Brother Natures Guide to the Galaxy: And the Messages of the Spirit Orbs

Brother Natures Guide to the Galaxy: And the Messages of the Spirit Orbs

by Steven Noixium Berrios


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Brother Natures Guide to the Galaxy: And the Messages of the Spirit Orbs by Steven Noixium Berrios

What the Book is about:
Brother Natures Guide to the Galaxy and the Messages of the Spirit Orbs.

The book is Biography of the life of Steven (Noixium) Berrios - Master of Science Education and Shaman/Medicine Man. Noixium (Pronounced Noixshium) as I prefer to be called, I've been reincarnated several times over. I began my first incarnation as a Priest in Ancient Egypt where I worshiped/studied under the mystery school of Tehuti (Scribe of the Gods). Writer of heiroglyphs. It was here that I was given the secrets of reincarnation and how I am able to remember my past lives and pick up where I left off from my past life.

In other lifetimes I was a Mayan Priest in the Yucatan (Inscriber of hieroglyphs, plant magician and builder of pyramids) 1500 years ago. I was a Wizard in Midevil times in Europe. (A maker of fine Magic wands and herbalist). I was a Salish Medicine man in the late 1600's. (A builder of fine canoes and totem poles). In the Louisiana bayous I was musician and Voodoo Priest. That was in the late 1800's. In this lifetime a Lumi Medicine Man's spirit has decided to reincarnate into my current body. Each time I've come back to help society rise up from dark times.

Through Divine Guidance what is called Initiation - ancient rituals I have been able to remember - combinations of all my incarnations. I have been able to contact spirits from beyond the veil. They use me as a Medium. (A guide between the living and the dead). The Spirits are worried about us. As incredible as it may sound they have messages for us to lead more healthy ecological lifestyles. Their messages are for us to stop wars, share resources and maintain Biological integrity. There are gifted people that they can actually see spirits. In this book I prove to the world that the Spirit world exists. Now you can see them too.

I've been mellow over the years teaching Ecology to people of all ages. That's what I do. That's how I would have liked to keep going till I retire. But over the past few years the Spirits have been contacting me to get this book out. They want you to read this book so you start thinking of "Natural" law and your very own Spirit. It's divinely guided. I must say that this book will make you question the life your leading and shake your belief system. If you read this book, you will be changed forever. Hopefully for the better.

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ISBN-13: 9781504982108
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 03/19/2016
Pages: 292
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.79(d)

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Brother Natures Guide to the Galaxy And the Messages of the Spirit Orbs

By Steven Noixium Berrios


Copyright © 2016 Steven Noixium Berrios
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5049-8210-8


A Brown Man Working in the Environmental Field as Naturalist/Ranger

What's the big deal? Anybody can do it right? It's part of our Native heritage to love and be a part of the environment. Working in the Environmental field has had its ups and downs. As everyone else's job out there. One of the more common downs is the pay. Even though we teach people of all ages how to sustain the planet, the importance of teamwork, positivity, restoration, recreation etc. We Naturalists are not paid very well. Nature bats last here. In this western culture everyone is after more money.

Management – now they get paid well. But of course they have a hard time sharing or making things a little easier on those below them. Or at least that's what I have experienced. That's been a downer. I once read that the pay was real bad back in 1989, when I was Interpretive Student Aide at Sunol Wilderness (1987-1990). And that turned out to be true. But we don't do this job for the money.

Another reason is that people of color are poorly represented in the environmental fields. We don't have any role models. Very few people of color take part in it as a career. No representation. Most people of color don't even know they have access to a job like mine. (More on this later). I do see a lot of people are soft on the ways of Ecology and Natural Sciences. They have taken other more technology based jobs. Indoor jobs –that's what people like these days.

Many Naturalists can't make it financially and become teachers and go inside a classroom. But not me. I can't wait to get outside. And that's a mystery to me this western cultural way of devaluating the Environment and the people that work in it. How is it that people who usually go on doing bad things to earth make the money?

