Buddhism: The Buddhism guide for Buddhism beginners

Buddhism: The Buddhism guide for Buddhism beginners

by Anong Sasithorn


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If you wish to learn about Buddhism, this book will be your perfect starting point. The chapters of this book will show you the path towards awakening and ultimately enlightenment.

Chapter 1 - What is Buddhism?
A religion without God - does that sound interesting for you? In this chapter, you will learn the fundamentals of Buddhism and what it is truly about.

Chapter 2 - Getting to Know Siddharta Gautama
The first Buddha deserved the highest ups and the lowest lows. Would you believe that Siddharta Gautama, the founder of Buddhism, was a royal born who decided to be a pauper? He decided to leave his old life upon meeting an old man, a sick man, and a corpse. But did you know that he did not find the truth in both? This led him to craft the middle path, which we know now as Buddhism.

Chapter 3 - The Four Noble Truths
Learn more about the essential teachings of Buddhism. The Four Noble Truths should be remembered because these are the Buddhist's foundation of morals and wisdom.

Chapter 4 - The Eight-Fold Path
If you wish to reach the destination called Nirvana, you should follow a specific path. The roadmap that should be followed is the Eight-Fold Path.

Chapter 5 - The Five Precepts
The five precepts should not be taken as imperatives. These are not commands, rather they are simple recommendations to lead a healthy and happy life.

Chapter 6 - How to Become a Buddhist
Where do I start? This is a common question for beginners. Know exactly where you should position yourself by reading this important chapter of the compendium.

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