn't be allowed in the same room with someone who can weave such an intricately complex tale of two people who would move heaven and earth for each other. The question is, at what cost to self will they go, to ensure the other's health and safety? This one ends yet again with a cliffhanger. And I can't even imagine what is going to happen next. I just know that Christine is going to bring us to a mind bending conclusion with book 4, Over The Edge. I can't freaking wait!!
avidezliteraria 8 months ago
If the previous books have already been responsible for putting the reader in a spiral of emotions, questioning and tension, Broken Edge comes to confirm that this is not a common romance, that Greyson and Caden despite being in a relationship have many paths to go through happy ending. After the shock of the end of the last book, where we discover that Caden was summoned again by the army, in this volume we will follow this new dynamics of the protagonists, where this unexpected situation will test the already shaken sanity of Caden and make Greyson question her fears and her limits. How far would you go for love? Greyson will show that there are no limits to saving those you love. Unhappy with Caden's situation and totally powerless to change this, Greyson after the initial shock, will first try to continue with her life despite the longing and worry, but realizing over time that something is wrong with her husband, she will give up everything and take a radical attitude. Greyson knows it's Caden's strength, it's the link that keeps him focused, and his well-being is what's essential to her. Caden did not expect to relive all this horror again, but without choice, he finds himself day after day sinking deeper and deeper into a dangerous path. Damon is gone, but someone else is approaching, and unlike his predecessor, this new figure looks for danger, pain and explosive feelings. How to survive in the midst of combat with the constant fear of getting lost and putting your own life at risk? Or worse, being responsible for hurting Greyson, albeit involuntarily? How to proceed, knowing that your wife would do everything to save you even if the price to be paid is life itself? Greyson and Caden were once again the stars of the book. We saw a more vulnerable side of Greyson, putting herself in an unfamiliar position, glimpsing how her mother feels as she waits for her father, she and her brother to return from their missions. Now a civilian, she does not have the privileges of her patent, and this puts her in a different reality, one where she is powerless to take care of Caden and ensure that he is out of danger. As for Caden, bits of his past begin to fit in, we discover some of the abuses he endured, and the extent to which they were responsible for triggering his problem. The scene of the accident of the two in the bombed building was very important for the narrative, was the construction of everything that has been shown so far. Caden breaks for a reason, a number of factors were building his vulnerability and a specific moment served as a trigger. Greyson always shown as his foundation, did not disappoint and was what kept him going, without her maybe the result would have been different. Important questions were answered in this volume, some of the mystery is cleared up, I was right when I said that Ronin had something with all this. The end, as usual, ends in a revelation that will leave the reader apprehensive, curious and very worried. Read. Only then will you know the magnitude of this story. Now is to wait for the last volume and hope that even broken Greyson and Caden can be happy. After all, they more than deserve it, they love each other's without barriers, without judgments and without limits.
Anonymous 9 months ago
Thanks for the great read
Anonymous 11 months ago
Loving thus series can't wait for the final book.
KCSunshine69 11 months ago
THIS BOOK IS STUNNING! I knew it! I called it! I was right. Wasn’t I? Ronin! Baby! Cellar. Drugs. Dujon, ohhhh! Now it starts to make sense. I thought she would. But then she did that! Oh my word! I can’t tell you how invested in this story I am. I can feel the fear of the bottle room. I can smell the blood. I can sense the electricity as it zaps between Caden and Greyson. One may seem safe. One most definitely isn’t. Such a fantastically written series. Mind tripping quotes: “Your strength keeps me upright when I think I’ll fall. I can’t shake you or forget you, because you run through my veins.” “Disappointment unraveled to reveal anxiety, which dissolved into a puddle of worry that boiled with anger that steamed into sadness before soaking into resentment.” “He was my blue sky, my clear day, the protective shell over my world. At night, we were strung together by the stars.” “Decisions are made before they’re made. The seeds are planted and watered, growing invisibly under the surface until the sprouts show, and even then, with those first two spear-Shaped leaves, we can’t identify the fruit they’ll bear.” “We met in a Balad Base scrub room. He’d been undressed and obnoxious. I’d been impressed with the least impressive thing about him.”
seansmother 11 months ago
Another masterful story. Even though I had a feeling of dread reading most of this book, I was on pins and needles and read this in one day because I could not put it down. There are a lot of moving parts in this story and it’s fun trying to figure out how the puzzle will fit, even knowing the chance of you actually being right is slim to none. This is a story that will stay with you forever. The characters will haunt you. The writing is incomparable.