Then there's the flip side of that, we get paid in sunsets. When everyone's going back into their houses for the evening, the Naturalists go out and check out the sunset. Or we get up really early and experience the sunrise. So the pay. It was a tradeoff. I've been able to see things at those times that are nothing but amazing – wild animals and natural phenomena! If you want to be part of the Earth, there are many opportunities.

Then there's the gypsy lifestyle. We have no real home because we are always on the move. We lead this nomadic lifestyle. The world is our oyster and we are in it – the travel. If you like to travel the Environmental field is a good one for you. I've been able to teach in every ecosystem in California and Nevada. Through conferences I've been to Washington State, Utah, Colorodo, Montana, Arizona, and New Mexico. I've also taken groups to Australia, New Zealand, and once worked in animal rehabilitation center in the tropical Rain forest of Costa Rica.

Part of that has been Environmental Scholarships I've been able to obtain throughout my career that sent me many places. The Institute for Deep Ecology gave me two in consecutive years to be a part of their summer trainings. One was here in Azatlan and the other was in Washington St. The Naropa Institute of Colorado gave me two. As part of Wilderness Vision Questing and Training in the Utah Canyonlands. All of my scholarships have been huge. I was the recipient of the Sandi Gamble National Audubon Ecology Camp in the Rocky Mountains in Dubois Wyoming.

I was also invited and attended a meditation retreat for People of Color Working in the Environmental fields in Taos New Mexico – Vallecitos Mountain Refuge. In addition I also received scholarships from Three Circles Multicultural Environmental Center a few times. These were Environmental Justice seminars at various beautiful sites. And lastly the Bioneers Conference in Marin County. I've also been asked to speak and give presentations and demonstrations on various environmental gatherings such as the AEOE conference. I have been environmental consultant on many levels. For me, I chose the right career.

(Then before you know it thousands more start to show up).

Being a Naturalist for me is living the pura vida. I must like something about it. I've been doing it for 30 years. I consider myself one of the foremost authorities on Nature and Natural Sciences – all subjects. This feeling is shared by several people including Ed Grumbine (Chanceler of UC Santa Cruz Environmental Dept. and Author of Ghost Bears). And good friend and Education Director from Great Basin Outdoor School – Mr. Ripple who once called me, "Gods gift to Outdoor Education". Them and thousands of people I've had the pleasure of hiking with over the years I also have a deer friend of mine who's Pastor for Victory Outreach Church in Decoto Califas (Tony Rodriguez) He once told me, "Just like people who want to go to heaven – you go through Jesus. You want to know about the forest? You go through Steven Berrios". But you know what man and woman? I'm a little different than most Naturalists. Have a different viewpoint than the mainstream environmentalists and I have different field activities too.

You see even though I'm the Master of Science Education. I'm also a Spiritualist and practicing Shaman. Me as a teacher – I'm able to blend my kind of Shamanism with my Natural Science Teachings. When I'm out there in the field teaching I'm all Science – and Spirit. To me in Nature they are one and the same.

(On being a Shaman and what Shamanism means, more on this on the Spirit Orb Messages chapters)

The way has been shown to me through ages. As incredible as it sounds, I'm able to connect with the Metaphysical World. This means I can see and feel beyond the physical world. Part of my repertoire is that I have psychic and intuition abilities. At times I can even read your mind. I enjoy participating in art, music, writing, and magic. On occasion on enchanted evenings in the Sierra Nevada Mountains I call upon Spirits who have messages for me to relay to you from them.

That's what this book is really about. I have to give you some background info so you see my path. First of all I don't talk about my Shamanism but with only the closest in my circle. Why I'm doing it now is that I've been asked by higher powers. See these pictures in this book. Those are Spirit Orbs. This is their book. I could have put in a bunch of photographs with me and groups having fun outdoors participating in activities. I've done that type of book too. You want to see something like that, I wrote an Environmental Education book called the Tao of Ecology. There's a copy of that book in the Teachers Education Library at Cal State East Bay. That too is a beautiful book in content.

