Build a Better Buddha: The Guide to Remaking Yourself Exactly As You Are

Build a Better Buddha: The Guide to Remaking Yourself Exactly As You Are

by James Robbins


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ISBN-13: 9780892540655
Publisher: Nicolas-Hays, Inc
Publication date: 05/01/2003
Pages: 328
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.75(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1.A Goose in a Bottle1
The Confines of the Bottle2
The Great Escape9
The Buddha10
A Better Buddha17
Chapter 2.Seeing Past the Optical Delusion18
The Optical Delusion19
The Lure of Self-Consciousness20
The Lure of Safety23
The Myth of Better and Worse27
The Myth of One Thing Leads to Another30
Letting Things Take Their Course34
Goo-Goo G'Joob39
Chapter 3.Gravity and the Guru: An Inevitable Journey42
The Purpose of Guru Yoga43
The Weighty One--Who or What Is the Guru?45
Informal Guru Yoga49
Ritual and Formal Guru Yoga55
Formal Guru Yoga Practices57
A Path of Grace61
Chapter 4.In Defense of Judas: Honoring the Anti-Guru65
The Necessity of Judas66
The Blame Game71
Herd Morality75
Anti-Guru Yoga84
Chapter 5.Concentration Practice: The Wisdom of Narrow Mindedness87
Less Is More88
The Practice of Zhine89
Preparation for Forceful Zhine90
Troubleshooting Your Zhine Practice96
Signs of Progress101
Natural Zhine102
Stalking--Toltec Lessons in Concentration104
Ultimate Zhine109
Chapter 6.Awareness in Motion111
The Emotion Tree113
The Wisdom of Insecurity119
Defending the Fort123
Psychological Defense Mechanisms and the Unconscious125
Primary Defenses126
Secondary Defenses127
Awareness of Defending Imaginary Boundaries129
How We Store and Process Emotion131
The Recapitulation Method of Processing Emotion135
Have Some Tea138
Chapter 7.When Meditation Isn't: Cultivating Presence139
Remembering How to Forget140
The Natural Mind141
Natural Mind Metaphors141
The Three Essential Points of Contemplation146
Integration in Contemplation148
Positive Integration148
Neutral Integration150
Negative Integration151
Thogal Practice157
Chapter 8.Jailbreak or Redecorate? The Riddle of Self161
The Sense of "I-ness": East vs. West161
Psychology and Self-History163
Character Organization166
Integrating Self and No-Self181
Chapter 9.Things Changing: Describing the Dream Dance185
Leaping before We Look187
The Lobster Limbo--Are You Dreaming, Or...?188
Chou, a Butterfly, Some Blind Guys, an Elephant189
Philosophy's Take on Things Changing190
Science's Take on the Dream Dance193
Psychology's Analysis of Dreaming196
Spirituality's Dream Dance Lessons200
Chapter 10.The Three Classes of Dreams206
Ordinary Dreams207
Dreams of Clarity209
Clear Light States219
Chapter 11.The Elusive Art of Dream Yoga224
Careful Carelessness225
Working with Recall in Ordinary Dreams225
Developing Lucidity in Ordinary Dreams230
Working with Dreams of Clarity235
Furthering Lucidity--Heart Chakra Practice237
Advanced Lucid Dream Practices238
Experiencing Clear Light States246
Chapter 12.Pickpockets, Perverts and Saints: A Summary of Sexual Positions255
Sex on the Brain256
Sex and Evolutionary Psychology259
Freudian Relationships264
Just Because281
Chapter 13.The Bermuda Love Triangle284
Round and Round the Circle285
The Word Became Flesh286
I Am288
He/She Is291
We Are297
No Corners304
A Zen Love Story305
Appendix of Devotional Prayer306
Reading List315

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