Brothers in Charge: Black Male Leadership in Higher Education and Public Health

Brothers in Charge: Black Male Leadership in Higher Education and Public Health




The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (2012) reported that in 2011, black males held 9.7 percent of management positions in the United States. Brothers in Charge: Black Male Leadership in Higher Education and Public Health offers the unique perspectives of a number of black males who have attained leadership positions against many odds in higher education or in public health. This book includes contributed chapters by Dr. Alphonso Simpson, Dr. John R. Lumpkin, Dr. Sherwood Thompson, Dr. John C. Williams, and others. Brothers in Charge is meant to inspire leaders of today and tomorrow to seek positions in disciplines where they are underrepresented, especially within the education and health fields. Brothers in Charge is intended for professionals in both higher education and public health who aspire to be leaders in these disciplines.

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ISBN-13: 9781433131295
Publisher: Peter Lang Inc., International Academic Publishers
Publication date: 02/08/2019
Series: Black Studies and Critical Thinking Series , #73
Edition description: New
Pages: 150
Product dimensions: 5.91(w) x 8.86(h) x (d)

About the Author

Sterling J. Saddler received his Ph.D. in workforce education and development with an emphasis in leadership from the Pennsylvania State University.

Maureen P. Bezold received her Ph.D. in management from the Pamplin College of Business at Virginia Tech and her Master’s in Public Health with a focus on community health education from University of Wisconsin–La Crosse.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements – Preface – Sterling J. Saddler, PhD/Janice L. Glasper/Maureen P. Bezold, PhD, MPH: Effective Leadership – Alphonso Simpson, Jr, PhD: I REMEMBER MAMA SAID … (The Black Male Leader, His Attitudes, Motivation, and Instruction) – Georges C. Benjamin, MD, ScD(hc)MACP, FACEP(E), FNAPA, Hon FRESPH, Hon FFFP: A Call to Lead – John R. Lumpkin, MD, MPH, FACEP, FACME, FAAN: Footsteps of My Father – Sherwood Thompson, EdD: A Darker Shade of Gray: Perpetual Validation of an African American University Administrator – Keith B. Wilson, PhD, MEd: Black Male Leadership: Preparing for the Hit in the Gut – Adewale Troutman, MD, MPH: How Did I Get Here?: Telling My Story – John C. Williams, DrPH, MBA: Black Male Leadership – Maureen P. Bezold, PhD, MPH/Sterling Saddler, PhD: Some Concluding Thoughts – About the Editors – About the Contributors.

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