Building Bridges Over Troubled Waters:

Building Bridges Over Troubled Waters: "If loving black folks is wrong, I don't even wanna be right!"

by Amefika Diriki Geuka


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Amefika Geuka prides himself on being a "practical" Black nationalist as contrasted to the "cultural" variety; the operative distinction being between theirizing and doing. He cites the following definition of 'practica' from Webster's Dictionary for Students to illustrate his point: 1. engaged in some work; 2. of or relating to actionand practice rather than ideas or thought; 3. capable of being made use of; 4. ready to do things rather than just plan or think about them. Geuka is convinced that the true worth or value of an idea or theory must be proven by being put to the test of applicability, will it work "where the rubber-meets-the-road?" For those who look to their Bible for verification he cites James 1:22 "But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves." From a practical black nationalist point of view then, 'all of the beautiful sounding philosophical and theoretical concepts we nationalists so love to swoon about must be subjected to the "scientific method" according to Geuka, the seven steps of which are: 1) Ask a question; 2) Do background research; 3) Construct a hypothesis; 4) Test with an experiment; 5) Observe and record; 6) Analyze date and draw conclusions: and 7) Communicate results.

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