Broken Lines: A Nation Divided

Broken Lines: A Nation Divided

by Ra-Shon Eric Robinson Sr.


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In the year 2015, inequality is a national problem despite claims that the United States has entered a “post-racial era.” As the nation grows impatient with elected government officials, two secret organizations develop plans to overthrow the government in what will be considered the deadliest racial battle in American history. Two longtime office friends, Nicholas Hamilton, who is white, and Thomas Hill, who is black, find themselves plotting against each other and assuming leadership positions, each supporting his own secret organization. They become enemies on the battlefield, facing off in a battle filled with many emotions, including regret.

As thousands of innocent Americans die, a country divided turns to China for support in an elaborate counterattack plan to resume social, political, and economic dominance once again. The People’s Republic of China agrees to provide enough equipment and ammunition to aid in their counterattack plan. Unaware of China’s plan to double-cross the United States, soldiers remain on standby to receive equipment and ammunition wired with explosive devices from China.

The people of the country with broken lines now has to decide if they can trust each other long enough to work together to develop a plan to defeat an attacking China.

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ISBN-13: 9781524642235
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 01/23/2017
Pages: 108
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Broken Lines

A Nation Divided

By Ra-Shon Eric Robinson Sr.


Copyright © 2017 Ra-Shon Eric Robinson Sr.
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5246-4223-5


Nicholas Hamilton was a thirty-eight-year-old Caucasian male. Married with two school-age children, he resided in Washington, DC. Nick's family and friends referred to him as "upper middle class." A graduate of the College of William and Mary, he majored in history and became an all-American on the lacrosse team. Nick stood six foot three, weighed between 200 and 209 pounds, and was made of pure muscle. His teammates gave him the nickname "Thor" because of his blond hair and blue eyes. He held the top position at the Department of Transportation as administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and was responsible for approximately three thousand department personnel.

While attending a Federal Project Delivery Symposium in Washington, DC, on January 11, 2015, Nick was approached by another symposium attendee, named Fred Metzger. Fred asked for general directions to one of the scheduled briefings being conducted at the symposium. Then the two men talked and found themselves hanging out at a local bar later that evening and having a few beers. Fred and Nick seemed to hit it off very well during the symposium, so they decided to share their contact information.

A few weeks after the symposium ended, Fred called Nick and asked him to visit a website and let Fred know what he thought about it. Once there, Nick discovered that the website was a link to the New World Order White Supremacy (NWOWS) organization. At first, Nick was very hesitant to read the information provided on this site, but he felt compelled to continue.

A few days later, Fred called Nick and asked him what he thought about the website. Not able to talk freely at work, Nick asked Fred if they could meet after work to discuss it.

Fred Metzger, son of Tom Metzger, founder of the White Aryan Resistance, was originally from Waco, Texas, where he was a young member of the Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. He was a very forward and straight-to-the-point type of person. Although he was forty-three, he didn't have a typical forty-three-year-old's body. He had a solid 285-pound body with arms the size of Hulk Hogan's back in the day. He stood five foot nine, but he had a look that made most men think twice about messing with him. He had pale white skin and long, dirty blond hair. He always wore boots, jeans, and a T-shirt, no matter how hot or cold it was. Fred had been married four times and had four children, two of whom were conceived during affairs with other women. He didn't like working for anyone, so he started a landscaping company that earned him a nice living and served as the perfect recruitment tool for his cause.

Fred explained to Nicholas how important it was to take purification of the white race seriously and how he shouldn't "stand back and wait on niggers to take over the country." A very confused Nicholas Hamilton made up an excuse to leave and raced home. As he drove home, he thought about his wife, kids, family, and employees, many of whom were African American and of other racial minorities.

Nicholas was a good leader and well liked by his entire workforce. He thought of his close relationship with his research and public education director, Thomas Hill. Nick was responsible for hiring Thomas back in 2010, and he had always taken a personal interest in seeing to his career progression.

Thomas Hill, an African American male, graduated from Howard University, where he attended the school of law and excelled in his studies with a 4.00 GPA. While working part-time as a model, he earned enough money to get by during his college days. He met his wife modeling and married her right after they graduated. It didn't take long for them to start a family, as they welcomed a beautiful little girl into the world one year after getting married. Thomas was living the American dream. He had a great six-figure job and a six-hundred-thousand-dollar home with a three-car garage filled with three BMWs: a white 7 Series, a black 5 Series, and a steel-gray X6 for the family.

However, while he was growing up in northwest Washington, DC, things didn't go so well for Thomas. Many of his family members and friends never made it to college or to twenty-one years of age. Thomas still remained a member of his childhood church, where he was in charge of the youth outreach program. But there was another side to Thomas, one that called for him to live a double life.