JxxxPinkLady 11 months ago
'Broken Edge,' is the third instalment of, 'The Edge,' series, there's one more to go and I need it right now! I'm not entirely sure what just happened except the fact that it is brilliant and addictive reading. Of course, I know what happened on the page, but what the heck is going on? My mind is working overtime trying to figure things out. Caden and Greyson continue their turbulent and highly passionate and fiercely loyal relationship where boundaries are there to be pushed to the limit and beyond. Pain is desired and experienced. Their love for each other may ultimately lead to desperate consequences and devastation, all of which will no doubt climax in the final part of this compelling series when I hope the layers will all peel away with clarity and positive results. The ending of this part is utterly gasp worthy and left me with high anticipation for the next. Advance copy provided / Reviewed voluntarily
18644943 11 months ago
This is series has been one crazy roller-coaster ride. I have been left with so many questions after every single one. We do get some answers in book 3, only to get more questions! but with all the confusion I was left with this story is amazing. Its like no other book I have read. I love Caden, in all his messed-up-ness he truly loves Grayson. he's fighting some type of battle, but with Grayson he come over anything. Grayson loves her husband, she wants to help him win his battle so she'll do whatever she needs to for him. C.D Reiss has this writing style like no other. she gives you a great story with twist and turns. She doesn't give anything way and always keeps you on the edge of your sit while reading. you cant help but devour the book. Once you finished you are left broken, asking questions and you wont even be able to explain what you experienced. You'll enjoy every moment. this series sucks you in and keeps you intrigued as to what's happening and what's going to happen. I cant wait to see where this drama will go nd how it will end. truly this book is worth the ride and totally recommend jumping into this madness.
Xkoqueen 11 months ago
This storyline is nothing short of amazing. The love, devotion and sacrifice that both of the main characters, Greyson and Caden, show one another epitomize their marital vows. “Your strength keeps me upright when I think I’ll fall. I can’t shake you or forget you, because you run through my veins.” Two strong-willed people who met under the extreme circumstances are drawn to one another like moths to flames. Do they have what it takes to make this work in the long run? What are they willing to do to ensure that “no man is left behind”? The story is told in dual narrative by the main characters. Ms. Reiss cleverly uses broken memories to share Caden’s past. I loved the witty use of a crossword puzzle during a conversation between Greyson and her mother. The pace is steady, and there is plenty of action and anguish. Ms. Reiss makes you care not only about her characters, but also the hundreds of thousands of military personnel who are at the front lines or have returned home with PTSD. Broken Edge is the third book in a four book series. It cannot be read as a standalone novel, and there is a heart-clenching cliffhanger. Thankfully, readers won’t have to wait long for the next, and final installment of the story. Meanwhile, I’ll be sitting in a corner biting my nails while I wait it out. 4.5 stars
CarissaR 11 months ago
So many questions I want answers to now. Majority of this book takes place in the war zone. Of everything single moment that happens in this book makes me keep questioning the Blackthorne program. I was also glad we got more insight to Caden's past. There is a huge cliffy at the ending that is totally changing the direction of the story. I have my theories, but I'm eager to see how this will all be played out in the next last installment.