But this one is much different as you shall see and read. This book oh my gosh! This book has a lot to do with what happens to us when we die. They don't call them Spirit Orbs for nothing. Somewhere in these balls of color depending on what you did with your life on Earth and how you conducted yourself all of us will eventually become a Spirit Orb – maybe? As you read there are ways in which one does not gain entry into the Spirit Orb world.

The Spirit Orbs like a variety of music. We put on soul, funk, blues, oldies rock, and heavy metal. They got their beat from the Native Americans. It just happens to work with a twangy guitar. Orbs love that sound. That's who I'm jamming with right here. Nothing happens without the drum and the tonic I use to talk to spirits.


First Enlightenment

When I was seven years of age – back in 1967 the Vietnam War was going on. Now at seven in those days I was running around with no real purpose, just a kid. I was even in 1st grade that year for the 2nd time. I didn't even know what war was. Well one day I was playing in my Mom and Pops room with toys when I heard something over the radio that would just shocked me. I was stunned. I remember becoming very emotional. Hit me in the guts.

It was a feeling of desperation, crazy &nash; not knowing what to do. I heard over the radio that the "United States of America were in Vietnam killing gorillas". My Mom entered the room and asked me what was wrong. I was crying. She tells me what's wrong again. I look at her and ask why?! "Why mama why are they killing gorillas". Perplexed she sat me down and tried to explain that we were there to kill humans that call themselves guerillas. That's who we were trying to kill. I remember not really understanding that one either. But that was to change my life forever. I was to go on and protect animals. I even had a pet black widow in my yard.


Second Environmental Enlightenment

My Dad took me to the Center Theatre in Fremont. Back then (1969) you could see three movies for 75 cents. It was a big theatre double decker. Could probably fit 3 thousand people. Nice paintings on the wall. For it's time it was happening. So my Dad took me to a movie that would change my life forever and set me on my destiny path of being an Outdoorsman – Forester – Wild Life Biologist – Naturalist. It was the now world famous Patterson/Gimlon film of Bigfoot (Sasquatch) at Bluff Creek in Northern Ca. When I saw that I could not believe my eyes. It made me sit up backwards on my seat. They repeated it over a few times. I'm sure it made my dad think about it.

Me I was on my way. I've been on a quest to find big foot tracks ever since. (Thank you dad for putting me on my path). After that I was always looking for tracks. Now as you know there is all kinds of views on this. Experts have dissected the film to its bare bones. It's clearly a wild animal.

It raises its eye brows and lowers its jaw in one frame of the film, in Disbelief that these two and their horses are there. Then it boogies. My take on this as a scientist. As the creature is moving through the creek she does it gracefully, without tippy toeing and without worrying what's in front of it.

Patterson on the other hand gets off his horse, stumbles on rocks getting down, fumbles with the camera. Then he tries to get closer by moving on the creek bed, He falls a few more times. We are not 600 pounds mass of muscle. Our feet don't compact creek rock inches down. We fall. Were clumsy on rocks like that. That's just an aspect that I noticed that the other experts haven't mentioned that one. The cobblestones along the creek are about 4 inches and bigger and loose. There's no way they could follow that on horseback either. The Bigfoot, she's way too quick. The horses were in fear of the animal. They could smell it.

From that point on I carried plaster of Paris with me. As a result I now have Mountain Lion, Black Bear, Mule Deer, Striped Skunk, Raccoon, Opossum, Moose, Mountain Goat, Antelope, Coyote, Fox, Squirrel, Great Blue Heron, Curlew, Sandpipers, Egret, and Human tracks in my collection.