After Thomas's childhood friend Eugene got gunned down in the spring of 2004 by two white DC police officers for refusing to allow them to conduct an illegal search on him, Thomas started attending meetings for the African American Secret Underground Movement (AASUM). Huey Newton and Bobby Seale originally founded the AASUM for self-defense in 1981. However, during the Reagan administration (1981-1989), the movement shifted and started practicing militant self-defense tactics against the US government in minority communities.

Believed to have more than one million members worldwide, the movement was controlled and operated out of Washington, DC. This organization had a very prestigious group of members. They had connections in every form of black government and all African American-led private administrations throughout the country. The AASUM privately funded thousands of locally owned black small businesses throughout the United States. Thomas was involved in the intricate details of a nationwide plan to take over the US government — a plan he had kept secret from his family and closest friends.


As they often did, Nicholas and Thomas met for their morning team meeting in the office. For a few minutes, the team shared some laughs as icebreakers before they got down to business. After the meeting, Nick asked Thomas to join him in his office for some coffee. They shared stories about their families and the activities that consumed their short weekend. With them never addressing the political, social, or economic issues presently facing the country, Thomas grew impatient with the conversation, quickly thanked Nick for the coffee, and headed to his office to get some work done.

Although conflicted, Nick decided to attend the next meeting the NWOWS had scheduled. When he arrived, he was amazed at the number of people attending — what he believed to be a small local meeting had more than thirty thousand white males in attendance. Prior to the start, all personnel in attendance who were not sworn in were ushered to a lower level and given the opportunity to leave or take an oath for membership eligibility. Out of seventy-three people, only three decided to leave. Eager and curious to find out more, Nicholas received the oath and proceeded to the upper level to join his newfound family.

Because the veteran members were not sure they could fully trust the new inductees, the NWOWS agenda was set to only discuss organizational structure and membership participation in the United States. After the meeting, newly inducted members were closely watched. The NWOWS tapped their phones and monitored most of their conversations using the most sophisticated equipment available. The new member evaluation period lasted for ninety days, at which time another oath was presented that granted new members full access to all NWOWS member data, meeting logs, financial lines of accounting, and top-secret battle plans.

Racial tension increased in the country as Nick and his family saw another black male get gunned down by white police officers on the news. Nick's wife, Shelby, felt great sympathy about such killings. Nick and Shelby were both raised in Williamsburg, Virginia, where they met and became high school sweethearts. Shelby was raised in the Catholic Church all her life. Her parents were very old-fashioned and believed in traditional ways of living. In her family, the woman acted as the primary guardian of the family's religious life. Shelby became the first in her family to attend college, which opened her eyes to many different Christian beliefs. As she grew spiritually and reflected on her upbringing, she realized that people back home wouldn't widely accept her love-for-all concept. Not ever wanting her own children to grow up with those types of beliefs, she would never let them out of her sight when they traveled back home to visit.

Shelby expressed to Nick that there had to be something they could do to help stop assaults on innocent African Americans. Nick continued to watch the news as if in a daze until his wife stated that she was going to join the protestors. Entirely out of character, Nick exploded. He told her to mind her own business and worry about raising their kids, teaching them the real history of the Founding Fathers and the intent they had for the country. Shocked, she asked, "What has gotten into you?" Nick shook his head, stormed out of the house, and made his way to Fred's place to have a drink.

Nick started to see himself change. His empathy for humankind slipped away as he started alienating himself from family and friends. His relationship with Fred grew closer as the two of them found out they had a lot more in common than they initially realized.

Fred told the craziest stories. Nick's favorite story was the one Fred told him about his uncle Spicy. Fred's uncle Spicy's real name was Tim, but everyone called him Spicy because he loved hot food. Fred said that he and his uncle Spicy grew up on a farm, so women were scarce. His uncle Spicy would often disappear in the middle of the night for hours. Fred said he followed his uncle one night to see where he went. After watching his uncle place a rope around a sheep's neck, Fred became very curious, so he remained quiet and just watched. Fred's uncle Spicy led the sheep a few miles away from the house to a low patch of land. He then pulled his pants down and started having sex with the sheep. Fred could hear the sheep crying louder and louder after each stroke. Finally, his uncle was done. Afterward, Spicy led the sheep back to the house. Before Spicy went to bed, he drank a few shots of whiskey.

The next day, Fred asked his uncle about the previous night, and Spicy wasn't ashamed at all. His uncle told him, "Boy, that sheep pussy feels just like a woman's pussy."

Nick immediately asked Fred, "Did you ever try it?" Fred never answered; he just laughed.

