Bronze Bloodline of the Phoenix: An Unwanted Little Girl, Born with a Very Special Gift

Bronze Bloodline of the Phoenix: An Unwanted Little Girl, Born with a Very Special Gift

by Dallas P Elkheart


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Bronze Bloodline of the Phoenix,” is the story of Raven Reese, an unknown, unwanted and unwelcomed little girl, born with unique abilities. She will have many fears to overcome, but her biggest fears, threats, and obstacles will become herself and her decisions. Gain insight on handling specific lifetime problems. She must a choice, and one must be made soon because her time is about to run out, as well as her options. Learn how to define self-worth versus value.

The hope is to help others learn how to define self-worth over self-value, to impart insight on handling specific lifetime problems and to hopefully tame predetermined judgments so quickly passed upon others, before knowing their real story.

Lessons that can be ascertained from reading this book were gained from personal experience, education, visions, and everyday gut intuition. I have seen many things from within the arena of life, as a prior teacher, business owner, parent, and now author. I hope you never have to experience similar situations and can instead learn from my hardships. Understand that one can handle situations without leaving horrible scars upon another's soul that may never heal.

While this book may appear as fiction, the desire is to tell the story of Raven Reese to the world. It is based on real events and facts. Names and locations were changed to protect the privacy of the innocent and those that were not so innocent.

Keep in mind, as the reader of this story; there will be cliffhangers around corners that will bring packed suspense, excitement, surprise, and anticipation to the reader. It is worth mentioning that this book should enlighten the reader on the possible outcomes of temptation versus resistance, good versus evil, impulse versus rationale, contentment versus restlessness, but more than anything else, Raven Reese’s unwavering tenacity to survive and soar in this world against all the odds.

Please try to remember, every action will be a cause for an opposite and sometimes not so positive reaction from someone else. Just make sure that your response to a situation does not cause someone else a lifetime of harm.

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ISBN-13: 9781733199803
Publisher: Elkheart & Associates
Publication date: 09/07/2019
Pages: 386
Sales rank: 504,155
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.86(d)

About the Author

D.P. Elkheart is a former business owner and teacher who owned a Corporation in the U.S.A. for more than 16 years. Earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Forensics, graduated with honors, won a scholastic literary award for her writing and has a background in public and academic speaking

Table of Contents

This is a 384-page book with a total of 10 Parts (Parts I - Part X) broken down into 39 episodes. While this area limits the amount of "Table Content" that may be added or viewed, here are some samples:

Episode I: A Boundary with no Barriers 13

Episode II: Midnight Encounter 17

Episode III: Knocking on Heaven’s Door 22

Episode IV: Baby Talk 27

Episode V: Tainted Goods 34

Episode VI: Tattletale Delight 40

Episode VII: Family Secrets 48

Episode VIII: The Chapel’s Revenge 53

Episode IX: That Lady in Red 58

Episode X: Rollicking Raven, Hush 64

Episode XI: Revelation & Prophecies 79

Episode XII: That Old Devil 88

Episode XIII: Pre-Cognitive Nightmare 97

Episode XIV: Somebody, Stop Him 107

Episode XV: She’s No Baby!!! 116

Episode XVI: Loud and Clear 132

Episode XVII: A Million Pieces 137

Episode XVIII: Sister Margaret 161

Episode XIX: Look Ma, No Hands 175

Episode XX: Right, Out of The Skillet 189

Episode XXI: Hell’s Gate 194

Episode XXII: Under Your Nose 207

Episode XXIII: Lord Hear My Cries 215

Episode XXIV: Dream in Color 220

Episode XXV: Blue Angel’s Prayer 227

Episode XXVI: Ouija? What? I’m Not Alone 247

Episode XXVII: Two Little Devils 262

Episode XXVIII: Friends to The End 270

Episode XXIX: Double Shadows 283

Episode XXX: Christine’s Legacy 288

Episode XXXI: Haunting Memories 304

Episode XXXII: Teardrops Frozen in Time 317

Episode XXXIII: Nobody Listened 330

Episode XXXIV: That Light 342

Episode XXXV: Taking A Higher Road 350

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