Growing up in Decoto

When I was 10 years. It was on a family trip to Yosemite. I remember feeling like – man I'm finally in Bigfoot country. Oh my god what will I do when I see a Sasquatch? I know from watching the Patterson film that it's real. Since then I've seen the film thousands of times – the creature is real. But more on this later. In my quest at finding Bigfoot, I came across everything else in the forest. It was May, the waterfalls were flowing fast – power. I was helping feed the large ants by the campsite and stopping to look up at Half Dome. Breathing the fresh air, climbing on rocks, putting my face on the water. I knew this is where I belonged. I was totally comfortable outside. It was a lot, but then and there I wanted to be a Forest Ranger.

Luckily back in the 60's and 70's my family did a lot of camping – We'd go to Half Moon bay for crab, we'd venture off to eat at the beach. The first entry way into Marine Biology. Nothing like checking out the tideline to see what the tide washed ashore. I would grab sea weeds and crab carapaces and sand dollars in amazement.

We would also take trips to Lake Camanche. Close to home Niles Canyon (The Spot). Environmental enlightenment came around. Once at Alum Rock Park in San Jose I followed the creek a few miles up and back. Took me a few hours. Sent my parents in a panic. I was naïve in the ways of the world at the time. I guess I wasn't very bright. Or maybe that was the best thing to happen that day?

(Check out the ET on the left corner)

Then one day I went to see my dad play fast pitch soft ball in Hayward. I was playing with some friends tag and go seek. Hedges all around in the kids playground. This tall white man, about 6 foot blonde, blue eyes, had a crew cut, looked to be in his early twenties. He popped out of nowhere and tells me, "I'm going to kill you". He proceeded to put his hands around my throat. Luckily he let go as I was turning purple when friends came around the corner. I ran to my dads dugout. Of course that scared the shit out of me. The world was not as nice as I thought. Not only in Vietnam but right here in our own back yard.

As a kid I shared a bedroom with my Brothers. Our room was always cold. The rest of the house nice and warm. Our room cold. We couldn't figure it out. But a few nights I did. And so did my brothers. Many years before my family had owned the property there was an old man. His name was Don Bonea. He died on the property from old age. Not only that it was rumored that he buried his money somewhere on the property? When we moved into the house I was 8 years old.

Back in the late 60's and 70's there were no paranormal programs like they have today. Who could we look to if we have a ghost in our house? We had to figure out how to live with the ghost of Don Bonea for years. He never hurt us. Never flipped our covers. Never tickled our toes. But just his appearance from time to time would be enough to freak me/us out.

One night we were all tucked away ready to go to sleep. I was super freaking already just by the feeling that someone was in the room with us and I knew it wasn't human. (I'm ten years old). I have one eye poking out a little hole. Don Bonea is looking at my Brother Ruben. Not only that, Ruben is looking at Don Bonea. The Don evaporates into thin air. Ruben gets up screaming to us, "Did you see him!" I saw him as did my Brother Raymond.

Don Bonea wouldn't come out every night. Sometimes we wouldn't see or feel him for months. Then he'd appear again. When he would appear it was spooky. We would hear footsteps in the hallway plastic runner. He would open drawers and play with the silverware. Then he'd go to our room. Our dog new when he was around too. (Moppsy) she would be barking at the corner with hair raised. You could follow her eyes. That's when I developed my first of what I called my, "Super Power."

Me and the dog were hanging out alone one night. I'm now 13. And the Don came in. Before this episode, I couldn't stay there alone at night. Sometimes I'd run to my Tia Lucy's house three blocks away and play it off as if nothing happened. I felt the only person I could talk to about this was my cousin Roy. Man, I loved that dude. He's from my Indio cultura. If there was anybody who would know about spiritual things of this nature it would be him. He gave me white sage and told me, "You have to talk to this dude and tell him to move on. Light the sage and send him to the other side". I asked him, "How about you?" and he nodded his head and told me, "It has to come from you Primo. This is a test." I asked, "Should my brothers be there? He said, "No – you're the one he's chasing to Tia Lucy's – you do it alone."