Later, Nick spotted a picture at Fred's house that he believed he had seen in his dad's scrapbook a few years before. He asked Fred who the man was, and Fred told him that the man in the picture was his grandfather's brother. "Why?" asked Fred. Nick let him know that the man looked familiar to him. Then Nick noticed how late it was getting, so he told Fred he better get back home before his wife started to worry.

On his way home, he stopped at his dad's house and went right to the scrapbooks to locate that picture. After locating it, he felt positive it was the same picture — a picture of Nick's grandfather, who was also Fred's grandfather's brother, which made them cousins. Excited about his discovery, he raced home to share the news with his wife. Shelby wasn't thrilled about her husband's new friend in the first place, so this news really upset her.

When Fred found out, he was so excited he threw a big party and told everyone Nick was family. Behind the scenes, Fred pushed to get Nick moved up in the ranks so they both could command a unit together when it was time. Fred helped General Linchfield develop the military plans to take over the government, so he was well versed in every detail. Fred knew he needed someone he could trust. Nicholas was the ideal candidate because he was college educated with leadership experience.

A few days after the party, Fred arranged a private meeting with Nicholas to discuss the NWOWS takeover battle plans.


Thomas had it a little easier at home than Nicholas did. Thomas's wife, Kim, was heavily involved with the African American Secret Underground Movement. She was the lead orientation and placement coordinator of all newly inducted families in the organization. Many wives served more than a support role in the organization. Most were charged with recruiting duties. Female recruiters always did better than the male recruiters. More than 68 percent of the recruits came from or through the wives' social networks — including beauty salons, nail shops, shopping trips, Facebook, and Instagram.

The ladies were very clever in their recruiting practices and had a knack for attracting the best and the brightest people to join. This was no easy task; finding those people required serious creativity in their recruiting efforts. Once a spouse or girlfriend was convinced, she would compel her significant other to apply for membership 90 percent of the time.

Before he got gunned down, Thomas's friend Eugene always said, "We need to take matters into our own hands and kill all them white folks before they kill us." Thomas thought, As silly as he sounded back then, witnessing the war on blacks in our streets makes it more evident that Eugene was a visionary who predicted the future.

Thomas recalled a history lesson the two of them received when they were younger about the first all-black town in Mississippi around 1887. The town was founded as Mound Bayou by two former slaves named Isaiah Montgomery and Benjamin Green. These men established an all-black town complete with social, economic, and political freedom. Thomas recalled being told that many blacks in that era believed true black freedom could only be a reality in a segregated, all-black environment. Additionally, similar to today, these men believed that only under such racially supportive conditions could former slaves realize opportunities for individual advancement living alongside southern whites.

The AASUM planned to institute a system of self-government governed by a community council selected by each new state. This council would be entrusted with making laws and levying taxes for education and would retain the right to expel any number of the states for breaking state laws. The AASUM leadership understood the most difficult problem facing their new government would be forming new relationships with the larger international community.

On March 1, 2015, Thomas and the AASUM leadership were set to finalize the government takeover battle plan via a Defense Connect Online (DCO) link. DCO is a web-based application that allows all users to see what the primary briefer shows on his computer screen. The Honorable Lewis Mohamed approved the AASUM battle plans seventy-two hours prior, but not before he made a plea to the US Justice Department. He demanded that the Justice Department take action on the injustices of the local police, the county sheriff, the FBI, and ATF personnel, to name a few. The minister, as the nation addressed the Honorable Lewis Mohamed, called on all African Americans supporting their armed forces to join in this effort. In all, more than four hundred thousand military personnel were on board, and many were participating in that day's meeting. The details of this plan were secure.

Thomas led the meeting over the DCO link off with a fifty-state roll call of attendees. Having representation from each state, Thomas Hill, AASUM chief battle captain, delivered the following instructions during his presentation: "No later than December 29, 2015, all families located in states west of the westernmost AASUM borders will cross and reside in AASUM designated safe houses as designated in Operation Order 1-2015. All divisions will attack from the state capital of their respective starting state."

Figure 3.1 shows a very detailed map of the United States and the AASUM headquarters, attack plan, objectives, and battlefield-protected borders. This attack plan, as explained by Thomas, would start at 10:00 p.m. on August 8, 2016, with the Black Division securing the western boundaries of North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. Additionally, this division was responsible for transporting all detainees over borders. Transportation would be provided by land, air, and sea assets. Time-delivered detonators would be placed on all military assets located west of their established boundaries.

The following divisions would start the main attack once the detonators have been triggered by the Black Division:

The Missouri Division would attack the North and Northwest, securing Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Kansas, Nebraska, and South and North Dakota.

The Kentucky Division would attack the North and Northeast, securing Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New York, Virginia, Maryland, DC, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.


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