Broken to Brave: Finding Freedom from the Unlived Life

Broken to Brave: Finding Freedom from the Unlived Life


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Choose BRAVE. Choose to be... YOU.

While the chemo dripped, Teresa shivered as she replayed the words, “you have cancer.” A wife, mother, and school principal, her life would irrevocably change in ways more damaging than the chemical toxins pumping into her veins. From a prison cell of vulnerability and with humor and poise, Teresa shares her roller coaster ride from hopeless imprisonment through cancer, loss and depression, self-sabotage, and suicide to courageous freedom from her unlived life.

Broken to Brave challenges you to consider

  • your perception of time;
  • who surrounds you during change and struggle;
  • extending grace…to yourself;
  • your power to choose.

If you or a loved one are chained in a prison of an unlived life, Teresa helps you

  • recognize self-destruction warning signs;
  • embrace reality and accept your purpose;
  • acknowledge your strengths with permission to grow;
  • find your keys to start living in the moment without the weight of the past and future.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781640851399
Publisher: Alesch Solutions LLC
Publication date: 11/17/2017
Pages: 400
Product dimensions: 9.00(w) x 5.70(h) x 1.40(d)

About the Author

TERESA ALESCH, author, Hometown Hawkeye, and PK-12 Iowa education administrator, is a "life-winning" cancer fighter. Her mission is to empower you to unlock your BRAVE by being resilient, intentional, and courageous in the midst of life's adversities. Her battles with cancer and loss and her walk through the aftermath revealed keys to finding perfection in imperfection.

In her book, Broken to Brave: Finding Freedom from the Unlived Life, Teresa walks readers through her private journey and reveals the greatest key to surviving was finding her faith, understanding God's love, and accepting His blessing. Teresa teaches you to find your own keys to free yourself to appreciate the past, focus the future, and be mindful and purposeful in the present.

A former 6-12 school principal, Teresa currently serves as a special education regional administrator. Her passion for student and adult learners drives her work with schools and communities. She partners with organizations to promote a growth mindset and improve education and mental/emotional health models for students.

Teresa is a John Maxwell Team coach, speaker, and trainer, a tribe member of Igniting Souls, a founding member of Courageously Free Women, a women's ministry to inspire and encourage women in their journey of Christ-centered living, and With Eyes Wide Open, a group of Christian authors who have united to passionately take on worldly views with truth and light

Teresa and her husband Cody, a college wrestling coach, educate and challenge young and wise minds to be better today than yesterday. They are blessed with two competitive, spunky, and brave children who-spitting images of their parents-keep them on their toes...and laughing.

Embrace time, learn more, and meet Teresa at

KARY OBERBRUNNER is Igniting Souls. Through his writing, speaking, and coaching, he helps individuals and organizations clarify who they are, why they are here, and where they should invest their time and energy.

Kary struggled finding his own distinct voice and passion. As a young man, he suffered from severe stuttering, depression, and self-injury. Today a transformed man, Kary invests his time helping others experience unhackability in work and life.

He is the founder of Redeem the Day, which serves the business community, and Igniting Souls, which serves the nonprofit community. He and his wife Kelly are blessed with three amazing children and live outside Columbus, Ohio.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Kary Oberbrunner

INTRODUCTION: Framing the Prisoner to THE END

Part 1: Broken Yet Calm

FRAMED—Leading to Diagnosis

Chapter 1: That Dreaded Phone Call—Am I Going to Prison?

March 2011

Chapter 2: Death—The Perfect Frame-Up

Just a MUSE to Paint a Picture

Chapter 3: Life Before Prison—From Chemo to Who am I?

From 2011 to 1979 and Back

Chapter 4: Cancer Robbed Me—Yet I Was the One with the Sentence

Pre-cancer to March 2011

Chapter 5: The Lineup and Fingerprinting—How in the HELL Did I Get HERE?!?!

October 2010 to March 2011

Chapter 6: Preparing for Court, for Battle—an Army of Supporters at My Flank

March 2011

Part 2: Between Blind and Confident


Chapter 7: Forced Into Two Interrogation Rooms—Teresa’s Dad Had a Stroke

March 2011

Chapter 8: We May As Well Go for a Ride—May I Bring My Own Straitjacket?

March 2011

Chapter 9: Uncle! Uncle! Stop the Ride Already! Please Just Give Me Back My Life!

March/April 2011

Chapter 10: Cancer 4 vs. Me 0—Cancer is Free, I am Bound

April 2011

Chapter 11: Life is a Ride—Fear is a Cell

From May 2011 to 2002 and Back

Chapter 12: It Takes a Village to Fight Cancer—We Prepare for War

May 2011

Chapter 13: From Chemotherapy Completion to Freedom—DENIED

June to August 2011

Chapter 14: Imagining Prison Life—Dancing in the Rain with Damaged Goods

August 2011

Part 3: Bound with Conviction


Chapter 15: Patient Admitted for Surgery—Prisoner Booked

September 2011

Chapter 16: The Prison Cell is Locked with Pain and Heartbreak

October 2011

Chapter 17: Accepting Prison—Experiencing the Pain to Better Appreciate the Destination?

October 2011


Chapter 18: Prison Hardening My Heart

November 2011

TORTURED—Phase 4 Treatment—SURGERY

Chapter 19: Once Cell from Solitary

January 2012

Chapter 20: Life after Cancer—Anything but Free

January 2012

Chapter 21: New Evidence—Report to Cell Zero

January 2012

Part 4: Beaten and Broken but Constant


Chapter 22: Prison News: From Principal, to Baby News, to Hell on Earth

March 2012

Chapter 23: Death Found Us—Throw Away the Key

April 2012

Chapter 24: Every 15 Minutes…a Heart is Broken

May 2012

Chapter 25: Letter of Truth from Cell Zero

May/June 2012

The Lost Chapters

July, August, September 2012

Chapter 28: Crazy, Functional Hermit in Cell Zero

October/November 2012

The Lost Chapters

December 2012/January, February, March, April, May, June, July 2013

Chapter 33: Retreating into the Dark Corner of a Cell

August/December 2013

The Lost Chapters

September-November 2013/January 2014

Chapter 36: School Principal to Suffering Prisoner

February 2014

Chapter 37: The END (continued)

February 2014

Part 5: To Be Brave and Courageous

LIVING—Phase 6 Awaken, Struggle, Practice, Implement, Repeat—RAYS OF REALITY

Chapter 38: One of God’s Angels

March 2014

Chapter 39: All I Had to Do Was Ask—Keys

October 2015

Chapter 40: Courageously, Fearlessly Fighting—Keys

October 2015 to Present

AFTERWORD: Prevention, Progression, Purpose, Action



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