That night I took Moppsy to my room. It got cold and her hair rose. I told her, "Show me what you're looking at girl and I looked into her big chijuawa eyes and saw the Don. I then followed her eyes and located the Don. I could see him. He was a small man with a nice old mellow face on him. He was surprised that I could see him. In conversation I told him that, "This is our house, this is my and my brother's room, and you are not invited here. You must move on. Go to the light, that's where you belong". I lit up the sage and smudged myself and sent the beautiful smelling smoke his way and I put it all over the room including our closet, where I use to see him coming out from. We never heard from the Don again.


Apricot Enlightenment:

In ways I feel really sad for today's youth. Even though they have their technology and are the masters of the electric age. When I was a kid, we had orchards all around the east bay. In Niles I had my first paying job. My Parents (Vicky and Raymond) were hard working people. They that gave us our hard work ethic. As well as all the other great things they did for us kids in the family. We had to cut apricots. You split them in half with a knife. You have to concentrate to not cut yourself.

You cut and put them out on a tray that's 4 feet by 7 feet. The pit you put in a bucket. They make cosmetics out of those. You put your tray outside in the hot sun. It was a dollar a tray. By myself at 9 years I could do 10 trays a day. As I got older and could carry a ladder I picked the apricots. And worked for the same growers in the summers till I was 17. It was a dollar a bucket. The most I did in one day was 124 buckets. Why not the extra to make it 125 is beyond me.


Excerpted from Brother Natures Guide to the Galaxy And the Messages of the Spirit Orbs by Steven Noixium Berrios. Copyright © 2016 Steven Noixium Berrios. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Introduction: Brother Natures Guide to the Galaxy (What's this about?),
Chapter One: A Brown Man Working as Naturalist/Ranger/Natural Science Teacher,
Chapter Two: First Environmental Enlightenment,
Chapter Three: My Second Environmental Enlightenment,
Chapter Four: Growing up in Decoto,
Chapter Five: Apricot Enlightenment,
Chapter Six: Warrior Spirito,
Chapter Seven: Sasquatch Enlightenment,
Chapter Eight: Garin/Dry Creek Pioneer Trails (Snow in the Decoto Hills),
Chapter Nine: Honorary Chicanos (Ferdinand Kay),
Chapter Ten: Computer Company Enlightenment,
Chapter Eleven: The Union City Teen Employment Shop,
Chapter Twelve: What Makes a Great Naturalist? (Do you have what it takes?),
Chapter Thirteen: Sunol/Ohlone Wilderness Years (EBRPD),
(My first Nature name and Intro to Environmental Justice issues),
Chapter Fourteen: The Hayward Shoreline Years (HARD),
Chapter Fifteen: The Marin Headlands Years (Antler enlightenment, Joey Armstrong, Yosemite National Park, Regime Change, The Costa Rica Experience, Vallecitos Mountain Refuge New Mexico),
Chapter Sixteen: Journeys Through the Spiritual/Metaphysical World (The Institute for Deep Ecology Experience, All night Vigil, Shambalah Warrior Ritual back at the Shoreline The Institute for Deep Ecology comes through again!,
Chapter Seventeen: The National Audubon Ecology Camp in the Rocky Mountains – Dubois Wyoming,),
Chapter Eighteen: White Wolf Woman (Nancy Bowman),
Chapter Nineteen: Chief Sonny Reyna (Yaqui),
Chapter Twenty: Sacramento, Tan Oaks School for Boys, People to People USA Ambassador Program, My introduction to the Taro, My introduction to the Metu Neter,
Chapter Twenty One: The YMCA Point Bonita Experience,
Chapter Twenty Two: The Web of Life Field School Experience,
Chapter Twenty Three: Camp Yosemite Trails Experience,
Chapter Twenty Four: Brother Nature Comes to San Francisco, In search of Literacy for Environmental Justice, Planet Drum Foundation, Ben Stone Francisco ((Honorary Chicano), San Bruno Mountain Blues,
Next on the Agenda: The Offer,
The Yuwipi Ceremony: Traditional Lakota Sioux Healing Ceremony,

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