bbarneybooks28 11 months ago
As C.D. Reiss’ The Edge Series continues, my mind becomes even more of a jumbled mess, leaving me with more questions than answers, but the maelstrom in my mind also heightens my interest and my demand to understand everything that’s happening to Greyson and Caden, both individually and as a married couple. How far would someone go for love? That seems to be the question continually posed in The Edge Series, and with Broken Edge being the title of book 3, it’s clear that Greyson and Caden haven’t quite reached their breaking point yet, but what’s also quite vividly exposed is the idea that there may come a time in the not so distant future where either one or both of them might be too broken to be repaired and what that means for a couple who has endured countless obstacles and continues to somehow survive is still open-ended, leaving nothing but circumstantial insights, which in no way helps readers to reach a valid thought as to how Greyson and Caden’s story will end. The only idea that I can say with 100% surety is that Greyson and Caden are nowhere near the people readers met at the onset of their story, and while I’m sure some of that has to do with the fact that both characters have been thoroughly stripped bare as each book in their series is released, my other thought is that Greyson and Caden were on unstable ground even back then, which may indicate that while they attempted to project their stability, the unraveling has happened over the course of the these three parts, forcing themselves and readers to face some harsh truths about who these two characters are and what their true versions signify. C.D. Reiss has definitely declared psychological warfare on her readers’ minds, and while that declaration leaves readers reeling, what it also indicates is just how skilled Reiss is at constructing a multifaceted and unpredictable story line - one that does not follow a linear path but rather ebbs and flows as situations arise and as the minds of these characters begin to deconstruct, willingly choosing to be bent and battered, even if it means there’s no coming back. I can’t even begin to assess how far ‘over the edge’ Reiss plans to take her characters, but what I do know is I can’t flipping wait to understand exactly what each exposed secret and weakness means for Greyson and Caden and just how difficult it will be to bring each other back once they’ve fallen so far beyond what they thought possible. 4.5 Poison Apples
Anonymous 11 months ago
This is the third installment to the saga of Caden’s mental instability and Greyson trying to help him deal with it. Caden is called into active duty from the reserves. Greyson is trying to cope with making sure he’s okay from a distance. These books are steamy and mind blowing. The entire series arc has been planned and executed with precision. Ends in a cliffhanger, but in the perfect spot. You must read the series in order. Absolutely amazing and gripping series.
MMRNY 11 months ago
Holy Smokes just when you think CD Reiss cannot take you there...she takes you there!! Wow!! After having read this chapter in Caden and Greyson's story, I completely know why this installment is entitled Broken Edge, because it broke me and left me hanging on an edge!! This installment in The Edge series is so emotionally powerful. We learn so much in this installment. We learn so much more about Caden's past and the effect it has had on him, and we finally start to learn what it was that broke Caden, and the reveal was done in one of the most heart wrenching ways I have ever read in a book. My heart cried out for Caden, and Greyson too, because she is there loving him through every step of the challenges that their marriage is facing. I will admit that I was somewhat upset with one of Greyson's decisions in particular, but then I realized she had made the right decision and in the end, and I am not talking about the end of the book, I was very happy that she did what she did. Broken Edge also starts to unravel the mystery surrounding Ronin's mysterious group Blackthrone. Broken Edge is an intense, psychological twisting, and emotional read. Caden and Greyson's story only gets better and better with each subsequent installment. And OMG the ending of this one now has me rethinking all of what I thought was happening in the prior books. I literally sat with my mouth hanging open for about a minute at the end of this one. Broken Edge is definitely not a stand alone book, so you want to read all of the other books that come before this one in order to understand all of the twists and turns and diabolical plot twists that are occurring in Broken Edge, but it is definitely a book or rather series that you want to read. I cannot wait for Over the Edge, but at the same time I do not want this series to end. It is powerful and it truly challenges one's perceptions of love, right and wrong, and good and evil, and how far one is willing to go to fight for the one you love. It is a MUST READ!!
Mjones74 11 months ago
"I won't miss you...Because you'll be with me. You were always with me......My cells are tied to yours...….. Your strength keeps me upright when I think I'll fall. I can't shake you or forget you, because you run through my veins." Broken Edge (The Edge, #3) continues the Edge series, taking us further to an intensely unpredictable EDGE with Caden and Greyson! And no matter how "cutting, rough, broken" the EDGE feels, the most overpowering feeling for me is the cell-binding, vein-flowing, heart-pounding love of Caden and Greyson, I'm completely spell bound and about to combust with the NEED to know more, crazy with my want for these two to defeat every war waged against them, yet I'm also so incredibly wound up with nervousness for awaits them!! With each new book in this series my faith in all consuming love keeps growing stronger but at the same time my mind just keeps getting twisted around in the best wicked way!! I'm still dangling on this intense addictive mind bending EDGE and am loving every second of it!!!!
MBurton 11 months ago
The title's of this series is very appropriate because I am literally on edge reading each book! There should be background music playing as you read. The kind you get in movies that tell you something is about to happen. My nerves are shot. Especially after that ending. It's going to be incredibly hard to wait until book 4. I have no idea what's going to happen next and I can't even guess as to what's going to happen. I had a hard time moving onto a new book after I finished book two and I think I'm going to have the same problem with this one. There is just so much to speculate about and I can't mention any of it. Read this series but make sure you read it in order...that's very important.