Building Blocks of Recovery: The Workbook

Building Blocks of Recovery: The Workbook

by Sandra L. Kozlowski


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Are you in recovery from addiction, managing anxiety and depression, living with a chronic illness or a life trauma? By using yoga, essential oils, nutrition, meditation and affirmations along with journaling, this book will assist you in your journey to wholeness. Each day for 7 weeks you will encouraged to identify a different area of your life to work with and within that work, find more out about yourself. You will find this to be a useful tool throughout your life, it will encourage you to return to its pages for the support and nurturing that you need to continue to move forward in every area of your life.
Here is why I wrote this book:
I am a survivor of trauma and abuse, leaving me with the battle scars of chronic depression and anxiety, as well as chronic body pain. This work that I offer to you has taken me over 30 years of compilation for my own healing. Often I was frustrated that many life coaches seemed to have "the answer" for my life, but the cost was so high to talk with them that I was left feeling that my life would never have relevance. I never want you to feel that way.

I have worked hard to find the answers for my life, and I hope you will find the information contained in this book helpful for yours. Within these pages are the tools that I used ( along side of the mental health counseling and sober support that I attended) to get my life to a place where I can honestly say to you that I am happy all of the time.

These pages represent my wish for you, to be happy all of the time. If you want to know more about me, you can find me at, and

I truly look forward to hearing your thoughts and perspectives. I hope that we can grow into a community of support and love for each other as we all begin to bring our life to a strong foundation by first utilizing the Building Blocks of Recovery on which to stand.

May you be honored and blessed on your path, as I have been on mine.


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About the Author

Sandra Kozlowski has overcome a difficult childhood, addiction, domestic violence and a traumatic brain injury to become a motivational teacher. Whether leading chemical dependency treatment groups, assisting clients one to one, or leading a Curvy or Recovery yoga class, Sandra has shared these tools that helped to save her life with countless others and is looking forward to helping you find your path to wholeness through intentional living.

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